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International Car Shipping written by: dariahloy The need for auto transport services has grown significantly in recent years. This is due in part to a number of reasons especially considering the rise in global marketplaces such as Ebay Motors and the relocation of individuals seeking new opportunities and the experiences of different cultures. Car shipping companies can ship vehicles of varied sizes and types; from a regular car for everyday use, a classic or vintage collectible or racers needed for specific events. Whether the car is functional or not is also not an issue. Types of Auto Shipping Services International car shipping can be done using one of two methods: roll on/roll off (RORO) and cargo containers. RORO is the quicker and usually cheaper option. This is best suited for cars that are in driving condition or which can be towed. This service involves driving the vehicle onto the ocean vessel by way of a ramp. They are then parked on one of multiple decks in a parking lot formation. In the cargo container option the sender must pay for a shipping container in which the vehicle will be placed for the journey. Safety and Security In each shipping method, vehicles are secured with cables and placed in blocks to help prevent any shifting and bumping while being transported. At an additional cost they may also be wrapped in protective material to further decrease the chances of damage. Customers shipping a small quantity of very high end or limited edition vehicles may prefer using a container with extra packing. In addition to physically securing your car, it is recommended that it be covered by shipping or marine insurance. This may not have been originally included when you first took out your car insurance policy. Many shipping companies offer this particular type of coverage. This is quite necessary especially considering the length of the journey and the continuous movements of the marine environment. Rates and Prices The cost of shipping your vehicle internationally will vary based on several factors, but fortunately with the growing number of companies offering the service, it is not difficult to get competitive rates. The main factors involved in pricing are customs duties at ports in different countries, the type and size of the vehicle, and as was mentioned before, the method of shipping (RORO or container). Most companies will calculate an estimated price and give free quotes over the phone or online.

Information Required Several documents and information are required for shipping a motor vehicle. The shipping company will need to record the make, year, model, license plate and VIN of the vehicle. They will also need to see the original title. For export purposes, at least 3 notarized copies of the title are necessary. Senders will be required to fill out a shipping order and bill of landing. If there is a lien against the vehicle, then you must provide a letter from the lending company authorising the vehicle to be shipped out of the country. There is quite a bit of paperwork involved especially for the purposes of port authorities. A good shipping company provides brokers who will liase on behalf of the sender and work with them to make sure all paperwork is accounted for and clearly filled out. Preparing to Ship Before the vehicle goes on the ship it must be cleared of all personal items. It should be thoroughly cleaned both inside and out. You should prepare to present all keys to the shipper and have no more than a quarter tank of gas.

International Car Shipping  
International Car Shipping  

The need for auto transport services has grown significantly in recent years. This is due in part to a number of reasons especially consider...