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ISSUE#8 February 2011

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editor’s note Dear shMAG-readers, Here we are again. A new issue of shMAG has made it from the writers pens, approved by the editors, put together by our design team, to the printer and finally to you. We hope that you have made it well through the cold season and that you, just like us, cannot wait for spring. Sadly, not being able to do much about Dutch weather we figured out another way to warm your hearts – a few suggestions for Valentines gifts for your perfect match. Inside of this edition you will find an article about online shopping, very useful when it is cold outside and you don’t feel like leaving your bed alongside of the latest schools events, like the ISSTs and the 20th session of our very own Model United Nations conference MUNISH 2010. Next to that it is our utmost pleasure to announce that – drumroll – we now have a shMAG website! Of course you will also find pieces in our usual sections, Music and Games in this edition, so we hope to have once again brightened up your day. Should it however take a little more than a look at inside of shMAG to get you exited, we suggest you check out our events calender.

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SPOTLIGHT: Daft Punk Change the scheme, alter the craniums. This film your mind just non’s Death and leg warmers ( mood, electrify the boys and bestowed upon you is a future yes, the 80s). Tron is a science projection of Walt Disney’s Tron: fiction movie about computers, girls if you be so kind. Turn on the projector in your brain and picture this: rows and rows of bobbing heads seated on crimson red stools. The bobbing seems to stop at times, but it is just an illusion. You will need to wait until the end of the movie to stop this nausea of thumping


Legacy. Tron: Legacy is a sequel to the 1982 film Tron. Before any sort of synopsis, you, the reader must know the cultural impact of Tron. Tron has lead the world into the new path way of computer generated imagery, a technique relatively unknown before the years of the A-team, John Len-

chips and tyrannical software seeking to dominate simultaneously virtual reality and physical reality. Famed actor Jeff Bridges plays a former employee of ENCOM (no explanation necessary, its all virtual the end) whose metaphorical shoes were stolen right from his feet by his former boss. His life work gone, Jeff Bridges is left with nothing but a game arcade. While Bridges is left to play with his video games in his piteous arcade, his boss Dillinger creates a devious all ruling master software, MCP, an artificial intelligence. MCP has plans to rule the world as it had already foreseen that we humans make an incredible mess and cannot seem to abstain from terrorist attacks, wars and allowing corrupt politicians to rule a country. It is not long before Jeff Bridges finds himself stuck in the digital world between the Program RAM and the programs. After this follows your typical American film pursuits and dramatic effects and as protagonist of the plot, Jeff Bridges finds himself in the position of God, manipulating physical laws of the digital world. All ends well when the MCP is rendered nonfunctional and Bridges becomes the CEO of the company. A Hollywood ending, far from surprising from the house of mouse. What is incredible about this

movie, is the impact it had on Daft Punk, the iconic ancestors of French electronic music. Daft Punk have never let go of their Digital Love (pun?) for Tron, resulting in Daft Punk composing the sequel score. March 2009. An immensely im-

“Their songs will electrify you, leaving you craving for more.” portant date. It was during this month that a tsunami was unleashed unto the world of music. The music industy was knocked out only to resurrect with anticipatory bliss. Daft Punk was composing an entire soundtrack. Entire being the operative word. Daft Punk had not toured since Alive 2007 and their last album

was released in 2007. Try throwing a bone at a starved dog and see its reaction. It would be the same as the reaction of the world during march 2009. The tsunami’s ripples were felt 4 months later when it was announced Daft Punk would release 24 tracks. As the world is made up of cheaters and hackers, it did not take a long time before fake versions were “leaked”. Yet when the real first song was featured on the official trailer one thing was clear, the brilliance and grandiosity of Daft Punk was present and larger than ever. Derezzed has the repetitive funk adored in a good Daft Punk song and will electrify you in a masochistic way, leaving you craving for more.

away. Light cycles will use your nerves as race tracks during the 90 second that you have offered to marvel your ears. The two best things in the world will collide into each other creating the most marvellous destructive collision. Neons and Electronic music. The cinemas will certainly be sued, for everyone will have lost their head, and will have to carry it in their hands once they manage to leave their seats.

Grab your agendas and iPads and pens, colour in or mark the 26th of January because it is the day where your head will be blown


What to buy your Valentine for under

Scarfs H&M €7,-

Headphones Dixons €15,-


Cupcake Lipgloss Bijenkorf €6,-

Necklaces Accessorize €10-15,-

Me-to-you Bear Expo €7,50

Wallets Accessorize €5-12,-

Rituals Products V&D €5-15,-


So what about

MUNISH 2010? MUNISH 2010. A weekend worth scratching into your agendas, going over in red pen and then highlighting. And then maybe staring at vacantly and smiling fondly every now and then. With an organized BOD, a stressed, but smooth Admin Staff, a couple of arrogant, but sincere student officers, and a handful of delegates, this mixture proved to be the ingredients for a successful conference. The weekend started off on Friday in a haze of black suits and resolutions. With so much talking and meeting, the mood was set. Presidents stared hopefully around the lobbying rooms, willing their delegates to be productive and great and just the best delegates ever. Delegates stared


at their presidents, willing them to be nice and not strict and just occasionally unobservant when they sat there, not talking for a whole day and passing notes. Then the opening ceremony came and eyes were opened to a wider purpose. Why are we here? What are we trying to achieve? Perhaps not world peace, but something similarly spectacular and unachievable. Something like disarming Iran of its nuclear power in GA1, or protecting refugees from the spread of diseases in Human Rights, or fighting the illegal trade of organs in SPC2. Or even, in the case of the Advisory Panel on DRC and the ICC, facing up to whole histories of problems and finding feasible solutions that have not been used before.

Yet undaunted, whole committees embark further on their MUNISH journey on Saturday morning. A day of full debate was in store. This is the decider. Will everything work? After hesitant starts, a routine is created. But just as you are settling into the rhythm of the day there is a little something that jolts you out of the familiarity and reminds you where you are and how especially different this experience is. It may be a delegate stumbling over the words “We can make a difference”, it may be the conversation in the toilet of “Well I still don’t understand how France doesn’t think it’s important” or even just a “You’re Gabon, right?”. It may also be the guest speakers that really are interesting and inspiring. One of this year’s, Mr. Nicknora Gon-

gich, a former war child, proved an insightful speaker. He brought harsh reality to the APQ and GA3’s doorsteps, with a warm accompanying smile, and educated them on his plight. Saturday is the day you meet your committee properly and when you come to love, and hate, them. You love all the insider jokes that have started to appear, the idea of looking around the room and knowing all the habits and characteristics of the others and the way that if you make a mistake when speaking, although everyone will be laughing, you secretly hope they are only laughing with you, not at you. But you do hate the way you have to breathe the same air as all those people for so long, the way that person doesn’t reply to the note you sent an hour ago and the annoying delegate that just has to have the last word. And of course that the Admin never sees you holding up your note, that that girl has better shoes than you and the chair is obviously giving you that look

to order?!’, but for the delegates it is only notes that save them. Drowned in paper conversations delegates enter into plenary And then it comes. It is safe to sessions to generate new and say that most people enjoy it. more exciting paper conversaHow they choose to enjoy it is a tions. And the chairs sit up at the front, glowing with accomplishdifferent matter entirely. ment and smiling round at that Sunday is a day that jumps on initially unencouraging looking you unexpectedly and then bunch that actually did turn out runs away with time over its to be the best delegates. shoulder grinning at your confusion. Familiarity snuggles up to Then it all winds down. The last you and engulfs you in a fuzzy votes are cast, the last notes glow of sleep-deprived induce- passed, the last annoying calls ment, which soon begins to ebb into the walkie-talkies are made. as you realise it will soon all be For MUNISH 2010 one of the over. There is always going to highlights had to be the closing be someone late and with a lit- ceremony. Speech after speech tle smile of apology to the chair, rolled out over the weary heads because after all they still have of the delegates and bursts of authority, even if you did see laughter followed suit. Followthem partying last night, and a ing the witty (and yes, cheesy) worried touch to the face to check speeches from the Secretary that those bags under your eyes General and the BOD there was a haven’t grown in size, you enter beautifully saddening collection a committee tiredly struggling. of MUNISH memories. For a secFor a chair, the loveliest phrase is ond, before it began, there was available to describe the despair; a moment when all breath was “Could the house please come held, the lights dimmed and expectation brimming. Turning to look out over the faces, all gazing upwards, lights flickering in their eyes, I heard someone whisper “Does someone have a camera? It’s amazing”. What better way to sum up MUNISH 2010? that says “Watch out, I’m on to you”. But it’s all ok, because the party is approaching.


concert agenda Are you sick and tired of the typical Dutch, cold and rainy nights? For all of you that want to warm your winter days up, here is a list of concerts for the next two months to rave up.

Go Back to the Zoo




Paard van Troje, Den Haag 24th of February, 2011 â‚Ź11,-

Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam 28th of February, 2011 â‚Ź42,-

For fans of: Kensington, Kaiser Chiefs, Phoenix

For fans of: John Mayer, Sara Bareilles, James Morrison


g for G

o e-Y



Ahoy, Rotterdam 5th of March, 2011 €55,-

Paard van Troje, Den Haag 26th of March, 2011 €16,-

For fans of: Usher, Chris Brown, Trey Songz

For fans of: Rihanna, Shakira, Taio Cruz


C I Blame



e Ig

Tivoli, Utrecht 24th of March, 2011 €13,-

Ahoy, Rotterdam 28th of March, 2011 €53,-

For fans of: Marina & the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding, Florence + the Machine

For fans of: Rihanna, Shakira, Taio Cruz




* Prices excl. additional costs


Dear students and staff,

As you may or may not have noticed there have been various changes involving the waste disposal process at our school. This change will help our school become more environmentally friendly without having many unprecedented changes to our present situation. There will be bins for Plastic, Paper, Organic and Other. The bins will be labelled accordingly and we hope that you will respect these labels. What goes into which bin should be clear; we have added a list below for those in doubt.

If we all do our part, we can create a better environment for ourselves both in and outside of the school!

Even though actions related to environmental sustainability are often thought of as dull or uncool, we would like to stress the importance of putting your rubbish in the correct bin. According to whether the separating of waste goes well, we are thinking of alternative ways to benefit from it, such as using our recycled plastic for outside lunch benches or clothing. We would also like to remind you that any fresh ideas and suggestions are more than welcome, and if you would like to bring an idea forward that would promote environmental sustainability, please contact the Greening the ISH team.

Paper – Carton – Cardboard er – Lined Pap aper – Squared P .. – any paper.


– Plastic Waste – Plastic Bags

A Better World Starts With You... 12

nic Orga aste W d o – Fo ves – Lea nts – Pla ... – etc

– Plastic Cups – Plastic Bottles

– Plastic Cutlery

Our balance between ease and green is providing you, the students, those who matter most, with easy ways to help us all live in a world where our footsteps upon everything around us are light, so that our future may be just as green as our past! Thank you for being a part of this process! There are new recycling bins at the ISH!!! They come in groups of four; plastic, paper, organic and other (nonorganic).

Other – Tissues – Cans – Styrofoam – Juice Carton

– Food Wrapp



– Candybar W rapping – Anything els e except glass and batt eries


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