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Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2012

Dear ISH News Readers, Making a difference This news feature is mainly dedicated to all the people who made and are making a difference: There are many who made a difference in the life of others, like the Student Connectors or the India Project group. By detecting a need and acting upon it (with or without C&S points‌.), they are such positive examples that ISH has decided to recognize their efforts publicly. And by doing so, the whole community is affected and again, a difference is made because many more follow their example. A similar effect is what we are hoping for when giving Awards for Excellence in Sports, Arts or Academic work. Yes, it is cool to do something special, and it enriches the whole community to have many members like the chosen recipients.

2 The International School of The Hague

Vive la difference!

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Dear ISH News Readers, Calendar, news and gallery views ISH Awards 2012 The Student Council/GO India special thanks

This issue is compiled by Wendy de Jong (


Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2012

Dates for your Diary April 21

May 15

ISH Platform evening


‘Cyber safety and Social networking the challenges for students and parents’ 15 May, 2012 A presentation is planned by an expert in this field for parents of students in Years 5-9. ISH Conference Room 19:00-20:30

Please check our website for a complete calendar.

Dates for your Diary April into May 21 »» ISH International Day

»» ISH Secondary MR meeting

24 »» Trinity Music Examinations until 25.4.12

May into June 08 »» SPORT Football VARSITY GIRLS in Antwerpen

09 »» Interviews until 10.5.12 for the new Principal of Secondary

Yrs 11/12 exchange students for 26 »» French to Aix-en-Provence »» Yr 10 visit the Delta works »» Nightmare before Christmas show

10 »» Yr 7 Olympics

ISH Secondary School closed for 30 »» the May break

16 »» Yr 9 trip to Tropen Museum

01 »» Yr 13 IB DP Exams commence


ISH Secondary students return to 07 »» school

»» Yrs 8/9/10 Personal Portfolios

will be sent home during 7.5.12 and 16.5.12 Please check our website for a complete calendar.


»» ISH Platform evening on Cyber Safety

»» new Secondary Principal announced »» ISH Secondary School closed for two days

21 »» ISH Secondary students return to school

»» Yr 13 IB DP Exams end

22 23

»» Yr 11 Geography Trip »» SPORT Tennis VARSITY BOYS + GIRLS @ TBD

24 »» Yr 13 PROM graduation dinner, formal celebration is 14.9.12

28 »» ISH Secondary School closed, public holiday

29 »» Note NO Green Week is to take place this year

01 »» Yr 12 exams commence 03

»» Confucius Institute, University of Leiden will hold the national Chinese Bridge competition at ISH (tentative date)


Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2012

Dates for your Diary June


05 »» Yr 7/8/9 Language day pueblosprachdorf-ville

22 »» Yr 8 Survival Day

»» ISH Secondary news feature »» Yr 7/8/9 Summer Party

»» Yr 10 trip to Belguim until 7.6.12 07 6

»» ISH Secondary MR meeting

» Electric-ISH concert 08 » »» Yr 12 exams end 10

25 26

»» Yr 12 Geography field trip tentative »» Yr 12 Biology HL Trip until 12.6.12


»» MD Music Centre Summer Concerts

Yr 12 Science Group 4 trip until 20 »» 22.6.12

»» Yr 11 Classes D/E/F visit Uithof

21 »» Yr 7 Archeon Trip

Please check our website for a complete calendar.

»» Yr 12 Visual Arts Studio workshop until 27.6.12

»» Secondary School closed all day for staff study

date until 12.6.12


»» Yr 12 Reports handed out this week


»» Yr 9 students compete in ApprentISH »» Yr 7/8/9/10/11 Reports handed out this week

03 06

»» Sports Inter-house general knowledge quiz, tentative date

»» ISH Secondary Student Assembly prior to school closing for the Summer break at 12:00

»» Yr 11 Classes A/B/C visit Uithof

28 »» ISH Secondary MR meeting 29


»» Formal farewell reception for Principals, all welcome

Back to school after the 2012 Summer break on

Wed August 29th subject to new student induction


>latest from the PA




news update

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news bulletins

International women’s day

A breakfast event hosted by ISH and the Parents Association saw the Haagse stembevrijders as guest when celebrating the vital role women play in society.

Science service trip to Tamil Nedu, India

Five Year 10-12 students travelled to Kodaikanal,Tamil Nedu, India in their February holiday 2012 as part of the Science service trip. The project was set up with through Ann Peck, the Director of the charity The students who participated in this project were committed to taking part in fund raising activities that they organized themselves prior to the actual trip to support their work in India. The trip took the students to Kodaikanal situated 2000m in the Ghat Mountains of Tamil Nedu in the south of India, where their activities included building and seeding 12 raised beds, setting up a gravity irrigation system, reading and playing daily with the creche children, writing and performing a puppet show, assisting with the health care of the children, installing 4 smokeless stoves and visiting the women’s cooperative where the bags were being made. A similar trip in February 2013 is planned to take place. For more information, contact;

International Moot Court

The Gemeente Den Haag, Justice Resource Center New York, International Criminal Court in the Hague and Leiden and Amsterdam Universities’ Law Departments organised the very first international Moot Court sessions in The Hague. During these sessions, teams of secondary school students from six countries and The Hague, competed for the title ‘Best Oral Advocate in a Lawsuit’. Students representing the International School of The Hague (ISH) included Rachael Kretsch, Charlotte Bueneman, Mira Mehta, Goksu Sevim and Shaya Javadinia. The jury under the watchful eye of Alphons Orie, Judge at the United Nations International Criminal Court for former Yugoslavia praised the performance of all teams. The team from the New York came away with the title. The next project planned by ISH for the GIN International Peace & Justice group: Bring Joseph Kony to be tried in The Hague!

Local news of interest

For parents, by parents - a number of local initiatives are taking place and new information is detailed online regarding: >> Parent support group for ADHD is holding a coffee morning follow-up to that of February 16th, view the Parent Web for full detail >> Talk by Katherine Fortier BA, MASc (Child and Educational Psychologist) on Emotions and Expectations on May 8, 2012 at BSN Voorschoten >> Dutch Rental Housing Market - Ever wondered what you should expect, how to find suitable accommodation and once you’ve found it how should you proceed? View the document online for some important practical tips on rental contracts and much more.


Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2012

news update ISH Secondary news bulletin 16.3.12

Included many event invitations amongst some great Parents Association fundraising news. One year ago, earthquake and tsunami hit Japan with consequences that will last for a long time. The ISH community, led by a parent group of the PA, collected funds and supported one school immediately after the catastrophe directly. Another nearly 4000,- Euros was made available, doubled by KLM and made over to the Red Cross. Thanks for such an impressive example of international solidarity across the globe.

Become an ISH student connector

Includes the job description of an ISH student connector and a call for the next group’s training and participation in the programme.

News from in and around the ISH 8

>> View the delicious menu our canteen has to offer and other information you may need on >> Just for your information: The Hague Council are holding an information evening for the neighbourhood Ockenburgh in our school’s Conference Room on April 19, 2012. >> Fonds 1818 have the ISH marked as venue for their information stalls for primary schools and ‘green’ suppliers in The Hague area on Wednesday April 18, 2012 between 13:00-18:00. >> International Community Platform are advertising new events, for more information: >> The Hungry Mind International Community Centre March newsletter now available.

The Challenger Project Programme

We are honoured to have some specialist lecturers and even a Michelin Chef agree to spare their precious time at ISH to share their knowledge and experience with our students. The Programme between March-June 2012 is confirmed.

Global Issues Network Conference in Luxembourg

A photo series of the team of five students who excellently presented on the topic: Gender Equality is key to sustainable development.

news update ISH students help at Scouting Day

A report on Saturday 24 March 2012 when a group of ten students from the ISH volunteered to help during an Open Day for people with learning needs, less priviliged and regular scouting groups.

ISH Secondary news bulletin 30.3.12

With invitations to upcoming events again, the bulletin was also reflective with an appreciative look-back at the ISH Platform evening when students presented current initiatives (Eco-Marathon car building, Equal rights initiative, MOOT court) and Elisabeth Chute, our Visual Arts teacher shared her findings on facebook use in Years 6 and 7. The discussion which ensued on future aspects of education was fascinating and showed how much aware many of our parents are of the opportunities and dangers the new media entail.

Our Chinese Confucius classroom, University of Leiden

Following the successful pilot of offering Mandarin Chinese lessons after school, The International School of The Hague has become one of the hundreds of Confucius Classrooms in 104 countries world-wide in cooperation with the University of Leiden.

Student Connectors complete training

Student connectors from Years 10,11,12.have successfully completed their training to support new students joining ISH, winning an ISH Award for Excellence for their commitment. Well done to the the founding group of 2011-2012: * Sissi * Dora * Ghazel * Neele * Tooba * Denise * Gigi * Eliana * Leon * Matthieu * Marnix * David * Linda * Rachael * Pedro * Lorenzo * Alessio - who have also compiled an informative video, viewable here.

ISH Secondary news bulletin 13.4.12

With invitations to upcoming events and a brief summary of Year 13 students last teaching week, other news included: - revised Guide - your chance to send a message


Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2012

Gallery selection of the latest photos See all photos on the website:, with many photos available on the news pages of our school photographer

Tribute concert 2012 to the late prof.dr. Malcolm Davies

In February 2010, prof. dr. Malcolm Davies passed away. He was our Subject Area Leader for the Arts, Director of the ISH Music school, Professor at the University of Leiden but first and foremost a popular teacher of Music and respected colleague. In tribute to some aspects of his rich life, a memorial concert, just as in previous years was held on March 9, 2012 in the Malcolm Davies Auditorium. A small selection of photos are available to view on our website photo gallery. More photos of the Tribute concert are published and can be viewed at: , on the latest news pages section.


Science service trip to India 2012 A small selection of photos from the trip are viewable online, other reports may be consulted via:

International MOOT Court A small selection of photos from the event are viewable online, other reports may be consulted via: htpp:// htpp:// and search with Moot Court.

Gallery selection of the latest photos See all photo’s on the website:, with many photos available on the news pages of our school photographer

Awards Assembly 2012

A small selection of photos taken on April 10, 2012 of the ISH Awards Assembly. Our Y13 students celebrated their last formal teaching day with a crossover topic of Opera and Native-American. They had indeed put in a lot of creative effort in preparing the building and a few short acts. At the Awards Assembly the dress was hippy style from the 60’s.

IB DP Art exhibition 2012

The closing exhibition formed an opportunity for the students to show off their work to a wider audience – their parents, friends, fellow students and other teachers as well. The exhibition marked the end of the two years of their IBDP Visual Arts course. Many more photos are available on

IB DP Art exhibition portfolios available online


Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2012

ISH Awards 2012 The ISH Awards are a motivational instrument celebrating success. They are issued to students during April and the whole school Assembly held on the final teaching day for Year 13. There is one ISH Award in each year group for outstanding academic results and for ‘making the difference’. An Award for achievement in the Arts, Sports and teaching excellence is also issued. This year special recognition was given to the founding group of Student Connectors.

Student Connectors


The Connectors are a student led service that supports new students moving to the International School. Trained in helping students settle into school life with the service led by Jackie Greenwood, School Counsellor. Connectors is a growing team and currently there are students from Yrs 9,10,11 and 12, who come from diverse backgrounds. They can offer support in 13 languages. All of our Connectors are experienced at moving countries and changing schools, and their guidance and experience can help support students with any difficulties new students may be having in adjusting. The students undertake the following:· 1:1 support with new students · Link in with year 6 classes at ISH · Organising social events and activities for new students to increase friendship and support opportunities · Supporting new students with English as an Additional Language · Providing information about The Hague, activities and academic life. The founding group of Student Connectors have successfully completed their training to support new students joining ISH, winning an ISH Award for Excellence for their commitment. They have also made an excellent informative video on their service: . Well done to the the founding group of 2011-2012: * Sissi * Dora * Ghazel * Neele * Tooba * Denise * Gigi * Eliana * Leon * Matthieu * Marnix * David * Linda * Rachael * Pedro * Lorenzo * Alessio

ISH Awards for academic excellence For the academic awards one student was chosen from each year group and the sole criterion for selection was the number of Grade 7s in the mid-year reports. Hearty congratulations go to the following seven students for their very high level of academic performance so far this year -


ongratulations to: Year 7: Malo Ranzetti Year 8: Alina GLaubitz Year 9: Umay Ertekin Year 10: Jocelijn Cavero Roeper Year 11: Rachael Kretsch Year 12: Masami Hazu and Hugo Wolters (both the same score in 6 subjects and Hugo has got an additional subject)

Year 13: Edmond Wang


Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2012

ISH Awards for ‘making the difference’ For the IB Learner Profile informed ‘Making the difference’ awards the following students were proposed by the Student Council as they really do make a big contribution to the way our community lives at the ISH. Thank you all for making the difference!


ongratulations to:


Year 7: Julia Wojcek Julia is described as a very positive, diplomatic, sympathetic student in her mentor group..she is proactive, takes initiative with many aspects of the school. Involved with Art Club and Science Club, she has been very helpful with charities such as with the Shoebox Collection and Go India 2012. Year 8: Jenna Hare for her leading role in organizing with her class 8D the Year 8 Pyjama Charity Run for GO India 2012 in which all students of Year 8 participated and where they raised a lot of money for this fundraising project. Year 9: Victor van der Bom for using his initiative to organize a fundraising event and using the proceeds to lift the spirits of seriously ill children in hospital. Year 10: Tosia Ryng As Director of school musicals; MUN (MUNISH, THIMUN, HMUN); SHMAG writer; Cheerleading Captain in addition to sports involvement and a range of activities outside of school. The following students were nominated online by peers for truly embodying the IB Learner Profile where IB Learners strive to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective. Well done! Year 11: Jesse Sigal Year 12: Hugo Wolters Year 13: : Denise Preira

Marcelle Hora Oliveira Antunes ISH Award for her achievement in the Arts

ISH Awards for Arts C

ongratulations to:

Year 12: Jaroslav Horák Talented ISH students took part in the three day Saariaho Festival in The Hague Anton Philipszaal on October 7, 2011 when the ISH Ensemble of Contemporary Music performed their own piece, wholly directed by Jaroslav. Saariaho Festival The Hague The Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho (b. 1952) is one of today’s most recognized composers in the world. The Société Gavignes in collaboration with the New European Ensemble organised a festival in The Hague to celebrate Saariaho’s music. During this international festival there were master classes for young composers and musicians; open rehearsals; discussions; expositions and an educational program for students of the Royal Conservatory, 2 International Schools and The Hague Montessori Lyceum. See for more detail


Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2012

ISH Awards for Sports C

ongratulations to:

- the House of Lions For winning the Quadro House Competition trophy (a team building exercise) organised by the House Captains.

- the House of Leopards For winning the team competition held at the City-Pier-City trophy run whereby the longest distance totals were tallied.

16 - Year 9 student Laura de Herde For winning the ISH Award for Excellence in Sports due to her all-round sporting ability, contribution to P.E. and extracurricular sport. This included being selected in the ISST Hockey Tournament All star team as a Year 9 student, when it is an U18 tournament and also being a key member of the U14 girls football and basketball teams.

- Year 12 student Ruben Principe For winning two gold medals in the Dutch National Free Style skiing championships for the under 21’s slope style and big air.

- Drama teacher Emily Scott Applause all round for Ms. Scott as an achiever because she was in training for the Rotterdam marathon. She made the excellent time of 3 hours 44 minutes. Even faster than our treasured Subject Area Leader for P. E. Chantal Maaswinkel who ran the New York Marathon in 3 hours 67 minutes and 33 seconds and Ms. Maaswinkel in turn ran even faster than the legendary goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar!

The IB Survivors address


Excellent in IB planning... Denise Preira

Leonie Reese

Mr. Briffa Teacher of Physics

Teacher Excellence Award Behind every excellent student there are many excellent teachers who are often too modest to draw attention to their input into a student’s success. The students know best who has made a difference and recognition from them is often what makes it all worth-while. The Teacher Excellence Award is recognition from us as a community for one of those outstanding teachers that students work with on a daily basis. What makes the teacher chosen for the Teacher of Excellence Award in 2012 so special? He is patient, calm, kind, extremely knowledgeable and understanding, genuinely caring about the students. His day is about students. He teaches them, helps them as a Year Leader and then coaches them football. He seeks to be fair and reliable in all of his decisions and honest and respectful in his communication. When I taught in Great Britain, I came across a postcard that said ‘no-one forgets a good teacher’ and I am sure that this is true for our teacher of excellence:

Mr. Jonathan Briffa I promise ISH will never forget you. Speech presented by Katrin Fox Deputy Head Upper School

Special thanks to: T

he Student Council members: •Chair: Sandra Smits •Deputy Chair: Gichuki Grugoiyo •Treasurers: Head- Bob van Rugge and Deputy- Charlotte Bunemann •Cultural Coordinators: Head - Rachael Kretsch and Deputy-Jocelijn Cavero Roeper •Events- Mateo Garcia, Victor Dewulf •PR- Berend Verwij •Class Rep. Coordinators- Alexander Kruijsse and Daniel Belilos •Technician : Xander Maes


nd to Eline Wezenbeek for encouraging the whole school to dress up on the last teaching for Year 13.


nd to Sathyajith and Thomas for telling of their Science Service trip to India and encouraging the whole school to support O India 2012.

Thank you very much!


Awards 2012

Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2012


Academic Excellence

Awards 2012 21

Excellence in Arts

Awards 2012

Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2012


Student Connectors

Making the Awards 2012 difference 23

Awards 2012

Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2012


House Trophy winner

Awards 2012


Student Council

Awards 2012

Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2012


Teaching Excellence


Awards 2012

Excellence in Sports

The ISH Awards 2012 photo series

ISH Secondary Awards 2012 news feature  
ISH Secondary Awards 2012 news feature  

Featuring Year 13 dressed up during their last teaching week at the Awards 2012 Assembly.