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Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2011

Dear ISH News Readers, The great summer weather has its positive effect on the school already: Visual Arts classes are outside in the newly developed Green Space Area, more kids are biking to school and everyone seems to be in a good mood. Knowing how much the environments affect us, our Green team is busy organizing a Green Week (30 May to 1 June) in order to raise the awareness of this important issue. A link to the group’s webspace is here:

2 The International School of The Hague P. O. Box 52047 2505 CA The Hague Wijndaelerduin 1 2554 BX The Hague

Primary School Telephone +31 (0)70 338 4567 Fax +31 (0)70 328 2049 Email

Secondary School Telephone +31 (0)70 328 1450 Fax +31 (0)70 328 2049 Email

In last week’s ISH AWARDS assembly, we had the opportunity to wish the Y13 students all the best for their upcoming IB Diploma exams. Never again in life will they know that much from so many different areas of knowledge. We are sure that they are well prepared for a month of stress and ready for all the celebrations afterwards, one of them being the formal dinner of 26 May. More details about the ISH AWARDS, one of our ways to recognize excellence, can be found in this edition of the newsletter. Thanks go to all parents for their cooperation in providing us with all necessary forms and signatures for enrolment of their children at ISH 2011/12. Having received over 95% answers helps us to plan better for staffing and rooms.

The ISH Strategic Plan (“Vision 2014”) comes up for the first year review with the Participation Council (MR) soon. If there is any input from your side, please provide it to me by e-mail. The plan can be found under the protected portal of our website. Best wishes for a relaxing Easter Weekend and a fine May break,

Peter Kotrc

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Dear ISH News Readers, Calendar, news and gallery views ISH Awards for excellence/making the difference ISH Awards for Arts and Sports The IB experience by Year 13 student Meredith The Voice of ISH/special thanks

This issue is compiled by Wendy de Jong (


Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2011

Dates for your Diary April








platform evening

theatre workshop SECONDARY SCHOOL


Tuesday April 26, 2011

May 17, 2011 ISH Conference Room 19:00-20:30

Year 7 & Year 8 Period 7 Year 9 Period 3

The Tusk Theatre Company celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday Int. School of The Hague with the

Please check our website for a complete calendar.

TOPIC T.B.A Watch this space

Dates for your Diary April into May

May into June

26 »» ISH Shakespeare celebration day

12 »» Yr 7 Olympics

27 »» Musical Lunch concert


28 »» Yr 10 Delta works DUTCH QUEENS BIRTHDAY 30 »» CELEBRATION in the Netherlands

01 »» Until 6 May 2011 ISH Secondary May holiday

03 »» Until 23 May 2011 Yr 13 IB DP Exams 09 10

»» ISH Secondary students return to school

»» Until 11May 2011 Yr 12 Bio HL Trip - tentative date

»» ISH Secondary MR Meeting

Please check our website for a complete calendar.

»» ISH Platform evening – information evening for parents 19:00-20:30

19 »» Yr 9 Tropen Museum 24 »» Yr 11 Geo Trip 25 »» Until 28 May 2011


»» Yr 7/8/9 Language day, ISH becomes a pueblo-sprachdorf-ville

02 »» Until 03 June 2011

ISH Secondary school closed

06 »» ISH Secondary students return to school

SPORT Tennis

26 »» Yr 13 Informal graduation farewell celebration

27 »» Yr 12 study leave 28 »» DEMUN - Model united nations

»» Until 6 June 2011 Yr 12 exams

30 »» Until 1 June 2011 ISH Green Week

07 »» Until 09 June 2011 Yr 12 Geo field trip

08 »» Until 10 June 2011

Yr 10 trip to Belguim

10 »» Electric-ISH/rock night concert

»» Yr 12 deadline for CAS reflection »» Until 12 June 2011 SPORT MIST football tournament


Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2011

Dates for your Diary June 11

»» Gala Music Concert

23 »» Yr 7 trip to Archeon

»» ISH Secondary MR Meeting

13 »» ISH Secondary School closed 14 6

15 17

»» ISH Secondary students return to school


»» Until 17 June 2011

»» ISH Secondary news feature, looking back what the IB Learner Profile has meant for students

Yr 12 Science Group 4 trip

during this past school year

»» Yr 12 deadline for A1 higher - First draft World Lit.1

»» Yr 8 Survival Day

Yr 7/8/9/10/11 Reports handed out 27 »» this week

February break(26/2/2012-6/3/2012) A service trip to Tamil Nadu for y10-12 Contact Christine Mak ( for more information

28 »» Yr 8 Eindhoven Historic Open Air

18 »» Music Centre Summer Concerts


20 »» Yr 12 Reports handed out this week 21

24 »» Yr 7/8/9 Summer Party

Project India 2012

»» Until 22 June 2011


»» ISH Secondary school closes at 12:00 for the SUMMER BREAK

Yr 12 Visual Arts Studio workshop

24 – 25 August 2011 ISH Secondary August »» students return to school

Please check our website for a complete calendar.

Kodaikkanal Tamil Nadu


>latest from the PA

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news bulletins

news update More than 27 professions represented at the Careers Q&A session for students

Wednesday 9 March 2011 between 18:00-20:30 is an absolute must for all students in making a careers choice. Filled with ‘real’ information from professionals willing to give up their time to answer individual questions from students regarding the more than 27 professions represented.

First Aid training available now

The ISH is offering the opportunity for students to receive high quality First Aid training. Contact Robert Verloop:

City-Pier-City Run in The Hague

545 participants from the International School of The Hague took part in the City-Pier-run on Sunday March 13, 2011.

The alternative Hansel and Gretel

Raw theatre designed to shock the audience of parents and students of Year 11 and older, view the video of these Year 12 students performing their own gothic version of this fairytale.

ISH Secondary news bulletin

This fortnightly bulletin included details of Dr. JoAnn Deak’s visit to our school and presenting on ‘Learning and the brain.’

ICT and learning

What will education in the future be like given all the information and communication technology advances? How will our children learn? These were some of the fundamental questions asked at the ICT Symposium held at ISH on March 8, 2011. Fortunate to be chaired by Paul Howland, Mr. Könneker, Dirk Dobbelaere, Sheryl Cababa-Wood, Andre Hengeveld and Louise Vos, all representing expertise in the ICT and educational field, the evening presented many exciting prospects and possible pitfalls.


Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2011

news update April 8 Art exhibition

An official opening of the IBDP Art Exhibition before the Art exams commenced in the second week of April was not to be missed. Photos available soon on our website gallery.

Spring is here, GreenSpace in action

Planting and sowing in the GreenSpace area of the International School of The Hague is in full swing. All help is welcome!

winner of regional reading competition!

Congratulations go to Year 8 student Tim Kaasjager, who on Friday March 18, 2011 won the Voorleeswedstrijd - reading competition for the whole of zuid-Holland!


Chess news

Play resumed every Wednesday from 16:30 for all ages. Chessplay is not only truly international, a language understood by all, but it has been proven to be good for the development of children.

Eistedfodd 2011 photos online now

Artists assembled on Saturday March 19, 2011 for the annual Eisteddfod music competition. In the categories of wind, string, voice, compositions, ensembles, duets and piano, the competition was tough. View photos on www. and on our website gallery.

Tribute concert to Malcolm photos available now

In February 2010, prof. dr. Malcolm Davies passed away. He was our Subject Area Leader for the Arts, Director of the ISH Music school, Professor at the University of Leiden but first and foremost a popular teacher of Music and respected colleague. In tribute to some aspects of his rich life, a memorial concert, just as last year was held on March 11, 2011 in the Malcolm Davies Auditorium.

ISH Secondary news bulletin March 24, 2011

This fortnightly bulletin included a reminder to those parents who had not yet re-registered their student for 2011-2012 by submitting a method of payment form.

news update We care, Japan is not alone

The earthquake disaster which struck Japan on March 11, 2011 brought with it a heartfelt wish in the ISH community to show that our thoughts are with the people of Japan and donate to the relief fund. The Parents Association designed a fundraising t-shirt to be sold at the ISH International Day and Year 11 students Masami and Veerle provided awareness by compiling a video and organising a minute’s silence in school.

GreenSpace - The Hague City Council Tree Planting

On March 29, 2011 representatives from The Hague City Council in charge of the environmentally friendly development of the City visited the ISH and helped with planting a tree.

ISH Primary Spring Fair

Transformed the school into a fun, united and international kingdom on the 9th of April, raising EUR 7,000 for the PTA in the process.

Latest from the Pakistan floods fundraising relief group

Thanks from 344 students in Jehangira, Pakistan include a personally signed banner in the post to the International School of The Hague. Since the floods peaked in this area of Pakistan in August 2010, a number of ISH fundraising initiatives have helped these students in various ways, view the full report in our news section.

TU Delft Junior College success

Three ISH students Edmund Wang, Nikhil Potdar and Raoul Mink succesfully took part in the TU Delft Junior College challenges earlier this year, with Edmund’s solar boat challenge winning a prize for best work. Congratulations!

Sports promo - Join the Silverbacks

Student Martin Klima’s brief for his ITGS project was to promote his favourite sport - is it American football or tennis??? Watch and enjoy the video through to the outtake end.

Presentation of Personal Projects photos online now

On February 4, 2011 Year 11 students presented their Personal Projects to the assessing teachers and to the whole school community.


Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2011

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Grease musical 2010

On June 28 & 29, 2010 ISH Secondary’s spectacular musical production of Grease encouraged all to wear their bobby socks and slick their hair. The video is now available online.

The Best Little Theatre In Town 10

Year 7-8-9 students sing beautifully and dance in a lively musical theatre production involving shady accountants, ghostly apparitions, Broadway actors, a stressed Director, and an energetic cast. View the video clip, enjoy the photos.

ISH Secondary news bulletin April 8, 2011

This fortnightly bulletin keeps you up-to-date with all the activities and events in and around the International School of The Hague, with a personal note from the Principal.

Trinity Music Exam passes with distinction

As the International School of The Hague is actually the Trinity Exam Centre in the Netherlands, candidates entered from The British School, International School in Antwerp and various other schools in the Netherlands. We had four ISH students who entered and they also did extremely well: International School Piano candidates were Hanna Merènyi and Jaroslav Horák taught by Milena Mizgiert and Matthieu Steffen taught by Olivier Garde. Hanna passed with Merit and both Jaroslav and Matthieu passed with Distinction. The International School Guitar candidate was Gichuki Rugoiyo, taught by Ezequiel Menalled and he also passed with Merit. Well done to all!

news update Successful International Day: photos online now Congratulations go to all for a popular International Day where many visitors enjoyed a trip around the world in just one afternoon! A truly delicious and entertaining community event which raised EUR 6700 in aid of Japan, with fundraising t-shirt sales ongoing. View more detail in our news section and on the ‘Latest from the Parents Association’ webpage.

Student and Community involvement


Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2011

Gallery selection of the latest photos See all photos on the website:, with many photos available on the news pages of our school photographer

City-Pier-City Run 2011

Congratulations go to all of the 545 participants from the International School of The Hague, winning first prize.

12 Eisteddfod competition 2011 Artists assembled on Saturday March 19, 2011 for the annual Eisteddfod music competition. In the categories of wind, string, voice, compositions, ensembles, duets and piano, the competition was tough. Some photos courtesy of are now available on the website gallery.

International Day 2011 Saturday, March 26 2011 started with a flag parade, where many of our 86 nationalities proudly carried their flag. Afterwards the International Food Fair provided much delicious eating while watching entertaining performances. With sport activities, a used book sale and folktales told in many different languages, there were games and fun for all ages. Profits went mainly to a fund helping rebuild/restart a school in Japan in the earthquake and tsunami effected area with T-shirts saying ‘we care, you’re not alone’ on sale.

Gallery selection of the latest photos See all photo’s on the website:, with many photos available on the news pages of our school photographer

Pakistan floods effects of fundraising relief 2011 Thanks from 344 students in Jehangira, Pakistan include a personally signed banner in the post to the International School of The Hague and some photo messages. Since the floods peaked in this area of Pakistan in August 2010, a number of ISH fundraising initiatives have helped these students in various ways through the Direct Action group.

13 Presentation of Personal Projects in 2011

All the hard work gone into each MYP Personal Project was on display at the February 4, 2011 open house. Much appreciated by every visitor! Well done students.

The Best Little Theatre In Town 2011 Year 7-8-9 talented singing students perform a lively musical production on March 31, April 1, 2011.

Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2011

Gallery selection of the latest photos See all photo’s on the website:, with many photos available on the news pages of our school photographer

Tribute concert to the late prof.dr. Malcolm Davies (2011)

Malcolm Davies will not be forgotten: he did not just work here, he was an educator in the best sense of the work, leading his students to enjoy and practice music. Our choirs, orchestra, bands and the over 200 weekly individual music lessons, held here at ISH, were based on Malcolm’s initiative. More photos of the Tribute concert are published and can be viewed at: , on the latest news pages section.


ISH Awards for academic excellence We at the ISH wish to recognise excellence when we can. At the Awards Assembly April 12, 2011 individual and group excellence were recognised in a whole school celebration of the academic, sporting and IB Learner Profile informed ‘Make the difference’ awards. For the academic awards one student was chosen from each year group and the sole criterion for selection was the number of Grade 7s in the mid-year reports. Hearty congratulations go to the following seven students for their very high level of academic performance so far this year -


ongratulations to: Y7: Alina Glaubitz Y8: Camelia Hamdi Cherif Y9: Jocelijn Cavero Roeper Y10: Rachel Kretsh Y11: Hugo Wolters Y12: Edmond Wang Y13: Jakub Ryng


ISH Awards for making the difference For the IB Learner Profile informed ‘Make the difference’ awards the following students were proposed by the Student Council as they really do make a big contribution to the way our community lives at the ISH. Thank you all for making the difference!


ongratulations to: Y7: Louis Buijs Y8 Raiesha Sardar Y9: Neele Kruijsse Y 11 –Veerle Verhey Y12: Leonie Reese Y13 Rajiv Daryanani


ISH Awards for Arts and Sports C

ongratulations to:

The ISST boys football team, in particular the Captain Alastair Y12: Marcelle Hora Oliveira Antunes for her achievement in the Arts

Marcelle Hora Oliveira Antunes ISH Award for her achievement in the Arts

Secondary Newsletter | Issue 5 | April 2011

The IB experience by Yr 13 student Meredith Fellow Students and teachers, Today, I will try my best to explain what the IB really is, and what it means to be in Year 13. Here I go. How can we sum-up the IB? What is the IB really? What I have just presented to you, is a very complex question. I believe that you can’t truly know what the IB is, until you have survived it. This is because the IB is not comparable to anything you’ll ever experience. Before you become an IB student you think of IB as a course to prepare you for university. But that is a very basic definition. Along the way, you will undoubtedly find yourself asking questions such as: “what differentiates the IB, from the A-levels or the advanced placement program?” and more importantly “How do I know that the IB is what I want?” The answer to that is quite direct and surprisingly simple: you don’t know.


Back when we were still in Year 11, the Year 12’s envied us, saying “you guys are so lucky you’re doing the MYP, that stuff is easy compared to what we’re doing now”. They would then complain about how many all-nighters they’d had because the work load was just too much for them to handle. They’d warn us: this is the IB, pick between two of the following: a) Good grades b) Enough sleep at night c) A social life The reason I remember this, is because it puzzled me that some mean and heartless adults in Geneva would actually have the nerve to make me pick only 2 of the above choices, when before, combining the three was the key to success and a happy home. How dare they! I mean, to me it was pure evil and hatred towards kids all over the world; some form of child abuse to turn our generation into robots born only for one purpose. So of course, I chose to ignore the warnings thrown my way. The previous Year 13’s would then go on and on about how they weren’t lying to us, but actually prophesying, telling us of our future in the IB. They’d laugh about the fact that such quotes were readily available online at I agreed with them, but only to close the conversation, because come on, how dumb would it be to have a website dedicated to just quotes about the IB? And so we left it at that. One of the first assemblies that we had on coming to Year 12, Mr. Andreadis gave us a rather memorable speech about the IB. He said, and I quote: “You will fail!” For those of you who don’t know Mr. Andreadis, he is a genius! And his words are actually words of wisdom that need some translation into lay-mans English: what he says is that, if you don’t understand what is going on in class, if you don’t revise, and if you don’t know what you are doing at school, then the result shall be a 2, or even a 1; or as Mr. Andreadis puts it: “You will fail!” At that assembly, there were also more speeches about the infamous extended essay, CAS and ToK. ToK. What is ToK? From the IBO website, ToK or Theory of knowledge is a course designed to encourage each student to reflect on the nature of knowledge by critically examining different ways of knowing and different kinds of knowledge. Right. This is when I decide to turn to

Meredith Sambu Excellence Award

The Website says: This is ToK in a Nutshell: There is a question asked: How do we know? The Answer: We don’t. But in all seriousness, TOK is very relevant to all of us. It takes you as a person, takes you out of society and analyzes you as you and asks you, how do you know what you know? How do you know whether you are good or bad at maths? How do you know that at this very moment, you are sitting in the gyms? How can you prove it? Today, I am here to tell you my experience from the International Baccalaureate. Thanks to the IB, I have discovered who I am as a person. I have become what I think is an IB student, asking myself how I know what I know, challenging all aspects of life because I can now say that I am an inquirer. I am now more knowledgeable about world issues, I am now a thinker, a communicator, principled, open-minded, caring, a risk-taker, balanced and reflective. I am now a world citizen. Now, I bet that you are all expecting some happy, fairy-tale conclusion to my speech. Well you are not going to get one! The IB is hard and asks a lot from you! It’s not like in primary school where all you had to do was do your homework and look pretty; it’s real life. It teaches you the importance of making choices and shows you the implications of your choices. It helps you understand who you want to be and most importantly why you would like to be that type of a person, and what you want to achieve in your academic career. Again, it’s hard, but it is definitely worth it! But only once! Once is definitely enough … As Year 13 students, I can speak for us all by saying that we have understood this, and it is our turn to prophase to the year 12’s, 11’s, 10’s, 9’s, 8’, and 7’s. This is the IB: pick between two of the following!

Thank you!

Imene Hamdi-Cherif Excellence Award

The voice of ISH Dear Mrs. Lindeman, This whole school assembly is not only to applaud outstanding performance of our students, we are also here to recognize excellence in our staff. In Holland we have a tv show called the Voice of Holland. For all of us here at ISH, internally and externally, you are our Voice of the ISH. We would like to say a big thank you: you are always friendly (even early in the morning!), you have a kind word for everyone and we are lucky to have you here at ISH as our Receptionist.

Thank you very much!

Special thanks to: T

he Student Council members: Imene Hamdi-Cherif Denise Preira Adrien De Wulf SalomĂŠ Zimmerlin Puranjay Sudan Anne Le-Guennec Sandra Smits Gichuki Rugoiyo


nd Katherine Adkins for encouraging the whole school to sing at the close of the ISH Awards Assembly.

A video clip of the ISH Awards Assembly held on April 12, 2011 is available on

Student Council, thank you very much!

ISH Awards Special  

Special news feature on the ISH Awards Assembly for 2011.

ISH Awards Special  

Special news feature on the ISH Awards Assembly for 2011.