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September 10


Secondary Newsletter | 2010 Issue  1 | 


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Dear ISH News Readers International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) results 2010 IB DP Graduation Ceremony 3

ISH Highest Personal Achievement Award ECIS Award ISH Creativity, Action and Service Award ISH Arts, Sports and German Award The ISH IB DP from the students’ perspective Calendar, views and news

This Issue is compiled by Peter Kotrc, Principal Wendy de Jong (

Secondary Newsletter | 2010 Issue  1 | 

Dear ISH News Readers, Welcome to our first “News feature” on our new website – in addition to our regular news-bulletin every other week, we will focus on major events or developments in this format. We have a lot to celebrate already at the beginning of the school year: excellent IB MYP and IB DP results in the range of 85% and 95% (compared with a worldwide Diploma pass rate of 78%). This means that nearly all our students can progress to the next phase of their education uninterrupted and well prepared.

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How do we explain the positive trend and how can we convince our new parents and students – we have about 200 – that they can trust in ISH to provide the best possible international education? Many factors contribute to success: -We support good teaching, e.g. by professional development. This summer, 15% of staff gave up holiday time to improve their skills, 10 have signed up for the October unit of the Masters course at ISH, offered by the University of Bath, and all teachers will spend the 3rd and

4th of January in a high-level workshop on Differentiation. -We hire the best available teachers. This summer, 16 new staff members joined the ISH, most of them from other international schools and all of them with an international background. -We stress the holistic and interdisciplinary nature of our programs to make learning meaningful for the students – in projects, in community service, via special events like the upcoming Sports day. -We offer assistance for Special educational needs and have expanded our provisions this year again. -Finally, we listen to all stakeholders and try to improve processes, through the student council (elections to be held soon) and all formats of parents information meetings, like last week’s “Meet the Teacher” evening. And we are lucky to have the support of our Parents Association, e.g. for social events like last Sunday’s “Welcome Picnic”.


Dear ISH News Readers cont., A detailed report on the IB DP results can be found inside from Mrs. Fox, Deputy Head Upper school. All figures per subject will be made available in the annual School guide which will be available by the end of this month. I just have to share with you how impressed the guests at graduation were by the student speeches, the teacher contributions and the PA help (special thanks to Mrs. Okma and Mrs. Estadella but also to Mrs. Sarjit Herry who jumped in last minute and solved a problem). At the end of our long school days, we will start offering a homework club again for Y7 and Y8, starting in October. Parents will receive a sign-up letter next week. If your children are not waiting for an after-school activity or participating in the homework club, we have to ask them to leave as we cannot provide other forms of supervision. I trust that you can understand this. From October onwards, doors will open on Wednesday evenings for the first 8-week block of our new “ISH-Academy”, providing courses for

the community. If you want to participate or offer a class, get in touch with us! Kind regards, Peter Kotrc Secondary Principal

‘ We have a lot to celebrate already at the beginning of the school year: excellent IB MYP and IB DP results in the range of 85% and 95% (compared with a worldwide Diploma pass rate of 78%). ‘


Secondary Newsletter | 2010 Issue  1 | 

IB DP Results 2010 best results


Since our last year’s Diploma results were the best ones we had until then, we expected this year’s results with raised anticipation as a school and with great hopes for our candidates. For them this was supposed to be the reward for all their hard work, late nights, shortened holidays and cancelled fun activities. With great delight and pride in the achievements of our students can we now announce that this year’s results are at least as good as last year’s. We continue to have 95% of students passing their Diploma.

challenging packages 47 of our candidates have achieved a bilingual Diploma. The large percentage of Bilingual Diplomas not only shows the linguistic potential our school boasts, but also that our students choose challenging packages.

score comparisons This year the average point score is 32 points, while over the last years we consistently had 31 points as an average. The average point score per subject is 5.15, the best we have had in 6 years. The highest overall score is 44 points, just one point off the maximum score of 45. In the

world only a handful of students ever achieve the 45 points. When looking at the performance in subjects, there also is reason to be proud. At the ISH we offer 44 subjects -excluding tutored languages. In May 2010 31 of those have higher average grades than the world averages. This means that a bit less than 75% of our subjects enable students to achieve results that are better than those of all other Diploma students. Finally, let me comment on our performance in the Extended Essay, which is a unique feature of the IB DP and often regarded by students and universities as a great preparation for further studies. It is worth mentioning that out of the 74 essays that were submitted 15 were excellent and another 28 very good, which highlights our students’ potential in independent research.

achievement Behind each grade, number, statistics is an individual story and only those close to the students fully understand what has really been achieved. It is a great pleasure to celebrate the general success with our school community and – at the same time- to congratulate all students for their individual achievements and success stories.


‘ Behind each grade, number, statistics is an individual story and only those close to the students fully understand what has really been achieved. It is a great pleasure to celebrate the general success with our school community and –at the same time- to congratulate all students for their individual achievements and success stories.’

IB DP Results 2010 after ish Let me finish with pointing out that this year’s Diploma students are now embarking on even greater challenges. We wish them all the best for their future and look forward to celebrating with them on 10 September during the DP Graduation Ceremony.

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Katrin Fox, Deputy Head Upper School


Secondary Newsletter | 2010 Issue  1 | 

IB DP Graduation Ceremony 2010 congratulations For those of you who don’t know me, I am Jonathan Briffa, better known by this group of wonderful students, as the Tiny Terror. I won’t go into detail on how I got this name, but I hope I made all the students in my year very proud, when on the last day of school, I beat Dr. Hogg in Sumo wrestling, to then save Mr. Kotrc, from the merciless PrISHonbreak .

a hard working group


Over the last two years I was the Year Leader of this hard working group of students. Together with the help of their mentors, my job was to guide our DP students through this very demanding course, The IB Diploma, and help them get the best possible grades, while at the same time prepare them for a more independent life at University. It was very rewarding, seeing a nice group of teenagers turning into young mature adults in less than 2 years. I can still remember them coming into the Malcolm Davies Auditorium as the new year 12 students, all excited because they were starting the IB DP. They didn’t know what was in store for them then. It was obvious from the start that there was a lot of potential within this group of students and this was demonstrated by the extremely good results they achieved: A 95% pass rate, 47 bilingual diplomas, 7 students achieving 40 points or higher, an overall average of 32 points and an average score per subject of 5.15 is quite impressive . Well done guys! However, what impressed me most about this group of DP students is how supportive they were to one another and how well they worked together. They were involved in so many activities that I could not always keep track of; MUN, Student Council, Thought Fox, sports activities, various charities, Global awareness, CAS activities, Year Book Committee… In addition to this

they still found the time to party and socialize … and this they did a lot too. Apparently from some of the stories I heard, their partying skills were put into practice during the senior trip in Crete when a group of over 55 ISH students turned the island into a big party. ‘Stunt Day’, oh sorry, ‘the last day of school celebration’ was evidence of how well organized and what a good team this group of year 13’s was. Without a doubt they organized one of the most enjoyable ‘stunt days’, throughout the history of the school. The most consuming and least satisfying part of my job was reminding students that in order to do well in their IB Diploma, they had to go to lessons, or if they wanted good grades in their internal assessment they would have to, at least, hand in their work. You would think that they knew all of this already. For some reason, they seemed to remember only one principle of the IB learner profile, ‘You have to be a risk taker’. After congratulating all the graduates for their academic achievement, I would like to thank a few students, whose day seems to be longer than 24 hours and besides working very hard to succeed in their course, they went that extra mile and also found the time to participate in other activities to support or represent the school in many different ways.


IB DP Graduation Ceremony 2010 mun I’d like to start by the board of directors (BOD’s) for MUNISH, the Model United Nations for ISH. On behalf of Ms. McCluskey, I want to thank all the BOD’s for their hard work and commitment to MUNISH 2009. No problem was too great for them and they went to meetings with solutions and a smile on their faces. MUNISH 2009 with its new banner, guest speakers for every committee, and a fantastic newspaper was made possible by you, the BOD’s. Well done! The BOD’s were the following: Alexandra Letcher: Secretary General Sinead Clarke & Nikhil Garg: Academic Advisors Alexandra Paturej: Business Manager Clemens Moehring & Claire Belilos: External Affairs Isabelle Dinkela & Nicole Lopez: Conference Managers Philip Saville: Head of Press Team

student council Another group of students that I would like to thank is the student council, who together with Ms. Fox worked very hard to improve different aspects of the school. The members of the student council were: Claire Belilos, Andreas Movracordatos, Tanisha Joshi, Jerome v Leeuwen, Maria Paola Flores Sanchez, Jamie Poeteray, Eleonore van Ophem.

creative writers The Thought Fox Magazine and ISH news On behalf of Ms. Marinus and the whole ISH community, I show gratitude to everyone for putting both, The ToughtFox magazine and ISHnews publications, firmly on the ISH map. Philip Saville, Dusan Ristic and Emiel Stegeman were the dynamic trio behind both publications. Philip and Dusan were the writers and editors and Emiel practically re-wrote the program Indesign in his layouts! Dorothee Grevers was a tireless editor and responsible for publicity, whilst Siim Rimm was the brilliant cover man. Regular contributors to both the magazine and newspaper were Sinead Clarke and Alexandra Letcher.

global issues network The school, and Mr van Vliet in particular, thank the Global Issues Network students for their work to help raise awareness in the ISH community, that all our students, who are third culture kids today, are global citizens tomorrow. The world’s future is yours. The members of the Global Issues Network were: Sinead Clarke, Claire Belilos, Alexandra Letcher, Hima Mehta, Sarah Barendswaard, Nikhil Garg, Lara Hoeben, Tyrtza Hogewoning, Anna Trotskaija, Jakub Smisek, Dusan Ristic and Ruben Sunko.

‘ It was obvious from the start that there was a lot of potential within this group of students and this was demonstrated by the extremely good results they achieved’


Secondary Newsletter | 2010 Issue  1 | 


IB DP Graduation Ceremony 2010 madurodam youth council Another student that we would like to congratulate, is Eleonore van Ophem who was a member of the Madurodam Council for two years.

pre-university course in leiden I would also like to congratulate Claire Belilos and Sinead Clarke who, after spending most of their Monday afternoons at the University of Leiden, graduated from the pre-university course.


bbc public speaking awards On behalf of Ms. Van der Ende I would like to congratulate the 4 students who represented the ISH in the BBC Public Speaking Awards. Phillip Saville, Alexandra Letcher, Dorothee Grevers & Mohamed Omar did a brilliant job. The writers for this event were Sinead Clarke and Phillip Saville. Last but not least, on behalf of the 2010 graduates, I would also like to thank their patient and very understanding mentors, the inspiring teachers for their infinite support, the Deputy Head, Ms. Fox for always finding solutions, the DP and CAS coordinators, Mr. Mythen and Mr. Verloop, and of course the Principal, Mr. Kotrc. Finally, I would like to say that it was a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of students. I wish you all the best wherever you might go. Good Luck……… Thank you.

ISH IB DP Highest Personal Achievement award ‘ I am extremely proud to present to Anne van Kralingen on behalf of all teachers this award of highest personal achievement.

‘ Many congratulations go to

Anne van Kralingen’

Anne, the fact that you are standing here with the diploma in your hands after all you went through and having missed so many lessons is frankly, truly amazing. We all recognise your marvellous achievement, well done. I am very happy for you because you really deserve it.’ Ana Rodríguez


Secondary Newsletter | 2010 Issue  1 | 

Congratulations go to

Claire Belilos ECIS AWARD 2010 12


ECIS award Dear students, parents, guests, colleagues, The European Council of International schools asks schools to put forward a graduate for the ECIS award of International Understanding. The person should be “a good representative of his/her own country, with a positive attitude toward the life and culture of others, able to converse in at least two languages” – up to here we could give it to the Year Group as a prize (especially to the 47 of you who hold bilingual diplomas). But more is asked for: “ the student should be a contributing force in the life of the school, with the ability to bring differing people together into a sense of community, thus furthering the cause of international understanding.” This year we had an outstanding group of nominees for the award and the decision was therefore very difficult. So for the first time I would like to share the names of the nominees with you . We are not at the Oscars but the field really shows that we are not talking about one outstanding person here, but we are celebrating qualities shared by a number of the graduates this year: Claire Belilos, Sinead Clarke, Nikhil Garg, Alexandra Letcher, Clemens Moehring, and Philip Saville

All of you would have deserved the award, since you all in your unique ways helped to make our school more than just a place for lessons. The choice was certainly not easy. However, in the end the award could only go to one person, but I am sure you –valued audiencewill agree with me that she is an excellent choice: Be it as a member of the GIN network, a chair of the Student Council or as a member of the Board of Directors of our own Model United Nations, Claire Belilos has been bringing people together not just in our school but also beyond. She has shown true leadership with a clear focus on what needs to be achieved. Her commitment was to the cause, not to her own ego and we truly respect her for this. Claire excelled on the Board of Directors at our own student run MUN conference. She was instrumental in finding guest speakers for special committees thereby raising the quality of our conference and its profile beyond ISH and International Schools. As a member of the Global Issues Network she encouraged our community to act responsibly in order to allow us all to benefit from the world as a global environment.

ECIS award Last but not least Claire was an outstanding chair of the Student Council. Having closely worked with her, I have had the pleasure to witness her excellent organisational skills, her maturity in problem solving and her persistence in improving situations which needed addressing. She has been instrumental in giving student representation a democratically elected basis and a wider and more defined portfolio. In her role as chair she then ensured that the implementation of the reforms was successful. Congratulations to you Claire! Katrin Fox Deputy Head Upper School

‘ Claire has shown true leadership with a clear focus on what needs to be achieved. Her commitment was to the cause, not to her own ego and we truly respect her for this.’


Secondary Newsletter | 2010 Issue  1 | 


ISH IB DP Creativity, Action and Service award iThe IBO refers to CAS as the heart of the IB Diploma Programme. It is the hope that the IBDP not only develops academically sound, but also caring world citizens. Although the Creativity and Action aspects are very important for students to broaden their horizons, it is the Service element that is the main focus of CAS. Giving students real world opportunities to experience that they can make a difference.


We have a lot of dedicated and talented students who take on many new challenges and do inspiring work within the CAS programme. That is why it is extremely difficult to single out one or in this case two students, however, this is what I have had to do for this year’s CAS Awards. I had wanted to proceed and make some special mentions of students who did wonderful CAS activities and have contributed greatly to the ISH and its community. However, the list became too long and even then remained incomplete. So many of you have contributed greatly to the ISH, its community, retirement homes, special needs schools, hospitals, the dunes, animal shelters etc. and you deserve applause for this. Most of you will find an ISH CAS certificate with your IB Diploma either at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. As mentioned earlier, this year we have two CAS Award winners (both are sadly not here this evening).

The first is a young gentleman who invested just under 700 hours into his extra-curricular CAS activities. He was a delegate at both LEMUN and IMUNA, he was both a BOD and a chair for MUNISH and a chair for THIMUN and HMUN. He represented the school with both the Math and basketball team and won the national championships with his cricket team. He was a strong force within the Global Issues Network working on ‘greening the ISH’ and he was also a Math tutor. His most prized memory was when he worked for an NGO called COMPASS where he did social work for a week in Nigeria. The main aim of the organization is to develop education and health care facilities. He travelled to various rural areas around Lagos State in Nigeria where he witnessed in his words, ‘sheer poverty’. He writes: “It made me realize how lucky I am back in my life in the Netherlands and how easily we take things for granted.” The excellent young man I am speaking of is Nikhil Garg, congratulations Nikhil!

ISH IB DP Creativity, Action and Service award The second winner is a young lady who also invested a great many hours into her extracurricular CAS activities. She was one of the Heads of a very active and dependable school Events Team, she was part of the admin team for both MUNISH and THIMUN, she was a member of Global Issues Network and worked on Greening the ISH, she worked hard in her community as a youth group activity coordinator packing food for the homeless and helping the elderly with gardening. In this function she also helped raise money for a school in Poland to which she intended to go to interact with the children there and teach English. However, it was not possible for her to go, and I vividly remember how disappointed she was at the time. Finally in Ethiopia she came in contact with an NGO called Vital Seeds which aims to help mainly children and mothers living in the streets. There she helped to teach children at a local school. She writes: “It was such a great experience to be able to teach and help those in need of the simplest things in life such as food and education … I plan on doing more volunteer work over the summer of 2010 … and maybe someday (I can start) my own NGO, which has been my dream for a very long while.”

The excellent young woman I am speaking of is Menna Tafesse Garedew, congratulations Menna! Congratulations to you all! Robert Verloop CAS Coordinator

Both award winners worked in two NGO’s: - one in Nigeria called COMPASS where Nikhil did social work for a week. The main aim of the organization is to develop education and health care facilities. -one in Ethiopia called Vital Seeds where Menna helped to teach children at a local school. Vital Seeds aims to help mainly children and mothers living in the streets.


Secondary Newsletter | 2010 Issue  1 | ďťż

ISH IB DP Arts, Sports and German award award for outstanding achievement in sports and german!


This student has had an outstanding athletic career at The International School of The Hague. He has demonstrated prowess, advanced skill, determination and composure over a wide range of sports and activities. He has proved to be a natural leader, a competitive player and a distinct role model within every team he has played for during his career at The International School of The Hague. He has represented the school admirably during ISST Football tournaments and has been the driving force behind recent successes and developments within the U18 Boys Volleyball program. He is an excellent athlete who has the innate ability to generate respect amongst both his peers and the all the staff who taught him. This year’s award goes to CLEMENS MOEHRING. The traditional German Embassy Award also awarded Clemens for his fluency in German.

second award for outstanding achievement in german, congratulations!

Aleksandra Paturej


ISH IB DP Arts, Sports and German award award for outstanding achievement in arts ‘ This was given to Siim Rimm. He maintained a consistent work habit throughout the program. Highly talented student, modest and sincere who was able to work independently on his animated film. He has gone on to study 3D animation in Breda. The department gave him a handmade cake and our very best wishes.’

Mark Jalland Subject Area Leader Arts

‘ Simm Rimm has extraordinary talent, view for yourself his personal project creation in the Year 10 study area’


Secondary Newsletter | 2010 Issue  1 | 


IB DP from the students Extract: Parents, teachers and students, hello.

Philip Saville and Sinead Clarke astounded the audience with a truly sharp, witty and informative speech about life at the ISH.


Many thanks!

While some of us have already moved on to the next phase of our lives and others are either on gap years or waiting to start in October, today we finally celebrate the end of two stressful, but great years. We’ve been asked to describe the IB experience for the Class of 2010. While we have to acknowledge that we can’t possibly sum up the two years in a way that suits everyone, we will try. In terms of academics, IB at ISH was an experience like no other. It pulled us in all directions, with the science people having to write countless papers and the more literate, humanity and art-inclined people having to train the more logical sides of their minds. Although we all had short and extended moments in which we hated IB, in the end I think our year became a good embodiment of the IB’s aims. Wellrounded, not only academics and “risk-takers” as we were frequently referred to, but sound people in general. Now that we are finished with it, it feels like a mad time warp of sorts that involved exotic trips to Cuba and Crete for some, horribly stressful nights with seemingly infinite deadlines looming, adrenaline-filled ISSTs, desperate attempts to try to deduce what text we would get for the orals, while still trying to maintain our social lives.

For me, looking back, I have to say that I loved it. However typical and cliché it sounds, I cannot stress what a wonderful time I have had at ISH. I close this part of my life with very few regrets as I couldn’t have asked for a more rewarding set of years not only in terms of academics, but in social and extracurricular contexts too. At ISH I was given the chance to exercise and cultivate so many different sides of myself – to mature in different aspects that in turn, complemented each other. Although, of course, I am biased, I really believe that our year was very special. While many schools follow IB and deliver broad-minded young adults into society, I feel like IB at ISH was that bit more enlightening, if that is the right word – at least for me. I have met, learnt from and grown through so many interesting people. I have met people of such substance, wit and charm. I am very happy to be an ISH-graduate – I had a wonderful community of teachers and students to grow up with. I am going to miss it very much and really wonder when again I will find such an exciting, grounded and profound group of people. Although IB may not have been or delivered exactly what we expected, to be cliché again, all is certainly well that ends well.

Dates for your Diary September 21 23 27

»» Prinsjesdag in The Hague - early closing at 11:05

»» Sports Day »» Dance4Life

» Yr 9 Camp Trip 28 » 28 September, 2010 - 1 October, 2010 » MYP Award evening 30 » »» Yr 8 Historic trip to openlucht

October »» Student theatre workshop

05 »» Student Council Election Assembly 06 12 14

museum, eindhoven

»» Lunch musical concert


Please check our website for a complete and up-to-date calendar.


»» 18Oct Autumn break 18 October, 2010 - 23 October, 2010

»» Yr 11 visit Amsterdam »» Interested in doing a Masters in Education? 14 -17 October, 2010

»» ISH Platform ‘Cyber-bullying’ »» Yr 7 celebrate International Morning..



»» Yr 11/12 Trip to Cuba 15 October, 2010 - 22 October, 2010

»» Yr 11/12 Trip to China

16 October, 2010 - 24 October, 2010

Dates are subject to change.


Secondary Newsletter | 2010 Issue  1 | 

Year 13 sit exams on January 3 & 4, 2011




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grease musical production On June 28 & 29, 2010 ISH Secondary’s spectacular musical production of Grease encouraged all to wear their bobby socks and slick their hair. Performing to a talented live band the acting also displayed much talent. View the gallery for a selection of photos, to view and download all of the photos, visit Photographer Christel van Meeuwen’s website.


ish music market The Music Market went very well on 16.9.10 and coincidentally it happened to be the late Malcolm Davies’ birthday, so quite a special day. As usual the brass section excelled with renditions of the Pink Panther and the wind and string sections followed with Mozart and Bach!

mad dress day Emergency fundraising success ISH students and staff raised an astounding amount of 2200 euros for the Pakistan appeal! By holding a MAD HAIR, MAD SHOES and PYJAMAS day in school.

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>Canteen welcome back to school.. Welcome back Parents, Students and Staff members! >Jet Net School for careers innovation... Jet-Net is a Dutch organisation which brings together science-focused companies and corporations with secondary schools’ Science Departments. >Leiden Pre-University College… Leiden University’s PRE-University College is a two-year honours college featuring 100 and 200 level academic lectures and tutorials on... >IB DP Graduation 2010 With great delight and pride in the achievements of our students can we now announce that this year’s International Baccalaureate Diploma results... >ApprentISH 2010 The Apprentice’ is a BAFTA award-winning British reality television series in which a group of aspiring young businessmen and women compete >Emergency fundraising success… ISH students and staff raised an astounding amount of 2200 euros … >Grease photos available now On June 28 & 29, 2010 ISH Secondary’s spectacular musical production of Grease encouraged all to wear their bobby socks and slick their hair… >MR Parent candidacy Would you like to be a parent MR representative? Have you always wanted to get a better insight in how the ISH Secondary School is run? … >Sports have their own section Please look at this page. for all the latest regarding sports at ISH Secondary…

IB DP Award Special  
IB DP Award Special  

News feature from the Graduation Ceremony September 10, 2010