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Primary Newsletter | Issue 17 | 16 May 2012

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Primary School Telephone +31 (0)70 338 4567 Fax +31 (0)70 328 2049 Email This Issue is made by Verona Schroder Please contact for Newsletter items * Cover photograph has been taken by Christel van Meeuwen

Dear ISH News Readers, Dear Parents, It is a short week, hence the newsletter coming to you on Wednesday instead of the normal Friday. Still, there is no shortage of news for you. Our Yearbook is coming along nicely; lots of great photographs and stories that capture the great fun the children have had this year. Look out for it towards the end of June. We are also preparing for our Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 school camps, having enjoyed a wonderful first ever Year 3 camp. Now for the bad news: we are losing some great members of staff at the end of this academic year. We are very sorry to see them go but we thank them for their dedication to our school and wish them well in their new ventures. This year, we say goodbye to Tessa Oakley (leaving to Kuala Lumpur), Nicole Hoenselaar (moving to the European School of The Hague), Helen Priestman (taking a sabbatical), Rebecca Pearson (moving to Hong Kong), Marie-France Comeau (going back to her home country, Canada), Sandip Jagdev (moving to Kuala Lumpur), Clare Samuelsson (moving to Denmark), Olga Hontario (moving to Dubai), Ali Scott (moving to Bangkok), Corien Vos (moving to Geneva), Annemieke Verpoorte (seeking alternative management positions elsewhere), Karel van Dam (moving to Canada), Cheng Newton (studying) and our librarian Sue Eckersley (moving back to new Zealand). We also say goodbye to Margot and Sabrina from our Primary Office. It seems like quite a list, but we have been working hard on bring in some high quality teachers and support staff too. I will let you know about the full staffing picture for next year soon but, for now, let me share with you some exciting news about those who are already confirmed as new teachers for next year. We are delighted to welcome: Mr. Gordon Gray (coming from Panaga School Brunei – another Mastering level IPC school), Lee Fairhead (joining from a UK Primary School in Liverpool), Kerry Wilkinson (currently working at St. Christopher’s International Primary School, Penang, Malaysia), Michelle Ostiguy (currently working here with us but previously at Beijing International School), Jennifer Taylor (now working in a UK Primary School in the south of England, previously in an international school in Germany) and Geja Hadderingh (coming from a school in Miri, Malaysia, the second school in the world to achieve mastering level in IPC). We have also appointed one of our own teachers Marlous Sanders as a full-time SEN teacher. As you can imagine, recruitment has been a major focus for us this year. Our new Principal designate, Kevin Rae managed to join us for most of the interviews which was extremely helpful and important. More information about additional new staff and the positions teachers will occupy will be coming your way soon. Enjoy the long weekend,

Graeme Scott


Primary Newsletter | Issue 17 | 16 May 2012

Primary News Mother Tongue Dear parents, After School MT: • Please look at the updated MT calendar

Lower School (R-yr2)


Upper School (yr3-yr6)

Wednesdays, 12:30; 20 min. lunch finish at 13:50.

Thursdays, 15:00, 10 min snack finish at 16:10.

(**) 06 June 13 June 20 June

24 May 07 June 14 June 21 June

MAKE UP CLASS: 27June Portuguese

MAKE UP CLASS: 28 June: Portuguese

(**) 23 May – No MT classes for Lower School, Sports Day • This year we will say goodbye to some of our teachers you can read about them in a a future newsletter. We already start looking for possible MT tutors to start tutoring our MT classes from September 2012. If you know someone with teaching qualification or experience that would be willing to teach their mother tongue please invite them to contact us. We know we will need: Dutch, French, Portuguese teachers. Possibly German too.

Primary News Year 2 & 3 Mother Tongue “It’s A Small World” : Our Fifth Destination Dear Parents, Over the past few weeks as well as for the next few months we will be working on a topic called “It’s A Small World”. This fun topic involves us “travelling” to many different countries or places around the world. This week we will travel to Africa. We will look at some traditional folk tales from Africa, for example “how the spider got it’s long legs”. The children will be required to find a traditional story and then their Mother Tongue groups will do some drama retelling the story. It is really important that the children bring in their Mother Tongue homework, otherwise a lot of time is wasted during our already short Mother Tongue lesson, resourcing information they need! As mentioned in our previous letters, if you are aware of any up-coming celebrations or have something special you’d like us to celebrate from your home country, please feel free to email me some information and details. Please be aware that the planning is usually done up to 3 weeks before we “visit” a new place, so I might not be able to include it, if I do not have enough advanced notice. You can email me on We look forward to learning about our wonderful world, its people, and their special celebrations. Kind Regards, Shelley Gardella (I/C Year 2 & Year 3 Mother Tongue)

Love to Read Fortnight or ♥ 2RD 4TNITE Round Up Total raised over: €1,200 Congratulations to the winners: 1L and 6O! The new books are being ordered and soon will be handed out to the winning classes – for their classrooms. We will be able to order over 200 books, and so the remainder will be in the library shortly. ♥

Again the children enjoyed ending the two weeks of reading with World Book Day and Jeremy Strong’s visit. Next year will be our fifth year of ♥2 RD 4TNITE let’s try to make it even bigger than before! Thank you: Sue Eckersley and Rainit Roosmets Palo for your help. Karen Gilmour


Primary Newsletter | Issue 17 | 16 May 2012

Primary News Cyber Safety Mr. Meneno Hagemeijer, who works in Europol, came this week to talk about cyber safety in social networks and he gave some basic recommendations for FaceBook users: Don’t create a FaceBook account unless you are 13 years old or older. Having too many friends is not cool it’s dangerous. Be friends with only people you know in person. Once you posted a picture on FaceBook it legally belongs to them so do not upload something that you wouldn’t share on your local newspaper. Don’t show your location. Don’t tag your name. Avoid gaming in FaceBook. By using game you are also sharing all your contacts and your information Change security settings regularly. Make your parent a friend in FaceBook. Remember “Privacy is a choice” Create an avatar for your profile.

Cyber Bullying


A total of 3984.55 was raised by Year 5 & 6 during their Walk for Water Charity Drive

If you find that your child is being cyber bullied by another student at home you can take a screen shot and capture an image or anything else that appears on your screen. In Microsoft press the Print Screen Button. After the screenshot has been captured, it must be pasted from the clipboard into a separate program, such as Paint, Word, Adobe Photoshop, in order to be viewed or saved.

In Mac books: There’s an application called Grab. You can find it by going to: Applications > Utilities > Grab With this you can either grab a single window, the whole screen, or a selection of the screen. At ISH we take cyber bullying seriously. Please help us prevent it and if you want to report something please bring printed evidence. Here are some websites with more information: Create your own avatar e-Safety Websites Safe Cyberspace Surfing Your online identity

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Please check our website for a complete calendar.

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Primary Newsletter | Issue 17 | 16 May 2012

Primary News IPC Animals - Trip to Blijdorp Zoo


Reception and Pre-Reception had an exciting day at Blijdorp Zoo this week, to mark our exit point for our theme on ‘Animals’. Even travelling there on the bus was exciting and Charlie was very impressed with the comfort of the bus, saying; “This is a fancy bus!” We were blessed with a sunny day and we saw a huge variety of animals from all over the world. The children were fascinated by the sights, sounds and smells that they encountered during the day. The Ladybird class were interested to see one of the elephants throwing hay onto its own back. When asked why they were doing it, the responses were: Oscar “Elephants like to throw dirt on their backs.” Emma “Maybe the elephant is cold or maybe he is trying to hide.” The Frogs found out the difference between Asian and African elephants - Asian elephants have smaller ears. The Beetles were also very interested in elephants; Darragh “That one with the horn thing to the left he was a boy...only the boys have tusks.” Namar “Not every elephant that has tusks is a boy.” When the Butterflies encountered a large ostrich lying down, Ronit asked it; “Will you please stand up because I want to see how big your egg is?!” The Caterpillars were lucky to see the polar bear having a swim and also watched the tortoises having a shower! The ‘Oceanium’ was very popular and the children loved walking under the water and watching turtles, sharks and sting rays pass over their heads. There were lots of tired children on the way home, but the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was a fantastic learning opportunity. Our sincere thanks go to the many, many parents and helpers who came with us. Without this support, these wonderful visits would not be possible.

Parent Info Space Camp Sterrenlab is organizing a day Space Camp in July (9-13) in Noordwijk for children of the European Patent Office staff and their friends. We just concluded a space kamp for Dutch children and it was a very nice experience for children and parents. We are targeting “Mission X children” (and their friends) attending ISH who are eager to spend a week training like an astronaut and doing space and science activities with other children from the international community.

Lacely Sale


Handcrafted jewellery and hair clips will be on sale! Wednesday, 23 May, 12.15 - 13.00 ISH Primary Playground (if it rains, look for us in the covered area of the playground) All profits go to charity

Netball - 16th May

Come and play Netball on Wednesday 16th May 2012 at Overbosch Sports hall, Vlaskamp 3 (5 mins from The Hague Central Station). Meet at 7.15pm in the bar to start playing at 7.30pm. Please find us on FACEBOOK under ‘The Hague Netball Team’ and rsvp there or email: Minimum of 10 to play! This will become a weekly event if sufficient interest!

Primary Newsletter | Issue 17 | 16 May 2012

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Open Day Next week on Thursday 24th May we have Open Day here at ISH Primary. We would like to do things a little differently this time. You are invited into school for the first hour of the school day (08:45 – 09:45) or the last hour of the day, actually from 13:45 – 14:45 as we do need those 15 minutes at the end to organize buses, after-school clubs and the usual end of day routines. The children will take you around their classroom, show you their books and explain a little about their learning. They may also be at a specialist lesson so you are welcome to join that too. Come and see us during a normal working and learning day!

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Parent Info Summer Fair The children’s ticket for entry into the Summer Fair is an ‘ISH Summer Fair Olympics 2012’ medal. The medal will entitle the wearer to participate in the activities and games at the fair. Entry for adults is free (but you’re not allowed on the bouncy castles!). Entry tickets (the medals) are €15 each. If you have more than one child the first medal is €15 and each extra medal is only €10 (when ordering at the same time). Vouchers for food and drinks & raffle tickets will be for sale on the day and there will also be a second hand book, toy and games sale, so please remember to bring money on the day. For more information please go to:


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