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Primary Newsletter | Issue 10 | 27 January 2012

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Primary School Telephone +31 (0)70 338 4567 Fax +31 (0)70 328 2049 Email This Issue is made by Verona Schroder Please contact for Newsletter items * Cover photograph has been taken by Christel van Meeuwen

Dear ISH News Readers, Dear Parents, Thank you for completing and returning the questionnaires to us. We have already had around 150 returns, which is an excellent response in such a short time. The closing date is Wednesday coming so if you have not yet responded, please try to find the time. Your views are very important to us. Our Year 5 and 6 children had a great time ice skating this week. Thanks to all of the staff who accompanied them and the experts from the Uithof. They were very impressed with the behaviour of our children and their ice skating skills too. You’ll be able to see some of the excitement in Monday’s podcast, which was filmed entirely on ice, so there may be a few wobbles! On Wednesday, Mrs. Titan took our Primary Choir to the Peace Palace for a very special performance. The event was an international conference on child protection and we were of course honoured that our school was selected to open the event. The children sang beautifully and represented their school magnificently. Mrs. McKenna said that the children were greeted like pop stars! Well done children and Mrs. Titan and thanks also to those who accompanied our fabulous choir. Last week, our new Principal, Kevin Rae spent two days in school. He had the opportunity to meet many important stakeholders in the school, particularly the most important ones, the children. We did gate duty together in the morning and it was great to see how warmly the children greeted him. I know he is looking forward to joining the school permanently in August. On a similar note, I will be visiting my new workplace, the International School of Bangkok, just before the February break. My children need to go into school there for several days and I have a number of meetings lined up for that week too. I am excited about this new challenge, working with secondary as well as primary students, but I know this will bring my departure from ISH a little nearer. Leaving what has become my second home for the last seven years will be a challenge.

Kind regards,

Graeme Scott


Primary Newsletter | Issue 10 | 27 January 2012

Primary News Knowledge to share “Information and communication technologies can be especially useful in promoting mother languages. We must harness the power of progress to protect diverse visions of the world and to promote all sources of knowledge and forms of expression. These are the threads that weave the tapestry of humanity’s story. “ Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO Message for International Mother Language Day 2011

Charity Project Ecole Soleil de Hollande-News 4

Last year on International Mother Language day, 21 Feb, we started a charity project to provide books to a school in Haiti in order to create a library in their school which will provide access to books for their children. The IDA foundation has been helping us to transport these donated books to Haiti with the cooperation of Partner in Health. Here is what Marijke Zaalberg, founder of the Stichting Naar School in Haiti wrote in their December newsletter: “Library: On 28 November, the day I was leaving Haiti, on my way to the airport I could pick up 9 boxes of French books at the office of IDA foundation in Port au Prince. Together with Pascale Hertay, Deputy Head of the Primary School, The International School of The Hague students have been collecting books for us. This is the beginning of our school library! As soon as I will be back in Haiti in January I will organise everything so that our children can access and read the books. To all the students of The international School of The Hague, “heel hartelijk bedankt”!” We have already sent two more shipments thanks to all your donations. Thank you all for your French books donation. I would also like to thank the librarians of the Lycee Francais. They have donated loads of books from the library as well as curriculum books. In Haiti, schools provide bilingual education and thanks to the money donations, the school has also been able to buy books in Creole in order for the children to develop reading in their mother tongue. We will continue to work toward our goal this year again and particularly on the 21 Feb, International Mother Language Day.

Mother Tongue Dear parents, After School MT The 2nd term of MT after school has started with many happy Dutch, German and Bulgarian children!

Primary News Some parents are currently exploring possibilities to open a class for Serbian. If you are Serbian speaking you should have received a mail about it. If you haven’t please contact me and I will forward it to you again. I also have a possible tutor for Italian for the LS children on Wednesdays. If you would be interested please contact me. Please look at the updated calendar and note the class dates as well as the make-up class dates: Wednesdays LS (Rec – Y2) 01 Feb. (no Portuguese) 08 Feb. (no Portuguese) 15 Feb. (no Portuguese) 22 Feb. (no Portuguese) 07 Mar. 14 Mar. 21 Mar. 28 Mar. 04 Apr. (make up class: Dutch, Portuguese)


Thursdays US (Y3 – Y6) 02 Feb. (no Portuguese) 09 Feb. (no Portuguese) 16 Feb. (no Portuguese) 23 Feb. (no Portuguese) 08 Mar. 15 Mar. 22 Mar. 29 Mar. 05 Apr. (make up class: Dutch, Portuguese)

Mother Tongue Within the Curriculum On the 21 Feb we will celebrate the International Mother Language Day . You will soon receive a letter at home to explain how we will contribute to expanding the awareness of the importance of Mother Tongue education. In the meantime the Y4-6 students are busy rehearsing for the Mother Tongue Talent contest that will be take place on Friday 24 Feb. Kind regards, Pascale Hertay, Deputy Head

Year 3 IPC topic – Chocolate! This week Year 3 started their new IPC topic - chocolate! For the entry point we were blindfolded and our partner fed us a variety of sweet and savoury foods to taste. We then decided how much we liked them, and which we liked the best. We are all very excited about learning where chocolate comes from and how it is made. We are also looking forward to trying lots of different types of chocolates!


Primary Newsletter | Issue 10 | 27 January 2012

Primary News After School Activities Dear Parents, After School Activities are due to start again, but with a one week break in between, below is an overview for your convenience: 30 January – 03 February – Activities as normal 06 February – 10 February – Activities as normal 13 February – 20 February – Last week of activities New Spring session of activities will commence on Monday, 5 March


Woolly Jumper Day On the 10th of February the ISH will support and participate in the national “warme truiendag” initiative, intended to raise environmental awareness. We ask that all students to wear a woolly jumper on this day because we will be turning down the thermostat by one degree, the impact of this is that 7 percent is saved on energy costs. If you would like to read more about the initiative please go to:

Go India The Go India Drive is proving to be very successful, the last day for donations to be handed in is Tuesday, 31 January. Please only donate children’s toothbrushes. There is a collection container by the main entrance of the school, located upstairs by the reception area. Thank you for your contributions! Christine Mak


Dates for your Diary February 10

Woolly Jumper Day


International Mother Language Day

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Spring Holidays, all students return to school on 05 March

Please check our website for a complete calendar.


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Primary Newsletter | Issue 10 | 27 January 2012

Primary Photographs


More photographs available on Christel van Meeuwen’s website:

Primary Photographs


More photographs available on Christel van Meeuwen’s website:

Primary Newsletter | Issue 10 | 27 January 2012

Primary Photographs


Parent Info The ADHD Support Group The ADHD support group meets informally to provide support and advice to parents and carers in the International Community, of ADHD children. The next coffee morning will be on: Thursday 16th February, 2012 Time - 9am - 12pm Address - Wilhelminaplein 8, 2243HE, Wassenaar RSVP Shuna Atack on or 0681 494 883

Project Support A special project called `The Challenger` will start in the secondary. The Coordinator of the Challenger Project Yarona van der Horst is looking for parents who play an interesting role in academia or business and who are willing to tell about it at school. Parents can participate in different ways: 1. come once to school and give a presentation about their work 2. teach an enrichment course in subjects like: medicine, astronomy, law, zoology, etc. ( max. 4- 6 lessons of an hour ). She is also looking for cooperation with universities. If you have useful contacts or know about parents who work at a university and can assist with this project - please let Yarona know. Any help is appreciated. Please contact :


Primary Newsletter, The International School of The Hague