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Primary Newsletter | Issue 05 | 02 November 2012

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* Cover photograph has been taken by Christel van Meeuwen

Dear ISH News Readers, Dear Parents There were several highlights this week, one of which was celebrating our Green Flag Award from Eco-Schools. The ISH is the first school in The Hague and only the seventeenth school in the Netherlands to be awarded this honour and we are justifiably proud of our achievement. The flag that symbolises the award can be seen as you drive into the main entrance of the school and represents a great deal of passion and enthusiasm from the whole community. Green issues are an important part of the whole school and include amongst other things recycling, Green Space (our outdoor learning environment) and solar panels. In Primary school environmental issues are an integral part of our curriculum from Reception to Year 6. The children are not only knowledgeable about the issues that face us in the 21st Century, but are also aware of what they can do to make a difference. Supporting our work in the curriculum we have our ‘Green Space’ after school activity organised by Bill McCarthy and Lisette van Pelt. This group meets after school on a regular basis and has played a significant role in us realising our ambition of being recognised as a ‘Green School’. On the evening of the 31st October I looked out of my office window to be greeted by the sight of two skeletons playing football! No, my eyes weren’t deceiving me, two children were dressed in preparation for the Primary school ‘Halloween Party’ with the Speelokaal transformed into a haunted house, the Glass House covered with cobwebs and other ghoulish decorations, everyone was ready for a spooktacular experience. Sue Tee and I were given the unenviable task of judging the ‘Pumpkin Carving’ competition, which due to the high standard of entries proved incredibly difficult. The six winners were Finn 2B, Agata RG, Jade 2B, Vania, 3G, Olivia 5S Filip 4. The efforts of Sarah, her PTA team and all the other parent helpers ensured all had an incredibly enjoyable experience. I am delighted to announce that we have been able to find two experienced teachers to join the teaching staff to cover the maternity leave in Year 4 and the vacancy that existed in Reception. Fiona Smith started on Monday, 29 October and is already settling into the Reception team. Fiona obtained a Master of Arts Degree from Aberdeen University and went on to gain a Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Education from Edinburgh University She has had more than five years teaching experience including some time in Singapore. Lindsey Banks qualified from Canterbury Christ Church University College and has taught in a number of international schools around the world. She will join the Year 4 team on November 14th. I am also pleased to announce that Kerry Wilkinson has been appointed as the coordinator for Year 4 until the end of this academic year. I am sure you will enjoy reading about all the other learning opportunities that have taken place since the last issue of the Newsletter and don’t forget to look at the latest Podcast on our website: Have an enjoyable weekend,

Kevin Rae - Primary Principal


Primary Newsletter | Issue 05 | 02 November 2012

Mother Tongue News Recently we have had a number of incidents where parents have brought their dogs inside the school grounds, could I please remind you that dogs are not allowed anywhere on the school premises. Your help on this matter is greatly appreciated


-Kevin Rae

Dear Parents, • Mother Tongue within the curriculum for Reception-year 1 children will start Tuesday, 6 November. • Mother Tongue after school make up lessons: Dutch Lower School on 13 February Dutch US on 14 February German US on 14 February • Your child visits the library with their class once every week. They are allowed to borrow two books to take home and enjoy. Please encourage your child to check out one book in their mother tongue. We have a nice range of fiction and non-fiction books, we also have magazines covering 40 of our 60 languages. If you have suitable reading resources that you would like to donate to facilitate our Mother Tongue library, please contact me. Kind regards, Pascale Hertay, Deputy Head

Primary Principal

Well Done! A fantastic example of implementing the Golden Rules and Personal Goals in year 3: Take care of property - Great use of our new playground equipment! A cooperative, creative and resilient piece of construction work.

Primary News Year 2 IPC Topic Toys In year 1 we are leaning all about Toys. We have been to the toy museum in Brummen and had a fantastic time. The children completed a toy trail in groups and were able to touch and play with many of the exhibits. The children also competed in a variety of toy games such as cup and ball, wind the turtle and throw the quoits. Finally, the museum manager gave us a pull-string puppet demonstration and all the materials needed to make them back in class. The children (and teachers!) had great fun at our Teddy Bear Picnic last Tuesday. All four Year 2 classes got together to enjoy their snacks and some teddy bear treats on our picnic blankets. We listened to teddy bear songs and read bear stories and some of us even danced with our teddy bears! A big thank you to all the parents who let us borrow their picnic blankets.  


Primary Newsletter | Issue 05 | 02 November 2012

Primary News Year 3 IPC Topic Dinosaurs All the children in year 3 visited the HCO, to attend a video conference with a palaeontology expert at the Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, Canada. During our IPC unit “Footsteps from the past – Dinosaurs’, the children had collected a number of interesting and unique questions, which were answered by Adrienne and Megan; scientific educators at the museum. They were very impressed by the children’s expertise and their good manners, which made their early wake up calls easier to manage – 3 early mornings for them!


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Please check our website for a complete calendar. CT Days are Compensation Days that Teaching Staff are allowed to make use of during the school year, this in accordance with Dutch Labour Laws as stipulated by the CAO

Primary Newsletter | Issue 05 | 02 November 2012

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Carline Helpers - Our Carline Helpers have been doing a fabulous job every morning. Please feel free to compliment them with their ongoing cheerful and energetic efforts - Thank you, Ms Verona and Ms Lira

Dutch Department organized traffic lessons during Dutch lessons The week before the autumn break was the last week of traffic lessons for year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. All students had 3 lessons, with the exception of year 6. Year 6 will have a separate and special blind sight lesson on Monday, 18 February. Year 2 and 3 children were taught how to cross the road safely. They now know that they must look left, right and left again before crossing the road and the importance of watching the traffic whilst crossing. All children practiced their cycling skills on tailor made traffic tracks in front of the Hungry mind. It was quite an experience for some of the children as there were a few that had never cycled before in their life and they were very proud that they could reach the end of the track without falling off their bikes. The purpose was to give them some insight on how to participate safely in traffic. Some children knew very well what to do; others had problems to indicate the direction they were going, because the action implied that they had to steer with one hand! In combination with the lessons held outside, students received in class information about traffic circulation and rules and how to act safely in traffic. As a team, we’ve been observing how students cycle to school, we have seen some very dangerous behaviour. The recent traffic lessons are only an introduction on how to participate safely in traffic, it is up to the parents to continue their children’s awareness of traffic. Please continue to pay special attention to your child’s actions when they participate in traffic. Safety first! The Dutch Department

Primary News Greening the ISH During the last 3 years we have been working hard to accomplish the 3 stages in order to achieve the Green Flag. A trained green school assessors from the Netherlands came to visit our school in June to check whether we’ve met the criteria. After receiving the Green Flag Award, Greening the ISH activities will continue: • • • • • • • • • •

Green Space Nature class on Monday, (Primary students) Green Space maintenance work on Tuesday, (Secondary students) Green After school activities Getting a wind turbine. Subsidy has been allocated. Monitoring the energy results from the solar panels Planning for Primary Green Playground Applying subsidies for Green roof (insulating layer of vegetation) Improving recycling Reducing use of paper in photocopying And Stichting-wide: Greening the Stichting Rijnlands schools.


Primary Newsletter | Issue 05 | 02 November 2012

Green Day


More photographs available on Christel van Meeuwen’s website:

Green Day


Primary Newsletter | Issue 05 | 02 November 2012

Halloween Party


More photographs available on Christel van Meeuwen’s website:

Halloween Party


Primary Newsletter | Issue 05 | 02 November 2012

Parent Info Welcome to The Hague - City Hall Invitation ‘Welcome to The Hague’ program The City of The Hague cordially invites you and your family to our ‘Welcome to The Hague’ program on Monday 26 November 2012. The morning is organised to help give you a better understanding of the city, and especially how The Hague International Centre can make your stay more comfortable. It will also give you an opportunity to broaden your network of contacts and meet other expatriates.


The program is as follows: 09.40-09.50 hrs Arrival at The Hague International Centre in the Atrium of City Hall, Spui 70 09.50-10.00 hrs Welcome address by Astrid Bronswijk, head of the Department of International Affairs 10.00-10.15 hrs Presentation on the The Hague’s international website 10.15-10.30 hrs Presentation ACCESS and The Guest Card 10.40-10.50 hrs Audio-visual presentation of the city “The Hague Impressions” 11.00-11.30 hrs Visit to The Hague Public Library 11.30-12.30 hrs Guided walk through the historic city centre of The Hague 12.30-12.45 hrs Closure of the program with coffee, tea and Haagse kakker, a Hague delicacy at the THIC, where you will be offered a special welcome package. While the event will be of particular interest to new residents of The Hague, residents of surrounding towns are of course welcome, as are children, although no special children’s program will be organised. Space is limited, so please RSVP before Wednesday 21 November to the above e-mail address of Hannelore Taal with your name, address, e-mail and company or organisation, along with the number of persons attending. Please be aware that although there is no charge for your participation, we would appreciate it if you would inform us if you are unable to join us for the program. This way we could make your spot available to people on the waiting list. We look forward to welcoming you to The Hague!

Parent Info Invitation to attend

November 22, 2012: Teaching kids about Choices and Consequences “What? Why did you do that?!” Does this sound familiar? The ability to make wise choices is not inborn but rather develops over the life span. As children’s cognitive skills develop from toddlerhood through to teenage years, so too does their ability to estimate time and effort, to accurately predict outcomes, to understand cause-effect relationships, to regulate their own behaviour, and to problem-solve across different domains. We’ll talk about how parents can support this learning and how we help our child at different ages and stages make a link between choices and consequences. The Guest Speaker for Passionate Parenting is Katherine Fortier (Child Psychologist). Venue: van Hogenhoucklaan 89 (behind Bronovo Hospital), Time: 19:30 - 21:45 Cost: Eur40 per person or Eur60 per couple (pre-paid). Register at Half the profit from these community service seminars go to small SA charities.

15 Playball , the mini-sports and movement programme is starting lessons in Statenkwartier from November!! We offer separate age-appropriate lessons for 3yrs, 4yrs and 5-7yrs of age. It is action packed and loads of fun. What Sports Skills does Playball coach? We teach the building blocks for Tennis, Hockey, Football, Baseball, Basketball & Volleyball. Playball activities also develop agility, stability and muscle tone. See more info on or contact Maggie on 0627214349. What’s good about Playball? 1. Children are active and participating in physical exercise (indoors in winter / outdoors in summer) 2. Dramatic improvement in ball-skills, fitness and body co-ordination 3. Age-appropriate, updated curriculum designed by sports & movement experts 4. English first-language coaches delivering the lessons 5. Individual attention possible through small class sizes – maximum 8 kids per lesson 6. Correct technique is taught for hitting, catching, striking, trapping, kicking, throwing (over/underarm) etc. Why else is Playball valuable for little kids? 7. We emphasise persistence and a “never give up” attitude until they have a success experience as they learn new tricky skills. Example: catching small ball with one hand/ tennis forehand. Not easy at first. 8. Rotating “Star of the Week” teaches kids to say CONGRATULATIONS, and good sportsmanship at an early age. 9. We hope to translate “success experiences” into “mastery experiences” and into “self-efficacy” and confidence: “I can do this!”. 10. Acquiring the skills to participate in not one but SIX sports at 7 years old!

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Primary Newsletter - International School of The Hague  

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