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Primary Newsletter | Issue 15| May 13 2011

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Dear ISH News Readers,


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8}12 Primary News and Events

Dear ISH News Readers, Dear Parents, I hope you enjoyed having your children at home for two weeks, or perhaps you went away on holiday. I was fortunate enough to spend 10 days with my family in the Yucatan area of Mexico, exploring the ancient Mayan temples, and also enjoying the beautiful beaches there. It is an area that I can thoroughly recommend. Before we broke for the holiday, we had an extremely busy week in school and I would like to briefly reflect on that before looking ahead. We had, as the culmination of our World Book Week celebrations, a fabulous Fancy Dress Parade in book character costumes, led by Mr. Silvester. Favourites such as Harry Potter, Sleeping Beauty and of course Wally, from the Where’s Wally books (okay, it was really Mr. Abbot dressed up) all made an appearance and the children celebrated the love of reading and the wonderful books we have in school and at home. Many thanks to Ms. Oakley who organised the events and to our Language Arts Team and other teachers and parents who supported this and other World Book Week events.

The same day as our parade, we had another parade – this time, of headteachers. All Shell schools headteachers spent the morning in school, examining the behaviours and practices of a mastering level school. It was a pleasure to host such an event, and I was very proud that our school was chosen. However, what made me even more proud was the range of comments from the headteachers and their trainers. They were so impressed with our children, our staff and our classrooms. The day before one of our year 4 children Kayra was selected to play violin in front of the same group of headteachers, again to demonstrate a mastering level of performance. I was happy to be there with her and she played beautifully, well done Kayra Looking ahead now, the Primary Show is approaching fast. Please take some time to read the extensive notes from Mrs. Titan later in the newsletter. I know this is going to be a spectacular show, and truly reflective of our international school population. Also coming up soon on 25th May is Upper School Sports Day. Ms. Ana has been working hard to organize this event, which should be very entertaining and a lot of fun for the children. As I write, our Year 4 children are away on camp in Noordwijk, soon

This Issue is made by Verona Schroder Graeme Scott


Primary Newsletter | Issue 15| May 13 2011

Dear ISH News Readers, to be followed by our Year 6 camp in Gorssel and our Year 5 camp on the island of Texel. In-between, there are countless trips and events to enjoy. We are also pleased to be hosting one date in the tour of the University of St. Andrew’s Symphony Orchestra. The same University where Prince William and Kate met before marrying several weeks ago. One of our former students Otillia Csoti will be playing in the concert on Saturday 28th May from 18:30 onwards. And finally, our congratulations go to Ms. Suzi Heddon, one of our EAL team, on her marriage to Justin. She will now be Mrs. Suzi Wah. We wish her and Justin a very enjoyable honeymoon and a long and happy marriage.


Kind regards,

Graeme Scott

The first day of Green Week will be 30 May. To support and create environmental awareness the school Campus will be a car free zone on 30, 31 May and 01 June. No cars will be allowed on site with the exception of school buses and vehicles bearing a disabled sticker. Please use the car park adjacent the school for these days. Thank you for your participation and understanding.

Mother Tongue News Language acquisition, Some knowledge to share Imagine you are on holiday in a beautiful location. You don’t speak the language but that does not matter because the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Then you trip and fall, leaving your knee bleeding and in need of a Band Aid (sticking plaster). Suddenly the blue sky, sunshine and beautiful location count for nothing as you struggle to find this simple item in the local supermarket. The relief of finding the familiar red and white box, with those comforting words on it suddenly makes everything okay again. It’s familiar, you know what it is. The clouds lift from your mind and suddenly all is well with the world again. This may seem a strange way to start a piece about EAL and Mother Tongue but it will hopefully help to illustrate what for me was a key point about the EAL & MT conference I attended recently in Dusseldorf. So instead of holiday, think school. It starts off and all is well. There are friendly faces and a colourful and welcoming environment. Then something goes wrong and all you want is something you know and understand. Else Hamayam put it really well when she said, “All children should come to school and find a little piece of home in it”. Whilst we cannot provide sofas or family photographs we can provide the familiarity of a child’s mother tongue, be it through a classmate or another person in the school who speaks that language. In addition, we can and should support a child’s mother tongue by making bridges between their home language and English. This can be done as simply as comparing words or phrases (orally or in written form) and looking for similarities and differences. This simple activity can promote metalinguistic understanding, which just means understanding how language works. The more you understand something the easier it is to use it. We already have in-school mother tongue sessions, but what the conference, and this speaker in particular, brought home to me was the need for this to permeate everything we do. Already these ideas are being used in the EAL sessions and are having a positive impact, not only on children’s language development but also on their self-esteem. The pride they show when they talk about words in both languages and the discoveries they make are truly wonderful. Ms. Tee, Lower School Team Leader

Mother Tongue News *After School Mother Tongue: Last term MT after school started this week. -2nd term catch up classes update: As Mr. Lucas couldn’t make it this week for both Lower and Upper schools, Mr. Lucas’ French groups on Wednesday and Thursday will have a catch up lesson on the 29 and 30 June. - Looking for MT tutors: We are always looking at possibilities to open other MT language classes. If you know someone that is a qualified teacher or has experience working with children and is interested in teaching their mother tongue and to join our MT tutors team please ask them to contact me. At this time of the year, we often hear that some tutors will not be able to join us again next year. For 2011-2012 we will need new French, German and Dutch tutors for Thursday after school (3:00-4:10). Kind regards, Pascale Hertay Deputy Head


Primary Newsletter | Issue 15| May 13 2011

Primary News World Book Day Celebrations at the ISH round up Congratulations 2M and 5C on winning the 3rd love to read fortnight During a very busy two weeks of activities the children entered again into the spirit of the competition, and the focus on reading more.


We raised 1100 euros this year and so should be able to buy about 250 new books for the library. The children in 2M and 5C will be able to choose a book each which will have a personal plate inside naming them as winners. These books will be for their classroom initially, and then put in the library to share with everyone. This year we will replace some much loved series and add newly released books. I hope you enjoyed sharing books with your children as much as we enjoyed the two weeks of activities. Karen Gilmour and Sue Eckersley

The Keukenhof - Dutch Trip On Wednesday Year 3 went on a trip with the Dutch department to the Keukenhof. Although it was a little late for most of the tulips this year, many other plants, trees and bushes were looking bright and colourful. After the initial rain cleared up we had a warm and sunny day to explore the park. We learned about the life cycle of tulip bulbs and had a tour around part of the park. The best part was the stepping stones across the lake where we all got a little wet! Overall it was a great day out.

Dates for your Diary May 25


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16 May

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Annual Upper School Performance 17:00

Annual Upper School Performance 17:00

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Introduction day for New Students Joining ISH and Their Parents

19 May

Ms. Sutton

20 May

Ms. Fallenius Ms. Hontoria

23 May

Ms. Clough Ms. sutton

27 May

Ms. Hontoria

First Day of School for All Students

Annual Upper School Performance 17:00

Year 6 Camp until 17 June

Year 5 Camp

Please check our website for a complete calendar


Primary Newsletter | Issue 15| May 13 2011

Primary News Primary Performance


The Upper School Annual Production, Pangea is only a few weeks away. This article has two parts: one will give you information about the days of the show. It is the same information you should have received this week in a letter. So, it is just a reminder. The second part is our attempt to introduce you to certain characters from the show… PRACTICAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE SHOW •By now you should have received emails about your class costumes. •You should have received an order form for your tickets, for the t-shirt of the show ( this is optional) and of the show DVD. •If you can help in any way (make up on the dates of the show, painting, making props), please inform either me or your class teacher. •TO YEAR 6’S: PLEASE, SEND ALL COSTUMES IN BY THE MONDAY THE 23RD OF MAY. THIS WILL ALLOW US TIME TO FIND OUT WHAT IS MISSING.

•TO ALL OTHER CLASSES: COSTUMES IN BY THE MONDAY THE 30TH OF MAY THE LATEST. EARLIER IS ALWAYS BETTER! ON THE DAYS OF THE SHOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN? WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW AND TO DO? •All three performances will start at 17:00 and we aim at finishing around 19:30. There will be an intermission to allow the children to have a drink (and also the parents) •With the exception of the year 4 classes who have a rotation system (more information on a letter to be sent home) it is MOST IMPORTANT that all children performing attend all evenings. It is all about team effort! So it is crucial that your child attends even the days you are not in the audience. If by chance your child can’t attend the shows we need to know a.s.a.p. so that we can make the necessary changes. The children on stage feel very insecure if a partner or fellow dancer is suddenly missing. •On Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th of June The children will stay in school (the school day ends at 15:00 as normal). FOOD: They will need to bring extra snacks – sandwiches, fruits and drinks. Please send enough food with them as they will only go back home at 19:30 so artists shouldn’t be hungry.

Primary News BREAKS: They will be given 30 minutes break to play outside between 15:00 to 15:30 followed by 30 minutes eating break. DRESSING UP: From 16:00 to 16:45 we will start dressing the children. WE NEED YOUR HELP to dress, do their makeup and hair. Please contact the class teacher of your child if you would like to help in their class. Bus and Afterschool Care children: please inform the ladies in the office and the afterschool care that your children won’t be using their services. You can choose to send them an email, a phone call or even just come to the office. On Wednesday 8th of June The children will go home and will need to be brought back to school by 16:00 at the latest (school day ends at 12:30 as normal and it would be too much ask them to stay in school for the whole afternoon). FOOD: They will need to bring a drink. DRESSING UP: From 16:00 to 16:45 we will start dressing the children. The rest is the same as described above. Bus and Afterschool Care children: Your children can still make use of these services. If they are in afterschool care please inform the people in charge that they need to be brought back from Storks at 16:00.

LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO: This year’s show has at its heart our commitment to develop real international mindedness in our children. For that purpose, the script tells the story of 5 sisters (Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe and America) who are always arguing. Their Mother, Mother Nature, is worried that they are drifting away from each other. That’s what the title refers to: Pangea is the name of the continental block from millions of years ago which, after tectonic movement, splits away into the continents as we now know them. It is a story of a family, it’s is a story of the world and it’s music. Mom leaves and lets one of the daughters in charge of the others cook dinner:America. That’s why all the music in the show is American. You will hear rumba, salsa, bossa nova, country, blues, jazz! Also the poor children in the choir have been asked to sing in other languages (Portuguese and Spanish). As the evening progresses the five continental sisters make four dishes (too hot to handle), which are in fact four short stories on very American themes: a Beach holiday in Brazil, a sad Carnival story with a lot of blues, a crazy mix of hardworking people and some very silly ones, and the last one is the ultimate trip to the Urban Jungle of New York City. In each of these 4 stories I added some “special spices”! Some characters are well known to us all, mariachis, tango dancers, cowboys, the Supremes, and Canadian Mounties, NY police, lumberjacks! But some….are, let’s say, not as well known. These are some folk characters from legends of Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina as well as from the whole Rainforest area! Just to give you some head start on this I would like to introduce you to these characters:


Primary Newsletter | Issue 15| May 13 2011

Performance Characters Pacha Mama Inca Godess of Nature. She is the personification of Mother Nature. She protects all living animal, plants and creatures but can also cause storms and earthquakes


Boto A magical pink dolphin from the Amazon area who can transform himself into a charming man. He is a talented musician and enchants the young ladies to follow him! He wears a hat to cover his head, because under it one can see his animal blow hole. La Llorona (The crying lady) A sad lady who weeps for the loss of her children. In the original version

they have drowned and she will never see them again. In our story, she just let go of their hands in carnival and she can’t find them in the midst of all the carnival dancing people. Saci A fun character with only one leg who likes playing tricks on people, moving things around just to entertain himself, making practical jokes. He comes and goes as he wants using a cape. If ever another person decides to wear his magical cape, they will stink forever! Patasola and Curupira Both are protecting spirits of the Amazon Rain Forest. Patasola, a woman with only one leg, scares people away so that the forest and its animals are protected. Curupira, the spirit with animal feet backwards, tricks all hunters. As they follow her foot prints (backwards) they are led to the wrong place, and so the animals are safe in another part of the jungle. In our story they go to try their luck in a new jungle.. New York!

Performance Characters Martin Fierro Gaucho from Argentina, the national hero from the Pampas! A bit of a South American cowboy, travelling through the pampas.

Crazy‌. Yeah! But it will be fun! Dina Titan Music Teacher and Production Coordinator


Primary Newsletter | Issue 15| May 13 2011

Events Coming soon to The Hungry Mind Chess classes back after the May holidays!! Mondays 15.15-16.30 4 euros per session – age 5 and up!


Zumba – Tuesday 10 May free trial at 8.45 am Monday 19.30 (adults and teenagers) Tuesday 8.45 (adults and teenagers) Thursday Zumba tomic (6-11 yrs) 15.30 and Zumba for Teens at 16.30 by Paola (see poster and registration at The Hungry Mind clubhouse! For info contact: Gardening on Fridays – creating our own Hungry Mind herb garden – creating it from cratch behind the clubhouse – Green fingers needed!! 2 euros per session. Bakkie Fietsen, New date! - because of great success!!! Don’t miss it this time, Friday 27 May Start at 9am with coffee and cake at The Hungry Mind. Depart by car to Kwinsheul from THM 9.40. Cycling 10-14 along the commercial green houses in Westland collecting veggies, flowers and fruits on the way. 37,50 p.p. Back at THM at 14.30. Registration = a must Cooking workshops – Friday 13 May. Time: 9-11 (4 sessions/25 Euros per session) with top chef

Leah. Interested? Call Leah on 0643531693 Flower arranging workshops Wednesdays 11, 18, 25 May – Time: 9.00-11.30 – 27,50 per session contact Astrid at registration = a must Art of Breathing course, by Art of Living 4 Day course: Monday 23-Thursday 26 May 2011. Meditation/breathing a way of life! 10-14 hrs Mon, Tues, Thurs 18.00-22.00 on Weds - 300 Euros: Life changing Summer Day Camps at The Hungry Mind: 15-17 August (4-10 yrs): (Brazilian) Football & field hockey – 150 Euros 15-19 August (11-18 yrs): (Brazilian) Football & field hockey – 40 Euros More info mail: 5-8 July Art Excel course ( yoga/ self esteem/outdoor: Art of living 150 Euros Camp Times: 9.00-17.00 – lunch included If you would like a detailed overview of the activities on offer, please visit our website: and go to the tab activities.

Events Does your child need help in structuring homework? Haags Studie Punt www. This organization has years of experience in this field and are setting up their services at The Hungry mind. Are you interested? Contact

We are always looking for volunteers Do you have some time on your hands and would like to help us make The Hungry Mind Centre an even bigger success? We are looking for someone with administrative skills for a few hours per month‌ and someone who knows how to keep our website up to date‌Let us know, if you can help for a few hours a month. Come round to the clubhouse and talk to one of the volunteers or call us on 0703681804. For more information on The Hungry Mind activity and community centre, look at: Of course you can mail us via: New Ball Sports for Kids (2 - 7yrs) at The Hungry Mind from June PLAYBALL is a unique multi-sport programme that teaches children the building blocks to skills for hockey, basketball, tennis, football, softball and more. In a fun and action-packed curriculum we will teach your little stars to catch, kick, throw, hit, chase and shoot for the stars. Come to a FREE demonstration lesson for your star: Tuesday 31 May at The Hungry Mind at 3:15pm (for kids 4 &5yrs) or 4:00pm (for kids 5 - 7yrs). Also, on Wednesday 1 June at 2:15pm (for kids 4 & 5yrs) and 3pm (for kids 5 & 7yrs).

Depending on demand, Playball will be offered at THM for the rest of the year. To find out more and to register for these free demonstration lessons, use the contact form on or sign up and speak to Petra at The Hungry Mind.


Primary Newsletter | Issue 15| May 13 2011



Events Book Fair Two days: Thursday 19 May 2011 Friday 20 May 2011 On the Plaza Cash only Sponsored by Andrew Summers Company

There will be a fine selection of fiction and non-fiction books for young and old at affordable prices. Fiction books include the latest paperback novels for children and adults as well as timeless classics. The non-fiction ranges from history and gardening to cookery, art, hobbies and lots more. There will be a commission of 10% of sales on the day to the school libraries. Hope to see you there! Questions? Please email




Events To continue our support for the Japanese Earthquake victims will hold a BBQ, this will be from 5-6pm and then the Japanese award winning animated movie “Spirited Away” will be screened from 6 to 8pm. Tickets are 7.50 per person. 5 euros from every ticket will be a donation to the Japanese Red Cross Earthquake appeal. FOR THE PURPOSE OF CATERING, TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED PRIOR TO 20TH MAY. Tickets will be sold outside at pick-up time next Tuesday. Tickets can also be bought anytime at the Primary Office.

University of St Andrews Music Society Tour FREE Opening Concert Saturday 28th May 2011


Have dinner and watch the animated award winning movie “Spirited Away” (PG rating) with your friends. HELP JAPAN GETA BACK ON THEIR FEET!

The St Andrews Symphony Orchestra will be joined by the University Chorus and Concert Band to perform a selection of contemporary and classical pieces.

28th May


Programme includes: x Mendelssohn—Hebrides Overture x Vaughan Williams— English Folk Song Suite x Mendelssohn—Scottish Symphony


BBQ FUNDRAISER ࡃ࡯ࡌࠠࡘ࡯൐㊄ ࠠ ൐㊄

Time 6:30 pm

Friday 20 May 5pm – BBQ 6-8pm – movie (ISH canteen & Theatre)

The International School of The Hague Wijndaelerduin 1 2554 BX Den Haag

Primary Newsletter 15  

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