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Primary Newsletter | Issue 17| June 10 2011

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Dear ISH News Readers, Dear Parents, I hope you managed to make it to school this week for one of the performances of Pangea. Those of you who were lucky to do so will have seen a spectacular performance. I truly believe our children have a special quality that I have not encountered anywhere else. Not only did they sing (in English, Spanish and Portuguese), dance (salsa, bossa nova, waltz and many others) and act with such maturity and skill, they also had the confidence to improvise and even create their own mini-scenes. For me, it was the difference between painting by numbers and true creative art. Yes, there was a great deal of discipline involved, learning lines, practicing songs and suchlike. However, there was also great freedom as the children created their own characters and gave them their own special flavour. I am so proud of the way they rose to the challenge of such a complex show and thoroughly enjoyed their moments on stage. Thanks go to the entire school community for their help with such a memorable performance and, of course, congratulations to our inspiring music teacher Mrs. Titan for her creative ideas, her tireless efforts and her total immersion in the project. We are so lucky to have her.

You can order the DVD from our school office. This will be put together by our great friends Dirk and Christel, who have been up until 2am each morning editing sections of the film. There is no slowdown here at school over the next few weeks. Next week, I will join our Year 6 children on camp. This is always a very special event and, with our current Year 6, it is sure to be most enjoyable. The following week, Year 5 travel to Texel for their camp. Also during that week, on Wednesday 22nd June, we have our Lower School Sports Day with bake sales and hot dogs thrown in for good measure. On 24th June, you will receive your child’s end of year report. I am currently reading through reports at the moment and almost all of them reflect the positive attitude our children have towards learning. We were reminded this week that learning manifests itself in so many different ways. The children who participated in Pangea (almost 200!) learned so much. In the words of one of our parents who emailed me immediately after the show, “They have been pushed out of their comfort zone and learned things about themselves that they never knew and will never forget. “

This Issue is made by Verona Schroder Graeme Scott


Primary Newsletter | Issue 17| June 10 2011

Dear ISH News Readers, In addition, our school learning definition states, “Learning at ISH is a dynamic journey where, through rigorous thinking and practice, we develop our knowledge and skills to give us a greater understanding of ourselves and our world.� Never has this been more clearly highlighted than this week.

Enjoy the long weekend. Kind regards,

4 Graeme Scott Primary Principal

Mother Tongue News Language acquisition, Some knowledge to share *After School Mother Tongue: -2nd term catch up classes update: on the 29/06 LS French, Arabic, German and Italian, on the 30/06 US French Mr. Lucas - Possible open position as Mother Tongue Tutor from September: Italian, German and French. Depending on the number of children registered class will take place on Wednesday 12:30-1:50 (Lower School) and Thursday 3:00-4:10 (Upper School). I am also happy to receive applications for other languages we could offer to our families. Kind regards, Pascale Hertay Deputy Head


Primary Newsletter | Issue 17| June 10 2011

Primary News Holiday Fair As an exit point to our IPC topic year 5 recently held a Holiday Fair in the Glasshouse. Holiday brochures were made during ICT classes to present to potential holiday makers. The students were able to provide their inquisitive costumers with plenty of travel advise together with some interesting facts and information about their selected country.


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Primary Newsletter | Issue 17| June 10 2011

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Green Week – 30/31 May and 01 June 2011-06-09 What is it for? A time to draw our school community’s special attention to environmental needs of the planet United Nations Millennium Goal 7 is our guiding focus To put sustainability in its proper place in the curriculum A time to remind us of our efforts for Green Flag status

The Primary curriculum for the 3 days included activities from the Green Areas; Recycle, Biodiversity, Transport, Health and Water/Energy. Each Year Group decided on appropriate activities to follow during the 3 days. As well as curriculum, the Primary tried to attend some of the many things organized by Secondary; Solar Bugs and car racing, Fashion Show, GreenSpace tours etc.. It was also Vegetarian Day in the canteen on Monday

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Primary Newsletter | Issue 17| June 10 2011

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Primary Newsletter | Issue 17| June 10 2011



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