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Primary Newsletter | Issue 10| February 11 2011

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Dear ISH News Readers,


Primary News and Mother Tongue


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Secondary PA News

Dear ISH News Readers,

Dear Parents, On Wednesday 8th March from 17:00 – 19:00, we would like to invite you to a symposium on Information Technology in education. This is a crucial time for schools as we all face a number of challenges in the area of IT. In some senses, the children are leading the way, playing, creating and working with technology, often on a daily basis. For many schools, this can be the steepest of learning curves, particularly schools with staff resistant to change. Fortunately, we have a teaching team who are positive, enthusiastic and highly motivated to take on this challenge. In order to help us make the right moves, we have convened an IT Symposium and have invited four guest speakers from our school community. Mr. Kotrc and I will also present some of our views. What is important is that we have an open mind. We are ambitious and need to ensure that all developments in the area of IT will have the children’s learning at the very heart.

If you would like to attend, we would love to see you here. Another event you are warmly invited to is the presentation of Dr. JoAnn Deak on Friday 18th March from 15:30 – 17:30. Dr. Deak is a wellknown author, consultant and preventative psychologist. She is coming from the United States to speak to us on ‘Learning and the Brain.’ Dr. Deak has worked in Argentina, Australia, Borneo, Canada, Denmark, England, Ethiopia, France, India, Kenya, the Philippines, Morocco, Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. It is our pleasure to welcome her to our school. Primary staff will be attending and it would be wonderful to see a lot of parents there too. I’m sure you will find it a fascinating presentation. There is no charge for this. Today (or Monday) you will receive your child’s progress report. I am pleased to report that, having read all reports, our children are doing well. Not only are they making good overall academic progress, they are developing into responsible, global citizens. When I am old and grey, I would be delighted if a former ISH student was looking after me! We look forward to seeing

This Issue is made by Verona Schroder Graeme Scott


Primary Newsletter | Issue 10| February 11 2011

We would like to remind you about the correct use of the gate pass. Children in Years 3-6 are allowed to apply for a gate pass. They are then allowed to leave school on their own. After leaving the building it is not the intention that your children re-enter the building. We cannot properly supervise the children if we are not aware of which children have returned to the building and we do not allow Primary children to be in the building without supervision.


you in school for the parent consultations next week. Our teachers had a real treat today. It was ‘Teacher Appreciation Day’ and our staff were treated to a wonderful lunch and some lovely gifts from our parents. This has become an annual event but it really is such a nice occasion. Our staff really felt appreciated and enjoyed a fabulous array of foods from around the world. What was most impressive was the number of parents who turned up to help, either by cooking or by supervising our children at lunchtime. There must have been at least 50 parents involved. Thank you all so much for such a wonderful day. Sarah Seigloff, our PTA Chair made a beautiful speech (which we have copied later in the newsletter) and everyone went away very happy indeed. At the end of the school day, it is very important to keep the Glasshouse free. The doors have the ‘Children’s Entrance Only’ signs there for a reason – we have so many children in the Glasshouse at the end of the day, it is very disruptive if we also have large numbers of parents too. This year, the situation has been so much better but recently, the numbers of parents coming into the Glasshouse have crept up. Please help us dismiss your children safely by staying out of the Glasshouse at the end of the day. If the

weather is really very bad, you may shelter in the Glasshouse but otherwise, please remain outside and we will ensure your children are handed over to you there. Also, on a safety and security theme, please do not use the doors on the ground floor leading out to the front of the school. These are clearly marked as ‘No Exit’ as we have no staff controls at this point. Finally, please take note of the section on the HTM strike later in the newsletter. If your child normally travels to school by bus or tram, you will have time to find an alternative way for them to come to school.

Kind regards,

Graeme Scott

Mother Tongue To encourage the children to donate their book we created a special label they can fill and glue into the book they are donating. Everyone borrowing that book in the future will know who donated it! We don’t need brand new books. A second hand book in a good condition is good enough! Moreover if you have many books “sleeping” in your basement and would like to donate more than one you can receive extra labels from the office or just copy the attached one. This year we also would like to support a Dutch foundation developing an education and health care centre in Haiti: the Stichting naar school in Haiti. ( Our school heard about the fantastic story of a Dutch woman that having working a few years in Haiti came back in the Netherlands and after a while decided she would be more useful going back there. Marijke Zaalberg collected some funds, bought a piece of land in a location where there was no school and started to build a school. She is supported by the ONG Ecole soleil d’Hollande and after 10 years, she has been developing 3 schools around Ka Blain and is giving an opportunity to 1400 students from Reception to Y11 to have access to school. 3 years ago, when we moved from the old building to our new site we decided to replace the furniture of the secondary classes and the school sent our old furniture to that school in Haiti. In October, visiting my daughter working for 5 months in Haiti, I took the opportunity to visit that school and see how they were doing. On my arduous journey, that visit brought a bit of sunshine! We had a warm welcome from all the staff and the children. They wanted us to visit all the classes where they were making good use of our old furniture, sitting most of the time 3 behind a desk. I could teach a French song to the reception children, 55 children in one class … Going around and talking to the head teacher I realised that although they are grateful they have now some walls and some furniture,

that was about it. No pedagogical material for the children to manipulate, one small exercise book per child per year for them to write and practise, no posters, no books to read and learn from. I came back with many pictures and the intention of helping them further. Although I have asked the Head Teacher to provide us with a wish list, I would like to start by helping them develop a library with books (fiction and non-fiction) in French, the education language in Haiti, and in Creole, their mother tongue, also thought at school. In another newsletter I will tell you more about some organisations that already accepted to support us. In the spirit of the “Bring a book in your Mother Tongue” day, if you are a native English speaker, if you do not have books in your MT to donate to the school or if you just would like to help us make a difference for them and bring them more “Soleil d’ Hollande” (Sun from Holland), we will have a box in the office to collect money donations we will use to buy books for them. I hope we soon can provide at least one book per child to the school and already thank you for your generosity!

Finally I would like to share with you a great website page from UNESCO: “The UNESCO’s Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger is intended to raise awareness about language endangerment and the need to safeguard the world’s linguistic diversity among policy-makers, speaker communities and the general public, and to be a tool to monitor the status of endangered languages and the trends in linguistic diversity at the global level. The latest edition of the Atlas (2010, available in English, French and Spanish from UNESCO Publishing), was made possible thanks to the support of the Government of Norway, and lists about 2,500 languages (among which


Primary Newsletter | Issue 10| February 11 2011

Mother Tongue


230 languages extinct since 1950), approaching the generally-accepted estimate of some 3,000 endangered languages worldwide. For each language, the print Atlas provides its name, degree of endangerment (see below) and the country or countries where it is spoken. The online edition provides additional information on numbers of speakers, relevant policies and projects, sources, ISO codes and geographic

coordinates. This free Internet-based version of the Atlas for the first time permits wide accessibility and allows for interactivity and timely updating of information, based on feedback provided by users.� It is very interesting to have a look at it with your children and discover more about the languages from your country! I wish the students all the best in discovering each other’s languages and cultures on the 21 Feb. International Mother Language Day! Kind regards, Pascale Hertay, Deputy Head,

Primary News Chocolate IPC topic – Year 3 Last week the year 3s started their new IPC topic – chocolate! For the entry point they were blindfolded while their partner fed them a variety of foods to taste, including both sweet and savoury. They then decided which they liked the best, the chocolate was very popular! During this topic we will be looking at where chocolate comes from and how it is made. We will of course be tasting a lot of chocolate too! These are some of the things we would like to find out: “I want to find out why white chocolate is white” Gabriele “Where does cacao come from and how does it get to Holland?” Amélie “How do cacao trees and pods grow?” Ebube “How do they get the beans out of the pods” Margot “I can’t wait until we make some chocolate because I love it!” Mounir

Year 4 to Year 6 MOTHER TONGUE – ‘’SquISH’ In November last year, you were all sent home a great fridge magnet of our very own ‘SquISH’ the spider. ‘SquISH’ is everything our school represents. It incorporates the keywords from our ISH Learner Profile (the attributes we would like the students to develop while they are learning at the ISH), an interpretation / explanation of each of the attributes as well as our ‘Golden Rules’. Over the past few weeks the children have been working on making their own ‘SquISH’ posters, in their Mother Tongue! We look forward to having a great selection of “SquISH” posters, in all different languages, up around the school! Keep an eye open…… these will soon be up around the school! Again, we appreciate and value all the help and support we get from all you parents, and we really enjoy you being able to join us during our Mother Tongue sessions! So feel free to come in and help if you are able to. Upper School Mother Tongue takes place every Thursday from 2:15pm until 2:45pm. Kind Regards, Shelley Gardella Upper School Mother Tongue Coordinator 2010 - 2011


Primary Newsletter | Issue 10| February 11 2011

Primary News On Tuesday, 15 February there will be a public transport strike. Trams 3, 4, 10 and 19 will not operate the entire day as well as buses 18, 22, 24 and 25.

Dutch News about the traffic lessons The children in Mrs. Buesink’s and Mrs. Gerretzen’s class had their first traffic lesson. The first lessons from Mrs. Vos were canceled due to illness of the traffic teacher, Ms. van den Burg. The makeup lessons will take place on Monday 4 of April and Tuesday 5 of April.


We were very lucky with the weather. We did not have to clear ice and snow from roads this time. The students in year 1 and 2 have learned how important it is when the traffic light is green to still look left, right and left again before crossing a street on the bike. The children in year 3 and 4 have practised dexterity in traffic. The children in year 5 and 6 have practised looking over their shoulder before they indicate that they are turning to the left or to the right. The students in reception know very well how to look left, right and left again by crossing the street and why it is important to watch the traffic light all the time. Ask your children about ”het oversteeklied”. They will be very proud to perform this song for you.

Primary News IPC Clothes Topic Wool Spinning Workshops in Year 1 As part of our IPC Clothes Topic, all the Year 1 children are enjoying the new topic of clothes. We had a fantastic start with our ‘Traditional Clothes’ fashion show 3 weeks ago. Last week we had a visit from Han van de Griend She works at a local small farm in Stompwijk and gives spinning demonstrations. Before the visit we had all listened to the story of ‘Pelle’s New Suit ‘in our classes. It is about a little boy who has a new suit made from the fleece (hair) of his pet sheep. We used the story to help children understand all the new vocabulary and the process of what happens.

9 Each class had their own workshop where she ably demonstrated the process from fleece to yarn. There were plenty of ‘hands on’ experiences. It was fascinating and a little smelly! The children found out that you can make yarn from the hair of many different animals such as dogs and llama’s and also plants too. The children had such fun smelling and feeling the different hairs. Then they worked collaboratively to card the hair. It was really tough to comb out all the knots and they had to really pull hard. Then they were able to spin the hair to make their own yarn which they then took home to show their parents. It was a huge success for all. We are continuing our learning in the classroom weaving different materials. We are also finding out about their properties through scientific enquiry. The Year One Team

Primary Newsletter | Issue 10| February 11 2011

Primary News YEAR 6 TRIP TO Nemo by Jane 6W


On Friday the 4th, the year 6 classes visited NEMO, the science centre. Before departing school at about 9:00, our teachers divided us into equal groups with either a chaperone, or a teacher in charge. After a long trip on either of our two buses and a short walk, we finally arrived at Nemo. A man who worked in Nemo came out, and gave us a short description of what we would find inside. Then, as the teachers decided who would go on either of the two floors (half of us would go on one floor, and the other half on the other), we slowly piled inside the building and took our coats off. As we received the tickets, we climbed up the stairs and gave them to the lady. Half of us explored the first floor as the other half had a look around the second. Some of the stuff that we saw on the first floor was a little place where you could make different sized bubbles. There was also this age machine which took a picture of you and then it showed you how you would look in every stage of your life (e.g. teenager, adult, older adult) and a machine for two people which would work out how their daughter/son would look.. Then we swapped places with the group that was on the other floor. On the second floor there was a double water slide

from metal and you needed to place bean-bags or small pieces of metal in the right place to make the water flow right into a little water mill and make it turn as fast as possible. Also there was a small bridge and at the end of it there was a little room with a big screen. On the screen, there were all sorts of short films like a roller coaster ride which was the best of all. The room would shake with you so it felt like a real experience on a roller coaster! In the Water World we learned how to clean water so it is clean enough to drink. We pumped water and made it go through all sorts of filters until it was clean enough. At 12:00 there was a show called Chain Reactions. It was very short but fascinating with all sorts of items used, from carpets to bicycles. We took our coats and made our way to the buses. After another short walk we reached the wide sidewalk and waited for the buses which came after 5 minutes. After another long and tiring trip on the buses we finally arrived back at the ISH. It was a wonderful excursion and I would highly recommend NEMO to everyone!!!

Primary News News from the PE Department

Dodgeball Tournament

CPC 2011 Last week we have closed the signing up for the CPC run 2011. Together with the Secondary school we have around 518 students, parents and teachers participating in the races this year! Fantastic number and we are very proud to have so many enthusiastic runners in our school! The PE department would like to take this opportunity to remind our students and parents that it is very important for the children to come to PE with appropriate clothes and shoes. We have been practicing for the CPC and doing a lot of running during our lessons and it is not recommended for your children to do it with bare feet. Students that have signed up for the CPC will receive more information about the event when we return from the February break. As soon as the CPC organization delivers the numbers we will send them home with a letter explaining the schedule for the day.

We have now reached the second round of our dodgeball tournament and we are having an exciting time during our lunch break! If your child participates in the tournament and doesn’t have PE on Tuesdays and Thursday it would be nice if you could remind them to check if they are playing on those days. The schedule for the tournament has been posted in the glasshouse but you can also find it in the pri-moodle in the PE section for years 5 and 6. Soon we will also post the results so far. I would also like to ask you to remember to label your child’s PE shirt. Very often children forget their belongings in the changing rooms and if there is a name in it I can return to the owner. PE lost and found is situated outside the primary office or outside the PE office next to the gyms. Ana Fonseca PE Upper School

After School Activities REMINDER: • The Winter Session of After School Activities ended today (Friday) and there will be no activities during the next 2 weeks. • All payments for the next session of activities must be received by next Wednesday, 16th February. • The Spring Session of activities will commence on Monday, 7th February after the spring break. • If you have any queries regarding the next session, please email Margot Grimm on


Primary Newsletter | Issue 10| February 11 2011

Staff Appreciation Lunch


A Word from the PTA Chair

Teachers’ thoughts

I am here to express thanks on behalf of the PTA and, more importantly, all the parents. We would like to acknowledge the many and various things that you all do that contribute to this amazing learning environment that we all are a part of at ISH.

-Thank you! Thank you for a superb lunch and great gifts. -Lovely lunch, thank you! -Thank you for the lunch, really felt appreciated. -It was wonderful – thank you so much.-We were truly spoilt – thank you. -Thank you for all of your efforts – we felt appreciated -Thank you so much for all the efforts, food and gifts – what a lovely lunch! -Gorgeous food – loved it. A lot of effort went into -it – very nice occasion. -It was an absolutely wonderful lunch – delicious food and lovely pressies. We definitely felt appreciated. -Thank you, it was super. -Thank you very much. -Amazing! Thank you so much, so tasty! -Thanks for all your hard work preparing such a splendid lunch. -Thank you all so much for the delicious food. It was great to have time to sit and chat. I felt truly spoilt. -What a lovely event! We felt very appreciated – and full! -Wow, what a treat! We really felt appreciated. -Thank you so much. -It just made my day! Very nice to be spoiled like that. Thank you all.

Some of those roles are obvious to us parents but many of them, I’m sure, may go a little unnoticed. Today is an opportunity to make sure that you are all acknowledged. The community at ISH does an amazing job of providing our children with an education that goes so far beyond the basics. You are teaching them to be a part of a global community by giving them a global awareness. That in its self is great, but the magic that I think is woven here is that, as a team, you seem to achieve teaching the big picture by focusing on the small picture. You are teaching the children how to turn dreams in to goals. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I am personally thrilled that this is the village my daughter is part of. You should all be very proud of the things you achieve here. It is a generous gift to give our children and this is merely a token in return. Sarah Siegloff

Dates for your Diary February 11

School Reports to Parents

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After School Activities Winter Session

Start of After School Activity Spring

CT DAYS 14 Feb

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15 17 21 23

City Pier City Run


Open Day from 9:00 - 10:30

Parent Consultation 17:30 - 19:00

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Lost and found on display until 25 Feb.


May Holiday, School starts again on 09 May

Start of Spring Holiday, School starts on 07 March

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Mr. Frick

Spring Fair

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Primary Newsletter | Issue 10| February 11 2011

events Friday 11 Februar Time: 18.30-21.00 Preparation for Valentines Day - Look your best!! Beauty evening at The Hungry Mind activity & community centre just behind the International School of The Hague at Sportspark Ockenburgh, Wijndaelerweg, entrance at nr 5 - 0703681804

14 You can choose to have a 15 minute: massage mini facial basic pedicure mini manicure and possibly ... a spray tan for a great glow For 15 Euros only, per treatment... You just pick and choose :-))) Herbal teas and nibbles, a chance to buy your valentine’s gifts and beauty gift vouchers for that special day... To make your bookings, preferred time slots and secure your places e-mail us: thehungrymindcentre@gmail For more information: The Municipality of The Hague, department of greenery has offered to talk to our children about gardening and nature. The children can make a mini garden at The Hungry Mind on: Wednesday 16 February between 12.30-14.30 Kids will have to bring a bucket or a plant pot and they can fill it themselves. Plants, bulbs and soil will be available. The participants can take their own mini gardens home afterwards. The cost for this will be 1 Euro per child, including a drink and a snack. r.s.v.p.:

BADMINTON CLUB : The ISH parents’ badminton club The Melting Pot meets: Tuesday Mornings from 08:45 to 10:30 in Sporthal Ockenburgh and Wednesday Evenings from 19:30 to 21:30 in Sporthal ’t Zandje. We’d be delighted to welcome new members (of all levels) to our club. The first training is free for you to try us out. Contact: Deniz Ogretir – (070) 779 0843 –

Events “Escamp International” A Cultural World Fair in The Hague’s biggest city district - Escamp. It is a great pleasure to invite you to attend the Cultural World Fair of Escamp on February 16th, 2011 - 14.00-17.00. The fair is about celebrating the diversity of the many cultures that live and work in Escamp. The fair also embraces the citizens of our elderly community and so will be held at a Florence residence, Gulden Huis, Steenhouwersgaarde 1, 2542 AA , The Hague (on the corner of Melis Stokelaan and Steenhouwersgaarde) The fair is part of The Hague Bridge Project currently in the city district of Escamp. The Hague Bridge aims to unite local and international residents by organising various events where both parties can meet and find out more about the district of Escamp. The fair will include live Polish and Irish music, performances including a Moroccan fashion show and a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. You will also get the opportunity to sample cuisines from many different countries around the world. The programme starts at 14.00 hrs and ends at 17.00 hrs. Admission is free; No registration is needed. We promise you an excellent fair. We welcome you, your friends and colleagues. For further information please contact The Hague Bridge haagsebrug@

Kind regards, Willem Post International Advisor to the Mayor and Aldermen - The Hague Bridge Useful link: The Municipality of The Hague, department of greenery has offered to talk to our children about gardening and nature. The children can make a mini garden at The Hungry Mind on: Wednesday 16 February between 12.30-14.30 Kids will have to bring a bucket or a plant pot and they can fill it themselves. Plants, bulbs and soil will be available. The participants can take their own mini gardens home afterwards. The cost for this will be 1 Euro per child, including a drink and a snack. r.s.v.p.:


Primary Newsletter | Issue 10| February 11 2011

Parent Association Secondary School

International Day Saturday, 26th March, 2011 From 12 to 16h

Dear Parents,

At the International School of The Hague

Flag Parade

Games…and fun!!



The Parent Association of the International School of The Hague will hold its Annual International Day on Saturday, March 26th 2011. To celebrate the cultural diversity of our student community this year we will expand our traditional International Food Fair with other activities such as a Flag Parade, Performances, Folklore fun, Folktales telling in different languages, Games, a Book Sale and an International Football Tournament. A great opportunity to enjoy our student creativity through performances, art exhibition, projects on display among others. Come dressed up in your national costume and encourage your children to do so as well. Also younger children can participate in the flag parade joining our students of Yr 7 and 8. The event is open to everybody who wants to enjoy our International Community. Entrance is FREE. Food vouchers will be on sale from Monday, March 7th to March 25th

International Food Fair

Folktales in different languages

in the bookstore (open between 10h and 13h) and in the office of Leen Maes, Community and Events Officer (room A233 - between 13h and 16h). Food vouchers bought in advance will include a door prize. Please contact your country coordinator if you want to be involved. For more info ask Sarjit Herry, Olga Estadella or Leen Maes or surf to We hope to see you all at this festive event , join us in the celebration of the cultural diversity of our student community, it will be a great day! Sincerely yours,

Used Book Sale

Olga Estadella Events Coordinator PA Mob. 06-13342966

Sarjit Herry International Food Fair Coordinator Mob.06-49716323


“What we do for ourselves dies with us.

….and much more!!!

What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” Albert Pine

COUNTRY COORDINATORS Country Africa (Nigeria and South Africa) Austria Belgium Bulgaria China, Hong Kong and Taiwan England France Germany Greece India Indonesia Iran Italy Japan South America Macedonia Malaysia Pakistan Portugal Russia Scandinavia Slovenia Spain Switzerland Thailand The Netherlands Turkey USA/Canada

Name coordinator Ola Edun


Jutta Clarke Martine De Vriese Tonika Barukhirska-Kirov Xia Wei

Bill Haigh Isabelle Lopez Gabriele Jahreiss Panagiota Skintzou Rati Menon Priti Daptardar Nirina van der Schans Maryam Cristina Battistig Cinzia Rossi

Arelys Yanez Majahugo Klijn Cheng Newton Muhammad Tahir Maria Carneiro Jana Prikazchikova Ragnhild Saether Zvono Bednarcik Lourdes Lopez-Garrido Gaby van Soest Pat Helene Lagendijk Dilek Kasapoglu Nan Deardorff-Mc Clain


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