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Dear Parents,

You may have heard from your son/daughter that we carried out a routine drug check on Tuesday. This involved a specialized company bringing in two dogs, the Senior Leadership of the school and concierge support. The local police was informed and on stand-by for serious cases. To make sure no individual rights were violated, the whole procedure was filmed internally, the film files are confidential and will be destroyed. and the I can report to you that unfortunately small quantities of what appears to be cannabis were found on three students from Years 11, 12 and 13. presentation not to be missed by As you are aware from page 31 of the school guide, drugs in school violate school rules and lead to immediate suspension. Further steps for these three students may be taken depending on the analysis of the confiscated substances by the police. We believe that this was a necessary action, though of course All welcome, entrance free unpleasant. Many thanks to the whole school community for the way Friday March 18, 2011 they accepted the positive intentions behind this interruption to their 15:30 - 18:00 lessons and work. Every single case identified is sad, fortunately ISH Malcolm Davies Auditorium we can say that we are not a heavily drug infested school. We will nevertheless continue with similar exercises in the interest of preventing any form of drug abuse. In this context, the next ISH Platform evening on Tuesday March 22, 2011 will see a specialist speaker from the Context group presenting to parents (with students, should you so wish) on preventing alcohol and drug abuse amongst teenagers. We hope to see you then in the ISH Conference Room 19:00-20:30. A lot more is going on at the school – we can report on a successful ICT – Symposium last Tuesday, and I would like to thank Paul Howland and Sebastian Graeb-Koenneker who presented as members of the The renowned Dr. Deak’s presentations and lectures are so Secondary school community. popular that they literally stop traffic and pack conference centers to capacity all over North America. Dr. Deak believes Similar, thanks go to 26 parents who gave up their Wednesday evening that the brain is the most “genderized” part of the human to give presentations about their profession to Y9-13 students at the body. Careers Evening. This is much appreciated and brings school closer to Dr. Deak who holds a PhD in Preventative Psychology will “real” life. Well organized by Rick van Vliet and Leen Maes! finalize her visit to the Netherlands at The International School To further support ISH events, please join us at the Malcolm-Davies of the Hague on Friday, March 18, working with the leadership team in the morning and once again presenting to parents and Memorial Concert Friday night or cheer for the 524 ISH runners on Sunday at the CPC-Run (the largest school-entry). teachers later in the day.

Learning brain

Dr. JoAnn Deak

ISH NEWS bulletin With best wishes from,

Peter Kotrc. Principal of Secondary International School of The Hague


ISH Secondary news bulletin March 10 2011  

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