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Dear Parents, Nothing is more successful than success, and so to enable our students to experience success is therefore one of the key tasks of our school. This will happen on many levels: in the context of the classroom, when Teachers will set achievable tasks and give positive feedback and reinforcement, but also in all the extracurricular activities we offer in the areas of Sports and Music. Most school trips have a similar component built in as well. “Supporting success� is the title of our next ISH Platform evening on Tuesday 25 January, presented by Katherine Fortier, a Psychologist who has been working with ISH students and groups in the past and whom you might know from previous occasions. I hope that I will meet many of you there. As usual, I will be available for general questions after the topic of the evening. Best wishes,


Peter Kotrc

ISH NEWS bulletin With best wishes from,

Peter Kotrc. Principal of Secondary International School of The Hague

SECONDARY SCHOOL January 21, 2011

ISH Secondary news bulletin 6  

January 21, 2011