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ISH SECONDARY October 29, 2010


Dear Parents, After the autumn holidays, we see students refreshed and full of energy back here at the school. Until the Winter break a lot of work is waiting for them, as it is one of the key times in an academic year. Feedback in the form of reports and Parent-Teacher-Student conferences is provided and should lead to an improved learning process, which is what we all are here for! At the same time, a wealth of other activities goes on: next weekend, 26 schools with 450 students will visit the 20th edition of MUNISH, our very own Model United Nations here at Kijkduin. The event is fully student organized, this year focusing on the topic of migration. Details on , but you might want to visit on one of the three days (5 – 7 November) to get an impression of what our students are able to achieve. Please be reminded that school closes on 5 November due to MUNISH at lunchtime. International schools are also centers for the international community, please see our “ISH Academy” initiative with course offerings for adults. Specifically for parents, we put on our regular “Platform evenings” addressing topics of importance. Recently, Mrs. Lira (ICT teacher and parent) did an excellent presentation on Cyberbullying (on our website how-cope-cyber-bullying), and last week, 12 parents seized the opportunity to learn about MYP Assessment from 12 Subject Area Leaders and school managers – you can see that I want to hint at the problem of communication: all calendar events are prominently placed on the website, however, we experience low attendance at many of these evenings. Both Teachers and Parents Association are working hard and giving up time to provide a service for the community – so please check the calendar regularly. The next topic will be on preventing alcohol abuse amongst young people, presented by the Parnassia group, on 23 November. Our host/home town is inviting us for free Musea visits this Sunday – an opportunity too good to miss. Enjoy the weekend. Best wishes,

Peter Kotrc


ISH Secondary news bulletin 3  
ISH Secondary news bulletin 3  

Bulletin news from the International School of The Hague, Secondary School on October 29, 2010.