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french american international school

early learning PK3, PK4 and K

A gently unfolding Bilingual Education

with a world view.

We offer so much more than high quality day care. Our Early Learning program capitalizes the one-time window of opportunity for the acquisition of two or more languages at the level of native fluency. Our youngest children are already on first rung of the academic ladder. They are taught by native French speaking teachers who have precisely the same undergraduate training as their upper elementary school colleagues. The children transition from the security of home to begin an individual journey towards independence in a loving and nurturing environment surrounded by peers. They have much to learn. Our program is differentiated, highly kinesthetic and child-centered—tailored to age-appropriate, biological rhythms. We recognize each child as a work in progress and we are careful not to rush or push the children beyond their natural unfolding capabilities. We build gross and fine motor skills—gently priming the children for the pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-numeracy skills acquisition that lies ahead.

What the Children Learn As the children develop naturally they begin to see themselves more in relation to others and think beyond their immediate emotional whims and needs. They learn self-sufficiency as well as collaboration. They are encouraged to speak up for themselves and express their own thoughts and questions logically as well as following directions. They learn active listening and the importance of waiting for their turn. They get used to new routines including daily rituals around basic needs, transitioning between activities, circle time and table activities. Our six learning domains are:      

Appropriating language Discovering writing Becoming a student Action and self-expression using the body Discovering the world Perceiving, feeling, imagining and creating

Through guided and free activities the children develop fine and gross motor coordination in space, as well as sensory, emotional, cognitive and relational skills. Vocabulary, syntax and the rhythm of language are built through daily verbal interactions in the classroom, in the context of physical activities and through stories, dance and song. We recognize all young children as natural artists. Children learn to draw to express and to represent. Visual, tactile, auditory and vocal activities increase the sensory capabilities of each child. Also through artistic endeavor, children enrich their faculties of attention, concentration as well as capacity for expression. Gently, and in incremental steps, the children socialize and develop autonomy. This is the prerequisite for the critical thinking which will come so much to the fore in later years and is at the core of the School’s Mission.

New Early Learning Center Our purpose built Early Learning Center at 1155 Page Street will further enhance independence and experiential learning for our youngest bilingual students. Nine stimulus rich, appropriately-scaled classroom environments, each with direct access to outdoor spaces, will enable us to blur the lines between work and play.

Experience the world.


Early Learning  
Early Learning