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Pentair Pentair had a large booth with plenty of their advanced pumps on display, including their new Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Sparus Pump with Constant Flow Technology. This pump is quite unique in the market thanks to its large output of 20-140 GPM. The pump also features Pentair’s Flow Technology (CFT), which automatically calculates and self-adjusts to provide the exact speed needed to deliver the exact flow rate you establish. As system conditions change, the pumps CFT self-adjusts to deliver a constant user-specified flow rate. The 3-HP pump reduces the need to constantly be tinkering with manual valves to maintain the desired flow rate and promises the lowest electrical consumption for a pump of its size. Pentair’s on-board controller self-adjusts to determine the most-energy-efficient speed required to deliver the desired (and consistent) flow rate. Decreasing the speed of an electric motor to the minimum speed required to do the required work results in significant energy savings. This pump is self-priming and includes an oversized strainer basket and volute and is compatible with an assortment of aquaculture systems. The pump can operate from 1100 RPM to 3450 RPM with four pre-set flow rates of 40, 50, 60 and 70 GPM but allows for you to program flow rates from 20-140 GPM with up to eight programmable speeds/flows.

Joint Pentair/Calitri Cooperation David Calitri of Calitri Technology and Mario Learas of Pentair announced a joint venture whereby Pentair will now act as a dealer for Calitri fish counters and related products.

Bird Control Group Autonomic 500 As any operator of a fish farm can no doubt testify, seals and sea lions are not the only animals who love to predate on fish. Birds such as herons, eagles and ospreys are quick to learn where they can score an easy meal. Nets work, but are expensive and can entangle birds, but Bird Control Group has an effective bird deterrent system that is costeffective and fully automatic. If you attended Aquaculture America 2019 then you probably noticed the green laser dot sweeping across the showroom’s ceiling. This was produced by the Autonomic 500 doing its job. The system deters by projecting a harmless laser beam toward birds. This startles the birds who perceive the beam as a physical danger and fly away. Because birds no not become habituated to the laser it claims 70 percent effectiveness. Also, because it is automatic, the Autonomic 500 provides effective deterrence 24/7.

Searen Vacuum AirLift Searen’s The Vacuum AirLift (VAL) is a new, sustainable, and efficient water treatment system. It is an innovative and versatile, yet simple, technology platform with four basic functions. The vacuum is used to raise water within two concentric tubes. The vacuum pulls air through diffusers, which generate an airlift and, therefore, water circulation. The bubbles rise and create a foam at the top of the VAL. The foam, which is filled with microparticles, is then extracted by the vacuum. Water treatment is performed using less energy and without the need for additional chemicals or consumables. The vacuum pump can be positioned away from the water source, making the process safe, easy to operate and maintain. Water flow rates range between 10 and 5,000 gpm per unit, depending on the use Energy consumption is as low as 5 W/m^3 for water circulation CO2 stripped can range from 0.2 to 10 lbs/hour Depending on size and unit configuration, 0.2 lbs to 5 lbs of O2 can be dissolved per hour.

Deep Trekker ROVs Deep Trekker is an established ROV manufacturer that is a fixture at most aquaculture shows. This time they brought with them their pipe-crawling ROV with its magnetic ribbed wheels and they also showed off their shiny-bright brand new ROV, the DTG3 complete with Robby-the-robot claw affixed to its base. The new DTG3 can dive deeper (as much as 305 metres and features a hybrid power supply for a 12-hour battery life. (Read the full description in our Technology Showcase section.)

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