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TECHNOLOGY SHO Top aquaculture technology DECEMBER This month the International Aquafeed team has more technological innovations to bring you that will make your fish farming business that extra bit better. We have a wide variety of machines on show this month, ranging from conveyors, typhoon fish feeders, smart ROVs and oxygen monitors. Each machine has been hand-picked by us as an interesting and innovative piece of equipment that is definitely worth researching and considering adding to your business.

Baader Belt Grader 1801 The Belt Grader 1801 consists of a feeding area, dynamic scale and distribution in one, robust conveyor, with one modular belt. The grader is designed to ensure efficiency in simple grading and sorting jobs at minimum operational costs. The Belt Grader 1801 is designed to grade up to 120 pieces per minute, depending on the product type, and provided correct spacing between products. Product loading can be either manual or automated if the grader is integrated in a more extensive solution. The machine is robust, durable and designed to the highest hygienic standards to prevent microbial growth and minimise cleaning time.

Kroma Filetmaster 180 The Kroma Filetmaster 180 can be used to fillet different fish types, so it boasts flexibility and adaptability. Filetmaster 180 is designed with a very strong frame to ensure machine stability under all conditions and at all times. The machine is equipped with a cam belt drive that is very simple to adjust and maintain. The cam belt drive is very efficient at pulling the fish forward through the machine and prevents unnecessary production stoppages. The machine can fillet whole fish or fish that have been already gutted. If the machine is meant to process whole fish, we recommend that you install vacuum so as to be able to remove the fish entrails. The machine is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, with a bead blasted finish.

Vónin Net Washing system Vónin’s Net Washing system thoroughly washes nets of all sizes for the aquaculture industry, effectively minimising the effectiveness of spreading fish diseases. The Vónin Net Washer is made of AISI 316 acid-proof stainless steel, which is strong, durable and highly-resistant to corrosion. The Vónin Net Washer can be custom made, with a size of up to 50m3, with adjustable washing programmes and a heavyduty washing drum. It comes with a large waterproof sealing door for loading and unloading the nets and is 100 percent water-tight.

Optilice 4 Optimar have devised an innovative new solution to remove sealice from your farmed fish, with no need for chemicals or medicals. Optilice 4 removes 98 percent of sea lice, by bathing the caught fish in tempered water up to 36 degrees Celsius. This completely natural method works on salmon, trout and lumpfish, and the Optilice can easily be placed on-board any type of vessel. The temperature setting are adjustable, the Optilice is environmentally friendly and the machine is easy to control and access. Optilice has a capacity of 120-150 tons/hour per line, with an integrated O3 system for hygienic self-cleaning.

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