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FISH FARMING TECHNOLOGY Practically unbreakable

The pontoons are constructed in 15mm PHED and the keel pipe in 20mm PHED. The chosen material and the thickness ensure that this is a boat that can take abuse and soldier on. The HardRIB can take rough weather conditions as wells as a mooring on the cag or barge, day after day, and year after year.

Purpose designed for the aquaculture industry

The HardRIB is designed specifically for the aquaculture industry. But with its rough appearance and robust design, the boat is also a great tool for everyone from hobby fishermen to divers. The hull is made from HDPE-100, which is recyclable, corrosion-free, and durable. The boat is also virtually unsinkable and requires very little maintenance. All boat parts are machined and welded by approved plastic welders according to current standards.

Great cargo capacity

Cargo space is important, and the boat is certified for up to 12 people, or up to 1600kg of cargo. Smart solutions for fastening and maximum use of load space relative to hull size ensure that you rarely need to make two trips.

Tested in the Stadt towing tank

When Steinsvik decided to re-introduce the HardRIB they decided to do it properly. The design and hull have undergone extensive tests and CFD analysis in the Stadt towing tank, perhaps the market’s most advanced laboratory for testing and verifying vessel seawater properties. It has been tested at several load conditions and shows good speed characteristics and carrying capacity both in quiet sea conditions and in waves. The tests carried out confirm that the boat can maintain high speeds even in rough waters. The technical specs are very impressive, and I find the HardRIB to be one gorgeous boat. I can’t help but daydream about steering one of these beauties through the Florida Key.


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DEC 2018 - International Aquafeed magazine