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On display at the exhibition in Aviemore, Scotland was a RedUnit machine, as displayed by Vogelsang, manufacturers of pumps, maceration, spreading and biogas technology, supplying technology to a number of industries including aquaculture and agriculture. The RedUnit is the grinding and pumping combination from Vogelsang. It has many different advantages compared to the separate products, e.g. its compact design and low electricity consumption. “With our engineering department we design every RedUnit industrial grinder specifically customised to the needs of every customer and his specific application. It is developed as a complete engineering unit, including an advanced control system to maximise the efficiency of the complete system. The industrial grinder can be produced in stainless steel for demanding applications.” Vogelsang explain. The RedUnit offers a high availability thanks to the quick and easy concept of its individual components: the grinder XRipper XRL, the RotaCut RCX macerator, a progressive cavity pump of the CC series and/or a rotary lobe pump of the VX series. The RotaCut, is a cutter with an integrated heavy material separator and can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. This cutter offers direct contact between the blades and cutting screen, which allows it to deliver defined cutting performance, which is a major advantage for processing fibrous materials. Moreover, as it simultaneously homogenises the medium, it offers much more than merely pump protection for downstream systems. Medium that has been disintegrated in this manner an also be easily used in additional processes.

In industrial applications, it is usually used together with other Vogelsang products, such as rotary lobe pumps, progressive cavity pumps or other cutters, such as the XRipper. For example, in applications involving food wastes, not all materials are suitable for being pumped onward directly after an initial shredding step. Fish, meat and vegetable waste, in particular, often contain coarse fibrous materials that are separated in a heavy material separator. Two RotaCut models in particular have proven themselves effective in industrial applications: The RotaCut RCX is used in abattoirs as part of the RedUnit in order to meet the requirements of the EU directive on hygiene. Thanks to its compact design and reliable shredding performance, the RotaCut MXL is used on tankers to protect the pumps from foreign matter. The benefit of grinding fish matter means that the resulting product can be made into a number of different things, including organic fertilisers/soil improvers or processing it if not spoiled to make feed or petfood for animals and farmed fish.


Aquaculture is lucky in that as an industry it has so many smart innovators out coming up with solutions that you didn’t even know you needed. So whether you choose incineration or grinding or nothing inbetween it is a fundamental part of the production process of fish farming and aquaculture, like the western worlds toilet and sanitation system, disposing of your waste properly is not a choice – it’s a necessity. You can find out more about aquatic ABP here: scot/Topics/farmingrural/Agriculture/animal-welfare/ABPs/ aquacultureABP

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