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FISH FARMING TECHNOLOGY potential energy stored within the mass of water into kinetic energy, creating microscopic voids in the water which implode due to the pressure changes, hereby creating microscopic water jets; Nanocavitation. Our Nano-cavitation is unique within water treatment, and as mentioned earlier, is the result of more than 12 years of reinventing the ultrasound technology. It has been in use for several years already in the Netherlands, and together with the multiple installations in fish cages in several countries, the technology has proven its worth. The importance of keeping the nets used in the fish cages clean and free of algae, is probably something the average consumer hasn’t really thought of, but for the farmer, it is of utmost importance. Bio-fouling might not seem to be a big issue, but too much of it can lead to far bigger problems; the nets may become too heavy, followed by the risks of tearing which again may give the fish the opportunity to escape, with all the consequences that this entails. The accumulation of fouling organisms on the nets may lead to hydroids settling down, in addition to being a perfect hiding place for various ectoparasites like sea lice and the amoeba Neoparamoeba perurans; the last one causing the amoebic gill disease in farmed fish. There are several ways of cleaning the nets, and pretty much all of them include handling the fish one way or the other, which by multiple treatments may have impact on the skin and the mucus layer. High pressure and mechanical net cleaning may also lead to damages on the net itself, increasing the risk of escapes, as well as release of various organisms hiding in the fouling which may even expand the problem further with regards to parasites.

Using the power of nature

With the technology of the C-Dome, there is no need to handle the fish or the nets, thus minimal risk for the mucus layer or the netting itself. The Nano-cavitation created water jets will keep the nets clean as it works 24/7, and has no negative impact on the nets or the fish. The C-Dome will not only prevent build-ups of marine growth on the nets, but also reduce reproduction of unwanted organisms to a minimum, as the same water jets will also eliminate eggs and early life stages of ectoparasites, minimising the need to use man-made chemicals or mechanical delousing treatments to prevent reproduction of ectoparasites. The C-Dome is a 100 percent natural solution and capable of recycling the power already present in water, just waiting to be released. It is a new technology that is not only able to solve the problems with bio-fouling and sea lice, but also to do so in an environmentally friendly way, and with no stress or risks for the fish and its welfare.

International Aquafeed - July 2017 | 37

Jul 2017 - International Aquafeed magazine  
Jul 2017 - International Aquafeed magazine