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Biomin opened it’s World Nutrition Forum in Vancouver, Canada, in mid-October 2016 with a press conference aimed at getting the message across to the feed industry that it is serious about driving the protein economy and meeting the livestock industry’s dual challenges of sustainability while ensuring farming, including aquaculture, remains profitable. It has a clear goal and is focusing significant effort on becoming the recognised leader in the market of phytogenic feed additives based on its globally-recognised researching development platform that not only includes its own research centres in Austria (and Vietnam for aquaculture), but its seven CAN or ‘centres for applied nutrition’ and 200 independent research partner institutions.

Technical support for livestock and aquaculture

The company’s extended capacity for innovation are not only relying on the its CAN facilities in Tulin, Austria but has strong research links with Kasetsart University in Thailand and Nong Lam University in Vietnam. It’s intriguing to learn that Biomin is now developing a global network of technical sales managers to bring industry up-to-date on the benefits of using more natural phytogenic additives. It backs up this shift in product delivery with client conferences, industry events and through it’s in-house magazine. It projects the market for phytogenic additives will grow from its current level of US£500 million to almost US$1 billion by

2020 and to US$2 billion by 2030 and it has clearly stated it wants to be the world leader in the sector by 2020. However, what is making Biomin more prominent in the marketplace is its work on combining single substances taken from essential oils and extracts with herbal and plant products to provide specialised products that can deliver pre-determined outcomes in terms of disease avoidance or suppression through to boosting the immune system and ensuring an internal digestive system in both animals and fish that function efficiently and effectively. Optimising feed costs and achieving more with less while reducing or eliminating antibiotic use is a key goal, it says.

The three S’s

The market for phytogenic feed additives is currently fragmented with lots of small to medium-sized companies but, as Biomin believes, “there is enough space for a company like ours to take the market leader position,” the press conference was told. The company’s CEO, Erich Erber, has introduced a ‘value proposition’ for the feed industry that is based on three S’s: Service, Science and Speed. “We used that to become market leader in management of mycotoxins and we are using the same proposition for phytogenic feed additives,” he said. Today, the company wants to provide all customers with technical support and services backed by a sound science

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