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Second edition of ‘Mycotoxins in Focus’ comes to VIV Asia 2015


Since commencing fish-feed production 50 years ago, Aller Aqua has experienced continuous growth. Besides their factor y in Christiansfeld, Denmark, they have built a factory in Poland in 2001 and another in Germany in 2007 which integrates a modern fish-feed factor y with a facility producing protein derived from peas and broad beans. Hans Erik Bylling, majority shareholder and managing director of


“Aquaculture is today the fastest growing food sector – and more than half of the fish consumed globally are farmed fish. Thus we focus on growing our activities in several of the world’s emerging mar kets,” Hans Erik Bylling explains.

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ation of mycotoxins in feed and feed raw materials in Asia. Next, renowned industr y exper ts from Asia will deliver species-specific presentations. Dr Pariwat Poolperm, from Kasetsar t Univeristy, Thailand, will discuss the economic impact of mycotoxins in swine farms. Prof Dr Charles Rangga Tabbu from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, will present on the common pathological lesions of mycotoxicosis in poultry. The presentations will be followed by an open Q&A session. The afternoon conference will conclude with an Austrian wine tasting. All VIV Asia 2015 delegates are welcome to attend the conference, and to visit the Biomin booth J002 located in hall 102.

Fastest growing food sector

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he “Mycotoxins in Focus: Trends, Facts, and Effects” conference is set to provide an insight into the latest mycotoxin trends and occurences to delegates at VIV Asia 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. Biomin will host the second edition of the “Mycotoxins in Focus: Trends, Facts, and Effects” conference on 12 March 2015 in the afternoon of second day of VIV Asia 2015 at BITEC, in Bangkok, Thailand, in partnership with All About Feed, Pig Progress, and VIV. W i t h i t s a n nu a l B i o m i n Mycotoxin Sur vey r unning

for over a decade, Biomin has become the leading authority on mycotoxins. The second edition of the “Mycotoxins in Focus” conference builds upon the success of the inaugural edition held at VIV Europe 2014 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The educational presentations from Biomin exper ts and renowned academics from Asia will provide new insights into mycotoxin risk management, an over view of developments on mycotoxin occurrences in Asia over the last decade, and their effects on animal production. The conference begins at 2pm with opening remarks from Dr. Jan Vanbrabant, Managing Director of Biomin Asia Pacific. Dr Shu Guan of Biomin Singapore will present key points from the latest mycotoxin survey, including trends in mycotoxin occurrence and the prolifer-

An expanding company

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In cooperation with the IFU (Investment Fund for Developing Countries), Aller Aqua Group bought the major ity of an Egyptian family company in 2011. In 2014 the company finished a brand new state-of-the-ar t fish feed factory in Egypt. It is this factory – Egypt’s largest and most modern producer of environmentally friendly, extruded fish feed – which was inaugurated on 3rd March. Aller Aqua Egypt, as the Egyptian company is called, has in this connection invested a large sum of money in the area known as ‘6th of October City’, situated a 1-hour drive from Cairo. “The momentum we have managed to create in Egypt since

the Aller Aqua Group, explains that the company now sells its fish feed to more than 50 countries worldwide. “We have a clear and concise strategy at Aller Aqua, designed to create further growth over the coming years – and investments like the one in Egypt is one of the tools to reach our targets, as well as the continued growth in existing and new markets. “2014 has been a busy year for us, as we have fur ther inaugurated our new research center in Büsum, Germany. This helps bring us to the forefront in the development of new efficient types of feed – with increased focus on better utilisation of raw materials.” The company are proud to have been awarded a German innovation award for this particular effort.

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Biggest in all of Africa

“We believe in the market and a bright future for Egypt, and the growth during the last year strengthens this belief. “We exper ience a great interest in our project from various politicians, and thus we have had visits from both the Danish Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, the Danish Ambassador and several local Egyptian politicians. It should come as no surprise that we with our production which helps create jobs, healthy food and a significantly better environment for our customers - experience a great deal of attention in Denmark and Egypt, as well as internationally.”

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ller Aqua Group A/S, situated by Christiansfeld in Denmark, is one of Europe’s largest producers of environmentally friendly fish feed. The company officially inaugurated the new Egyptian factory on Tuesday 3rd March 2015.

2011 creates the basis for this extraordinary expansion, giving us the opportunity to triple sales,” explains Henrik Halken, Chairman of Aller Aqua Egypt. “We have settled well in Egypt, where the daily management, with great experience and a huge drive, are co-owners and thereby motivated to create a success story. “Since 2009, when we first travelled to Egypt, a great deal has happened politically in the countr y. We experience daily challenges, which we wouldn’t even contemplate in Denmark. For the first year it could take up to 3 days to get petrol for the trucks transporting raw materials to the factory – great planning was essential for success! We have also had to accommodate all our employees at the factory during the most recent revolution, during which President Mursi was overthrown. “Managing a company in Egypt requires that we make frequent visits, staying close to the customers and allocating the necessary resources for training and education of both our staff and our customers. “Fur ther it is crucial to have skilled local management – which we have!

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Aller Aqua Group inaugurates its new Egyptian factory


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