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Aquatic at VIV Asia 2015: focus on sustainable aquaculture


quaculture’s impor tant role in the For health management Asian animal proteins market will GeneReach Biotechnology is introducing new receive special recognition at the VIV diagnostic products for industries such as aquaAsia 2015 trade show in Thailand from March culture to manage health by the application of 11 - 13. Aquatic is a Special Event at VIV Asia nucleic acid detection technology in detecting for the aquaculture sector, featuring exhibitors diseases. Also on managing health, Axcentive is who have developed innovative products for presenting its Halamid universal disinfectant for the sustainable farming of fish and shrimp. The shrimp and fish farming applications which, in Aquatic Conference highlights sustainable aqua- Asia, include high value fish such as grouper, sea culture. bass and barramundi; usage can be at concenThe Aquatic Pavilion will be prominently trations that kill vibrio and other pathogens and located in the Welcome Hall of VIV Asia. Feeds, the disinfectant has a prolonged activity, even in feed ingredients and health management will be waters rich in organic matter. leading topics. Sustainable aquaculture, driven by consumer demand, is a central topic in the Advanced technology Aquatic Conference. Blue Aqua International Additionally, aquaculture operators visiting F/Vaqua(A4):2015 19/9/14 09:15 Page 1 will organise a conference on March 11, ADDCON is hosting a topical program on March 12.

VIV Asia can find details of other technology such as the patented Mixotrophic system from Blue Aqua International. The protocol provides guidelines on how to successfully manage and balance of nutrient cycles and micro-organisms in the pond in different stages during the culture for super-intensive and intensive culture. The natural emulsifier Verolec HE-60 from Lasenor Charbhuja Foods gives polyunsaturated fatty acids, choline, inositol, and organic phosphorus in feeds for shrimp and tilapia. Guabi Nutrition & Animal Health offers a wide range of floating and sinking extruded aqua feeds. IDAH presents advanced shrimp feed pelleting equipment.

Focus on feed

INVE Aquaculture will promote its principle of the Best Balance between live feed and dr y diets in rearing Pangasius, based on research and experience with large commercial runs of Vannamei shrimp in countries such as Vietnam. It demonstrated a significantly reduced larval production cost without adversely affecting the quality of the lar vae at har vest. Among aqua feed products processed from brewer’s yeast that will be on Leiber’s display in Aquatic is Leiber Beta-S, described as a highly purified beta-glucan for strong, immunocompetent fish.


Ingredients and additives

The Aliphos feed ingredients division of Ecophos Group is bringing details of Windmill Monamphos, a feed phosphate promoted to be especially suitable for aqua feed production. Darling Ingredients repor ts that its Sonac brand will present Phosterol, a natural source of cholesterol and phospholipids for aqua feed. Norel Animal Nutrition brings Gustor BP70 alongside commercial shrimp farm results from using the protected sodium butyrate feed additive, showing enhanced performance when supplementing butyric acid in its sodium salt form. Included in the Soleval feed ingredients from rendered animal by-products being highlighted by the Akiolis subsidiary of Tessenderlo is Hypro, a special hydrolysed feather meal with very high digestibility.

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