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To incorporate several other medium and minor carps into the carp polyculture systems, several methods were used because of their religion-specific consumer preference and higher market demand besides their growth potential. Some of these included kalbasu (Labeo calbasu), fringe-lipped carp (L. fimbriatus), bata (L. bata), Malabar labeo (L. dussumieri), olive barb (Puntius sarana), Jerdon’s barb (P. jerdoni), Cauvery carp (Cirrhinus cirrhosa) etc. Out of 266 carp species available in Indian region, about 34 carp species are economical and which are produced mainly from capture fishery, and less than 10 carp species are produced from both the aquaculture and capture fishery in the country (Table: 2). The research and development efforts during last six decades have placed the carps farming as an importance economic enterprise revolutionised the fresh water aquaculture section to the level of a

Table 3: Commercially cultured Carp species in India Category Indian Major Carp

Common Name Scientific Name 1. Catla Catla catla 2. Rohu Labeo rohita

fast growing industry. The nation mean the production levels from still-water ponds as gone up from about 600 Kg/ha/year in 1974 to over 2.5 tonnes /ha /year at present, and several farmers are even demonstrating higher production levels of eight to 12 tonnes / ha / year. Carp culture, expanded its dimensions from 1984 in terms of area coverage and intensity of operation, with Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, etc. taking of fish culture as a commercial farming enterprise. Chinese hatchery introduction in the country in the year 1980s led to the large-scale production of carp seed in the country and the spread of carp culture technology. The carp culture technology has been popularised throughout the country and the average productivity levels are reported to around 2200 kg/ha/year in the polyculture systems of carp. Seed raring and grow-out cultures are the two main components of carp culture technology, which have undergone several modifications and refinements over the years to evolve to the present day package of farming

3. Mrigal Cirrhinus mrigala 1. Silver carp Hypophthalmichthys malitrix

Exotic Carp

2. Grass carp Ctenopharyngodon idella 3. Common carp Cyprinus carpio

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