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Michael from the GCRL pumping the trout into their new home

Close up of the trout being pumped from the tank

times, an indoor crab hatchery was added for development of the farmed blue crab species that are held in the RAS tanks here. Blue crabs can be grown in just nine months and tests in the R&D stages are experimenting with diets and solitary living conditions to maximise the rate of growth. The current batch that I saw were at the end of their life and are likely to move on to be used for other purposes soon. As citing William McLarney shows, the Gulf of Mexico coastline is a part of the US that can support all types of extensive and intensive crab farming. Marine farming of crabs can be achieved in theory around this rather wooded and lagoon-stricken region.

took around 10 minutes to pump all the trout into the pond when at which point he said that they will look dizzy or even floating like they have perished in the process, but they will all be absolutely fine. Sure enough, visible fish gradually disappeared towards the centre of the pond and then down into the darker water. In this hatchery’s site there are 14 modern, purpose-built outdoor pools with a capacity of each being 25-cubic metres and three much older, manually-dug pools further to the south of the newer ponds. The older ponds were the first ponds at the complex in the 1930s. Today, one of these older ponds holds an outdoor crab hatchery. In more recent

The crabs were in freshwater tanks alone, apparently because of their carnivorous behaviour patterns that amused the entire group! With that the tour was over and we all returned to the Aquaculture America Conference hotel in central New Orleans. We look forward to hearing more and keeping in touch with these organisations that are striving to build an aquaculture ecosystem for all in the Gulf of Mexico. The Thad Cochran Marine Aquaculture Centre Website: Mississippi Department of Marine Resources Website:

Complete Plants and Machines for the Production of Fish Feed

Contrary to conventional extruders, the KAHL extruder OEE is equipped with a hydraulically adjustable die.

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March-April 2015 | INTERNATIONAL AQUAFEED | 35

Mar | Apr 2015 - International Aquafeed magazine  

The March - April 2015 edition of International Aquafeed magazine

Mar | Apr 2015 - International Aquafeed magazine  

The March - April 2015 edition of International Aquafeed magazine