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Moving Overseas Moving overseas is a big step that could be both exciting and stressful. The key to success in moving is careful planning and you may need the valuable support of a network of overseas moving companies to take care of your belongings from nation to nation. Any intention of moving to a foreign land needs to commence with a comprehensive list of things to do. This can comprise of: • choosing overseas moving companies • preparing detailed inventory of belongings • packing items • obtaining necessary permissions to move plants and pets • getting sufficient insurance coverage • notifying persons and corporations about your transfer and • arranging for acceptance of items in your new home if they arrive ahead of you Choosing a removalist The important factors to look for in a removalist are reliability and experience. Employ a specialist who comes highly recommended by people you know or one who has verified references and is accredited by an Australian removalist organisation. As you’re traveling overseas, you need to] also ensure that your removalist has an equally dependable local partner in the destination country so as to facilitate your transfer.

Planning an inventory A comprehensive inventory of items that you would be packing and bringing to your new home country would serve as a record of the things you sent through the removalist and a checklist of things which you would receive upon their delivery. To ease the headache of preparing this list, your removalist could provide you with a pre-printed checklist that you can fill out as you list items one room at a time. Packing items Letting your moving specialist to pack your items for you takes away not only some of the burden of physically moving but more importantly offers extra care for special items. Not only is a removalist trained to pack your belongings the right way but its personnel will even have the appropriate packing solutions like wooden crates, bubble wraps and polystyrene injected mouldings. Plant permits Movers typically don’t include plants and pets when moving overseas. You will have to make special arrangements to transport your pets and obtain a Department of Agriculture certificate allowing you to move plants. Your removalist might even be in a position to provide assistance to you in preparing the required import documents and paying the correct import duties before moving your things abroad. Insurance coverage While your mover will exercise care in moving your items, you may not be able to claim for damages due to unforeseeable situations beyond its control if you do not have insurance coverage. Your removalist can help you obtain one from an insurer that covers risks in your destination country as well.

Before moving overseas, you would need to inform the overseas moving companies of the individual authorised to accept your belongings if you are not going to be there at the time of delivery. Your removalist could take care of storing your items until you’re ready to accept them but this may entail extra costs for warehousing, handling and re-delivery.

Moving Overseas  

Moving overseas is a big step that could be both exciting and stressful. The key to success in moving is careful planning and you may need t...

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