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Interstate Relocation Is More Than A Change The trademark of great interstate removalists anywhere in the world is a real foresight armed with specialized competency and efficient solutions to do the job. Whether you’re relocating due to a job offering, company growth, or generating a new lease on life as a family, Kent makes your move as effortless and safe as the renowned leader of great interstate removalists in Australia. Bringing together amassed knowledge and experience in the industry since 1964, Kent provides relocation, mobility and consulting services to become one of the amazing interstate removalists in the nation. It's through a huge network of customers who have sought its services time and again that gave Kent a reputable name in the moving business. Country wide Coverage As the largest privately-owned removal firm in Australia, Kent is proud of its extensive reach in all the mainland states and territory capitals in the country. Through its regional branches, relocating families or individuals within Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, or Townsville are properly attended to with its attributed agents and highly qualified personnel. Streamlining is an objective of any great interstate removalists, therefore, Kent establishes a single point of contact in each branch for customers to face an easier and faster communication wherever they’re in Australia. Safety & Security It has also been one of Kent’s continuous goals to develop a high level of confidence with its customers. As part of an elite group of great interstate removalists in Australia and the world, Kent combines cutting-edge facilities when

it comes to storage solutions. Kent has developed a secured warehouse in Sydney equipped with bar code ID and computerized systems and also the latest gantry crane technology from Holland for your possessions to stay in mint condition. Since nobody can predict an ill-fated event while relocating, Kent even makes sure that customers won’t be on the losing end when this occurs. On request, Kent can organize insurance for items whether already stored or during transit. The decision is up to the client if they’re eager to be covered by this insurance policy conducted by Kent who is an authorized representative of a licensed insurance broker. Offering such a assurance for clients is a must for any great interstate removalists in town. More than a Move To prepare the employee, family or organization in their move to another state, Kent offers all-around services for a stress-free settling in experience in a brand new location. Prior to residing in your new home, Kent can make all the logistical arrangements like hiring a car, booking a flight, or seeking a temporary accommodation that will suit your requirements. Great interstate removalists around the world like Kent also offer consumers a comprehensive view of the new host location. From housing, medical facilities, transport system, childcare, lifestyle, to utility connections, Kent assures its support throughout the whole relocation process. Moreover, Kent raises the principles of great interstate removalists by going beyond the normal duties of relocation companies. Kent understands how hard it is for children to adjust to another home as well as to a new school. With this, Kent came up with a Standard and School Search Plus Program to find the best school for your kid. The program helps families in researching, enrolling and arranging interviews for an easier time during the transition. As one of Australia’s great interstate removalists, Kent not only has access to a wider range of locations but even keeps in mind that relocating to a new home

entails more than simply moving or safekeeping furniture. It is through this forethought that Kent guarantees to be involved from start to finish along with preparing the employee or family on what to expect in their new house. More importantly, great interstate removalists such as Kent help them to easily adjust to their new life with its years of expertise in the industry.

Interstate Relocation Is More Than A Change  

It has also been one of Kent’s continuous goals to develop a high level of confidence with its customers. As part of an elite group of great...