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Study opportunities in the


Undergraduate (all fields), graduate degree, MBA, MA, MS, MCS, MD, LLM, and English language programs in American universities

Start your future in a world-class University in Istanbul,


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School of Medicine in

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recognized as a leader and innovator in postsecondary and postgraduate education


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Academic & Tuition Scholarships for high-potential foreign students test Smar r u o Y Makee with v o M


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Study in British Universities

Study business, culinary arts, hospitality and technology

More than 40 undergraduate majors - join 1,300 international students in Rhode Island's university Boost your career Join 7 00 for potential by studying in eig stude ion nts in n ducat g E r u o n tudyi nce y to stu Enha areer by S aught in Technology, Art and dy Me T and C Degrees BA, a dicine, Design, Tourism and nd MA for UKish in Business in an extreme Engl environment



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Extensive range of facilities & services to foreign students at a university in Canada

31 Countries One University

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in this issue Editorial


Study opportunities in the


Undergraduate (all fields), graduate degree, MBA, MA, MS, MCS, MD, LLM, and English language programs in American universities

Start your future in a world-class University in Istanbul,


MIS, BCS, BBA, & MBA us study mp MCS d On-Ca iversity

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School of Medicine in

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Study in one of the largest colleges in

recognized as a leader and innovator in postsecondary and postgraduate education


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Academic & Tuition Scholarships for high-potential foreign students

International Universities in

Study Engli

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Exec Prog utive MBA ram in


Study in British Universities

Study business, culinary arts, hospitality and technology

More than 40 undergraduate majors - join 1,300 international students in Rhode Island's university Join 70 0 stude foreign nts in ucation ur Ed dying nce yo to stu Enha reer by Stu ght in Technology, Art and dy Me and Ca Degrees Tau BA, an dicine, Design, Tourism and d MA for UKsh in Business in an extreme Engli environment


Boost your career potential by studying in




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Asia eUniversity

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Extensive range of facilities & services to foreign students at a university in Canada

31 Countries One University

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At an internationally recognized S d university of choice Abroa Study International Future Students

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Sipco Art Printers Karachi, Pakistan. Last issue

American University of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE Asia e University, Malaysia Birmingham City University, UK Bradford College, UK Brandon University, Canada Burapha University, International College, Thailand Carlos Albizu University, USA Case Western Reserve University, School of Law, USA Cavendish College London, UK College Platon, Canada Columbus State University, USA East Asia Institute of Management, Singapore Eastern Mennonite University, USA Fairleigh Dickinson University, Canada Gulf Medical University, UAE Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Canada Indus Pak Advisors Pvt., Ltd., Pakistan Istituto Marangoni The Fashion School, Italy International American University - College of Medicine, Caribbean Johnson & Wales University Kolej TAFE Seremban, Malaysia Lapland University Consortium, Finland Lime Stone College, USA Malaysia University of Science and Technology Northwestern University in Qatar Pierce College, USA Sabanci University, Turkey Segi College Sarawak, Malaysia St. Matthew's University, School of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, BWI The Sino-British College, USST, China The University of Oradea, Romania University College of the Caribbean, Jamaica University of Johannesburg, South Africa University of Science, Arts & Technology, Monserrat University of Sunderland, UK University of Waterloo, Dubai, UAE University of Wiwatersrand, South Africa Virginia International University, USA Washburn University, USA Webster University, Thailand

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NOTE: International Admissions magazine is published twice each year and distributed at free of cost to prospective students, universities, colleges, education consultants in Asia, Middle East and other countries for information and guidance. International Educational Services as a printer disclaim any responsibility for opinions expressed or the contents of any advertisement printed in any issue of this magazine. Students are requested to inquire about the status or recognized accreditation of the university, college, business school and medical school before sending any money for admission or in tuition fee to any advertiser.



About VIU VIU is a private, non-profit university located in Fairfax, Virginia, just minutes from Washington, DC. The Fairfax, Virginia region is one of the safest, and most up-and-coming regions of the United States. Many fortune 500 companies are headquartered in the region, and the standards of living are very high. Due to the large number of companies in the Northern Virginia region, it is often referred to as ‘Silicon Valley II.’ This type of setting is ideal for students who are interested in degrees in business and computer science, with the opportunity to gain extensive hands-on experience through internships. VIU’s student body comes from more than 50 different countries. VIU offers tuition scholarships to high-potential students because we believe that higher education should be available to those who do not have the necessary funds to pursue it.

Why VIU Online and On-Campus delivery – by affording students the option study online, there is greater flexibility and opportunities for saving when it comes to earning your degree. Complete your degree on your schedule, in the location you choose! Location, location, location – VIU is located in a highly populated, very safe region with multiple opportunities for hands on experience Qualified professors Affordable tuition rates and payment plans. Tuition scholarships CPT - After first year /during semester OPT - After graduation 12 or 29 months

Programs of Study Virginia International University offers four graduate programs: Master of Business Administration (MBA) – On Campus & Online Master of Information Systems (MIS) – On Campus & Online Master of Science in Computer Science (MCS) – On Campus & Online Master of Arts in TESOL Virginia International University offers the following undergraduate programs: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – On Campus & Online Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) – On Campus & Online Certificate in International Business Certificate in Small Business Management Certificate: Medical Administrative Assistant English as a Second Language 8



International Admissions


Features of an Excellent Legal Research and Writing Program Rafael Dean Brown, Assistant Adjunct Professor of Law Foreign Graduate LL.M. Programs Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Every year, LL.M. applicants from various parts of the world struggle to make a complex decision: what is the best LL.M. program for me? This decision involves asking numerous complex questions about affordability, location, and a law school's curriculum. Most often, however, LL.M. applicants forget to ask the most important questions: (1) what do lawyers do, and (2) which program will teach me or help me to improve to do what lawyers do? As a lawyer and having taught at the LL.M. program at Case Western Reserve University School of Law for the past five years, I often find that LL.M. applicants often do not know or forget what it is that lawyers really do. Lawyers solve problems and lawyers write about how to solve problems. Most LL.M. applicants may focus their search for a program that teaches them how to solve a specific legal problem, say intellectual property law or international business. Yet, this is only one side of the coin. LL.M.


International Admissions

applicants should also look for a program with an excellent legal research and writing curriculum. In weighing your options, you should look for LL.M. legal research and writing programs that have the following features: (1) electronic database research and citation training, (2) individualized writing workshops, (3) an approachable writing instructor or writing center, (4) teaches how to research and write legal briefs or memos, and (5) teaches how to research and write an academic legal research paper. Electronic database research training involves training in Lexis and Westlaw. Almost all law schools have an agreement with both Lexis and Westlaw for the companies to provide free research training for their students at the law school and free access to both online research databases while the student is in law school. The program should also teach students how to properly cite legal documents. Citations teach student to pay attention to detail, which is a critical lawyering skill.

Individualized workshops are important simply because most LL.M. programs will be composed of students from various countries. The research and writing center should be able to make suggestions to a student based on individual need. A student from Saudi Arabia will have different writing concerns than a student from Thailand, and LL.M. legal writing instructors should tailor their workshops accordingly. This helps when the writing instructor or writing center is approachable. The student should be able to ask the instructor questions about research and writing whenever there is one. An LL.M. writing program should also teach both the academic legal research paper and the legal brief. Most schools only teach one or the other. Yet, each is a different genre of legal writing that requires a different skill to master. The academic research paper teaches students how to be a scholar, which is an ongoing role tied to the responsibility of an attorney to engage in a dialogue about the law. The legal brief, on the other hand, teaches students how to make arguments, support arguments with relevant authorities, how to structure arguments, how to tell persuasive stories, and others. The legal brief is also the best method to train students to use the CRAC system, the standard rhetorical structure for U.S. legal writing, including law school exams. Before making a final decision, don't forget that lawyers are writers, and writing is perhaps the most important skill you must learn as a lawyer.

* Prof. Brown teaches US Legal Writing, Evidence, and Foreign Graduate Seminar.


Welcome to

associate, bachelor, master's and juris doctor degrees through the College of Arts and Sciences and the schools of Applied Studies, Business, Law and Nursing. Enrollment: 7,000

Located on a 160-acre campus in the center of Topeka, the capital of Kansas, Washburn University provides broadly-based liberal arts and professional education by combining the most effective modes of educating: accomplished faculty, small class sizes, state of the art technology, modern learning techniques and unique opportunities available through an interactive campus and community relationship. Since 1941, Washburn University has been continuously accredited or approved by the Higher Learning Commission: A Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, 30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60602-2504. Academic programs: Washburn offers more than 200 programs leading to certification,

Classes: 44 percent of undergraduate classes have fewer than 20 students. Student/faculty ratio: 16:1 Faculty: 84 percent of full-time faculty hold doctorates or the highest degree in their discipline. National recognition: Washburn is rated sixth in the Midwest among public master's level universities in the 2007 America's Best Colleges rankings issued by U.S. News and World Report. Washburn has earned a top 10 rating ten years in a row.

Washburn is home to KTWU, the first public television station in Kansas. Crane Observatory houses an 1898 Warner & Swasey refracting telescope. The Kuehne Bell Tower features a quartet of bells once housed in the clock tower of Thomas Gymnasium, which was destroyed during a 1966 tornado.

Graduates: More than 1,200 degrees and certificates are awarded annually. Also on campus: Recent additions to the campus include a Student Recreation & Wellness Center; an art building; Washburn Village, a 192-bed apartment-style housing complex; and Carole Chapel. A major project to renovate Stoffer Science Hall was completed in 2008. The Mulvane Art Museum is the oldest accredited art museum west of the Mississippi River. The


museum's permanent collection, though international in scope, emphasizes the work of artists of Kansas and the Midwest.

1700 SW College Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66621 Tel: 00-1 (785) 670-1051 Fax 00-1 785-670-1067




Francisco Art Institute; the Fashion Institute of New York, and many other outstanding universities. Professional-technical programs: From 6 months to 2 years in duration; many programs, including Accounting; Human Resources; Marketing; Small Business Entrepreneurship; Supervision and Management; Nursing;Digital Design; and Early Childhood Education.

Welcome to Pierce College Established in 1967; nationally recognized for academic excellence A fully accredited, state run, 2-year community college Location: Two campuses, both 45 minutes south of Seattle, in beautiful Washington State. The area is known for its natural beauty, clean environment and cutting edge technology. Total enrollment: 9,000 students International students: Approximately 200, from 20 different countries

Programs of study, all taught by our outstanding faculty: University transfer programs -Start your bachelor's degree: Most academic majors available, including accounting, art, business (administration, finance, management, and marketing) computer information, education, engineering, psychology, sociology, theatre/digital film, and many more. 2 years at Pierce College + 2 years at a U.S. university = 4 year bachelor's degree. Recent graduates have transferred to the University of Washington; New York University; Carnegie Mellon; Purdue; the San

Intensive English (ESL) Program: Courses in Listening, Conversation, Pronunciation, Composition, Grammar, Reading and American Culture 20 hours of instruction per week with an academic focus Four levels of instruction, beginning through advanced Small class size Excursions to exciting locations English Conversation Partner Program Access to all Pierce College facilities, events and activities Admission to Pierce College guaranteed upon successful completion of the Intensive English Program International Fast Track High School Completion Program: The fast way to finish high school and earn credits toward a bachelor's degree. Students can earn a Washington State High School Diploma and transferable university credits at the same time. Campus Facilities: Nationally recognized, award-winning libraries with all the latest information technology; many computers for student use; free internet and Wi-Fi; cafeteria; bookstore; Tutoring and Writing Centers; a new Fitness Center.

Contact us: Phone: (253) 964-7327; Fax: (253) 964-6256

For more information: 18


American University of Ras Al Khaimah


American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) is licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, United Arab Emirates.




There are a number of things about Brandon University that make a student's experience unlike the undergraduate experience at any other university, regardless of the field of study. We offer unique programs, great study facilities, free interlibrary loans, a safe and affordable environment, accessible student services, and classes taught by real professors. What really stands out for everyone and makes the quality of the educational experience at Brandon University unrivalled are: We have a low student-professor ratio class size does make a difference to academic success and enjoyment. There are just 11 students for every professor. Sixty percent of our classes have fewer than 20 students. We focus on undergraduate education; students are more likely to enjoy the time and attention that only graduate research students receive elsewhere. Brandon is an ideal community the warmth and friendliness of the city permeates the campus: students are people at Brandon University.


We offer quality education with the most affordable tuition in Canada.

programs prepares nurses to address the needs of individuals, families, and communities.

Brandon University's unique/notable course offerings:

Undergraduate programs:

School of Music is rated as one of the best in Canada. The Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies program addresses the need for well-qualified people working in this field through a novel, highly interactive, problem-solving curriculum. Our new Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is a professional studio-based program offering four-year majors and minors in Aboriginal art, ceramics, digital media and design, and painting.

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor of Physical Education Studies Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Nursing Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing

Graduate Programs: Our Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science program addresses environmental issues from a broad perspective; awareness of environmental issues facing society will go together with a firm foundation in physical, life, and social sciences. Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing

Graduate Diploma in Education Master of Education Master of Music Graduate Diploma in Rural Development Master of Rural Development










free of charge to full-time students, and students can get a certificate for their study.

SBC Foundation Year

A British Education - in Shanghai! The Sino-British College, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), is situated at the heart of the vibrant, modern city of Shanghai. It is a partnership with 9 UK Universities and offers students the opportunity to study for a UK degree, taught entirely in English by qualified international professors. At the same time, students will be fortunate to experience life in one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world.

SBC’s Partners The Sino-British College, USST partners with some of the leading research universities in the UK including the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield. Students have the opportunity to either take their degree entirely in Shanghai, or to spend part of their degree programme at one of the UK partner universities. Whichever they choose, they will graduate with a UK degree certificate.

Shanghai A Twenty-First Century City In the twenty-frist century Shanghai is one of the most important financial centres in Asia. Students who choose to study in Shanghai will surely be well equipped with the connections and experience they need to servive in the business world. Job opportunities for foreigners in 34

Shanghai continue to rise as the city shows no sign of slowing down despite the financial crisis. Shanghai is a diverse city that has opened its doors to visitors from all over the globe. Students can therefore find almost any cuisine on the planet, including Western, Asian, African and Halal food.

Course Highlights Business Management - You will have the opportunity to transfer to over 100 courses in the UK. Accounting and Finance _ The opportunity to transfer to the UK and to gain ACCA and CIMA exemptions. Competitive internships are available with Fortune 500 companies based in Shanghai. Engineering _ You will have the chance to see some of the most world-record breaking Engineering projects of the moment under construction. Popular degrees offered include Mechanical Engineering with Energy Management and Electronic and Electrical Engineering with Computing. Learn Chinese: Learn one of the most sought after languages by employers. Lessons are provided

SBC runs a special Foundation Year programme which provides students with a solid foundation in English for Academic Purposes as well as Mathematics, Physics, Economics and Business Studies, depending on their chosen course. The programme provides a second chance to students who did not achieve their full potential in their high school exams, or who need further English training. SBC also runs a pre-sessional English summer programme for students who need more English support.

Travel and Visa Shanghai is easily accessible by air from most major cities. Visa enquires can be made to your local Chinese embassy. The College can assist students from most countries to obtain a student visa for the period of study. Please call or email the International Office for more details.

Contact Us International Recruitment Office Tel: +86 21 6474 2086 Email: Website:

Reasons to Study at SBC: Certificates Awarded and Credits Transferred Home Flexible University Options and Multiple Study Paths Obtain Prestigious UK University Degree Certificate Teaching Staff From Prestigious British Universities Learn Chinese Language, Business, Society & Culture Unique Campus Environment in the French Quarter 5-minute-walk to Subway Line 1, Shanxi South Rd Station

Subjects Ranging from: International Accounting, Banking and Finance International Business Administration and Economics Events Management (Shanghai Expo 2010 Internships) Events Economy and Management (Expo Internships) Electronic and Electrical Engineering Electronic Information Science and Technology Mechanical Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Machinery Design and Manufacturing & Automation

Are You Looking for a Challenge? Do You have Children of University Age? Please contact Dr. Chris Bayley for enquiries and applications: Tel: 021-6474-2086 Email: Webpage: International Office The Sino-British College, No. 1195 Fuxing Zhong Road, Shanghai, 200031


A continuator of the Pedagogical Institute established in 1963, the University of Oradea is located in the seat of Bihor country and has a favorable geographical position, since Oradea is considered to be the Western Gate of Romania. It has much developed in the past few years, thus turning into a European University due to the numerous partnerships with universities worldwide, the highly involved academic staff and the top generation equipment. The University of Oradea supports sustainable development and has a core duty responding to requests of all wishing to continue their professional education in an exceptional academic environment. The over 700 international students choosing The University of Oradea to pursue their studies on BA, MA or doctoral level and the students involved in study and placement mobilities under Lifelong Learning Programme with Erasmus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Grundtving and Jean Monnet sub-programmed support the international opening university.


Low tuition fees: April to August 2011. Full time undergraduate courses in English for Medicine (6 years) and International Relations and European Studies (3 years). Other courses on BA, MA or doctoral studies provided in Romanian language for the following faculties: Architecture and Constructions, Visual Arts, Physical Education and Sports, Energy Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Management and Technological Engineering, History, Geography and International Relations, Letters, Medicine and Pharmacy, Music, Environmental protection, Sciences, Economics, Lawn and Jurisprudence, Political and Communication Sciences, Social Sciences, Orthodox Theology, Textiles and Leatherwork.

Medicine 3168 Euro/year and 2178 Euro/year International Relations and European Studies. Processing file fee of 150 Euro must be paid in the bank account of the University.

Application requirements: 1.Application form ( 2.Two passport photos for the application form 3. Certified copy and translation into Romanian, English, French or German of the baccalaureate Diploma or equivalent-for undergraduate studies; 4. Certified copy and translation into Romanian, English, French or German of the graduation certificate-for post graduate applicants or PhD; 5.Academic record translated into Romanian, English, French or German; 6.Language certificate (for the teaching language) 7.Certified copy of the birth certificate 8.Certified copy of the passport 9.Medical certificate 10. Proof of payment of 150 euro

Documents are to be submitted at the following address: Department for International Relations/Office for Foreign Students C.P.114 O.P.1 Universitatii street no.1, 410087, Oradea, Romania

Contact person:

Ramona Coita 0040/259 408 144 More information on 37

engineers and mechanics to meet the forecast demand without compromising on safety standards. “There are a significant number of people that needs to be trained and the infrastructure right now in the Asia Pacific is not necessarily a scale that can address the entire requirement, “Ganzarski said

TAFE College Seremban, a premier technical college in Malaysia provides excellence through education for both local and international students. Since its inception in 1988 TAFE, Malaysia has produced 40,000 graduates.

taking a bus, taxi or even commuting by train to Seremban from Kuala Lumpur or other major cities in the country.

The College which is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization offers a wide range of accredited Malaysia which is geographically programmes, such as Diploma in located in the Asia Pacific Region is Aircraft Maintenance Technology, an extremely safe country to pursue D i p l o m a i n A u t o m o t i v e quality education at an affordable Engineering, Diploma in Civil cost. Engineering, Diploma in Electro Mechanical Engineering, Diploma The country is well connected by air i n E l e c t r i c a l & E l e c t r o n i c s transportation. All major airlines fly E n g i n e e r i n g , D i p l o m a i n in to Kuala Lumpur International M a n a g e m e n t , D i p l o m a i n Airport which is just 40km away Accounting or the Diploma in from the College. Budget airlines Information Technology (Software such as Air Asia also connect most Development). parts of the world with Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Sun Newspaper in Malaysia dated 17 September 2010 reported The College is situated 80km down Mr Roei Ganzarski, Chief Customer south of Kuala Lumpur in a Officer at Boeing Training and Flight t o w n s h i p c a l l e d S e r e m b a n . Service to have said that 596500 Seremban is situated in the west aircraft maintenance crew would be coast of Peninsular Malaysia and is required in the next 20 years the administrative capital for the globally and with 40% accounted state of Negeri Sembilan. for in Asia. Ganzarski also stressed that the industry would have to You could reach Seremban by ramp up the training of aircraft

TAFE College Seremban, an approved external school of Air Tech Bildung, Germany to the requirement of EASA Part 147 by the German Aviation Authority with a reference of DE.147.0014 is equipped to conduct structured training to meet the huge demand projected. The College has all approvals to conduct structured EASA modules training, practicals and is an approved EASA examination centre in Malaysia. All International students interested in pursuing a programme with TAFE College Seremban, Malaysia are required to have completed 'O” Levels or “A” Levels and have relevant credits in order to be eligible to pursue Diploma programmes at TAFE, Malaysia. The duration of the programme would range from two years and four months to three years based on programme selection. Registration for new students are conducted three times in a year, in the month of January, April and September. An estimated processing time of two months is required prior to each intake for international students.

Do visit our website for recent updates and detailed information or post your enquiries to the Marketing Department at 38




We are pleased to welcome you to Burapha University International College! We promise to offer you programs and facilities of the highest quality to match the best industries. The College's location in Chonburi Province, on the Eastern Seaboard, near the famous industrial estates of Thailand, supports not only the opportunities for training in your chosen career path in the industrial area, but also a variety of social and cultural activities that only a tourist destination like "Bangsaen" can provide. Therefore, you will find that while our students study hard, they also have great fun as they are in such a wonderful recreation atmosphere. In addition, we take care of and treat each of our students as an individual. We promise that you will find your stay with us not only useful but also personally successful. The Burapha University Council granted the International College full status on March 28, 2003. The Council's strategy is to promote:

Educational internationalization Educational and research Exchanges for professional development Proficiency in the English language Technological and professional skills for career or advanced study at international or national institutions. To create an educational center for overseas students to study and experience the culture, language and environment in this picturesque region of Southeast Asia. Burapha University is developing degrees that allow international students to undertake some of their courses in their own counties. Burapha University is the University in the Eastern Seaboard Area of Thailand. Currently, there are almost 35,000 students, 9,000 of whom are studying at graduate level.

students for a semester or an entire year. Visiting students who attend courses may, if they wish, have their performance assessed and certified.

The International College offers courses in Communication Skills for Human Resource Development, Marketing, Tourism and Hotel Management, Management, Logistics Management, and Management Information Systems (MIS). International undergraduate programs are offered by BUUIC Burapha University International College.

The International College also extends a warm welcome to students from overseas universities who wish to come to Burapha University as visiting international

Burapha University International College





The University is a modern and dynamic centre of education offering high quality teaching, variable and flexible courses, an extensive scholarship program and excellent support services. Sunderland attracts thousands of students from all over the globe who go on to lead exciting careers armed with a first-class qualification.

The University has been providing higher education in the city since 1901. The key to this longevity is its ability to adapt to change - something that former Education Secretary Estelle Morris highlights: “The University is extremely good at adapting - constantly seizing new agendas and changing with society...when new ideas are announced academia trails in their wake, taking too long to adjust but Sunderland takes its opportunities and leads the field�. We are an innovative, forwardthinking university with high standards of teaching, research and support that sits at the heart

of one of the UK's most up and coming cities. We have strong links with industry and business, and work closely with some of the world's leading companies. Our two campuses - one in the city and one on the coast - are perfectly placed to ensure a lifechanging student experience.

Sunderland has a long tradition of welcoming and educating students from around the world. Studying in the United Kingdom leads to an academic qualification that is respected throughout the world. It also gives students the opportunity to learn from the experience of living in the UK, to absorb its culture and language, and to make valuable contacts and friendships. Many of the courses and facilities at the University of Sunderland have been shaped by the needs of international students.

With the increasing globalization of industry, commerce, science and the arts, the University of Sunderland is building everstronger links with partners across the world. This spirit of partnership underpins our commitment to providing the best possible support for international students, both academically and in the range of services we provide to ensure your stay in Sunderland will be a memorable and valuable step in your career development. The University lies at the heart of the vibrant city of Sunderland in the welcoming North East of England.





International Admissions


continue to enhance the way information is created, shared and managed, today's communication professional has to be digitally schooled in order to take advantage of these new opportunities. Northwestern students are effective users of advanced technologies, including RSS feeds, information graphics, and interactive tools that are shaping the future media landscape.

With the proliferation of global media and the evolution of digital technologies, communication has emerged as one of the most important and dynamic industries in the world. From mobile communication and wireless technology to the growth of online and specialist media, the relationship between communication, technology and society is continuing to evolve. At Northwestern University in Qatar, students learn what it takes to create, inform and connect in this exciting new world of global communication. Northwestern University in Qatar offers two academic programs one in communication and one in journalism.

Communication The School of Communication offers a Bachelor of Science in Communication degree. For more than 125 years, the school has been preparing students for management and creative roles in communication and media industries, and for responsible civic participation in the proliferating world of global media. The communication program offers courses of study in the areas of communication theory, history and media technologies. The program enables students to develop critical skills in communication. As new digital technologies


Alongside analytic coursework, students develop creative proficiency in the full range of communications disciplines. Whether editing their own films, writing screenplays, directing TV programs in studio, producing documentaries, developing computer animation, or designing a website, students graduate as highly skilled professionals ready to lead in their field of choice.

Journalism The Medill School of Journalism offers a Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree. With its distinguished history of training worldclass journalists since 1921, Northwestern helps students find their own voice within global media, preparing them to exercise leadership and creative vision in their chosen careers. The fully accredited program teaches students the essentials of reporting and storytelling across diverse media platforms. In keeping with its mission to produce informed journalists who are able to keep pace with the evolving world of journalism, students are instructed in all the media and take two thirds of their classes in liberal arts subjects such as literature, history, economics, and religion. This formula creates the high caliber journalists for which Medill and Northwestern are known. Northwestern students turn theory into practice through journalism residencies where they work in dynamic news environments, learning from real journalists and gaining insight into the hotbed of legal and ethical issues affecting media freedoms around the world. Students learn how to produce news pieces for television and how to market their ideas for articles; they learn the craft of writing features for magazines and then how to edit a tes go on

magazine; they learn community reporting and how to bring stories to life through photojournalism. Equipped with an extensive range of skills, graduates go on to forge successful careers in journalism, while others make their mark in public relations, advertising, education, law, and politics.

Student Life The Medill School of Journalism and the School of Communication have a long tradition of educating the whole student through a vast array of curricular and co-curricular opportunities. Student Affairs at Northwestern University in Qatar continues this tradition. The Northwestern student body is made up of active, friendly, dynamic, conscientious students who take an interest in the world around them and want to become leaders in and outside of the classroom. They are active in a range of student activities and organizations. Student Affairs Office at Northwestern University in Qatar coordinates student-led organizations, service learning trips, leadership training, study skill workshops and wellness and recreation opportunities to meet the needs and interests of NU-Q students.






Meet our Team in





Profile for shaheen mirza

International Admissions  

international-admissions Education Students

International Admissions  

international-admissions Education Students