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Benefits of a Las Vegas Press Club

Relocate to Las Vegas! It’s been many years since Las Vegas has

businesses, our news media, and

had a Press Club. Not only will the Las

the city itself.

Vegas International Press Club join the

other nationally known Press Clubs but, because of the Las Vegas reputation, it will

A source of pride for Nevada and Las Vegas residents.

Strengthens the city’s position as a

draw visitors from the all over the worldwide

prime place to conduct national and

business community.

international business. 

Why Las Vegas Needs a Press Club All major international cities have Press Clubs that garner respect from their entire

respect in the national and world markets. 

celebrities, and local and state governments

businesses relocate to Nevada. 

Out of town businesses that are here for conventions will visit the Press

all participate. Sponsors typically include

Club seeking publicity–and will be

universities and other educational

met with a “TV wall” telling them all

institutions, news and media institutions,

the reasons Nevada is an excellent

large national and international

business move (they’ll also find

corporations, and private foundations. 

Will be working with the Governor’s development task to help

metropolitan areas–and from the rest of the world. Notable businesses, press factions,

Increases Las Vegas’ ever-growing

great publicity!).

Will generate tremendous amounts

Will help drive new real-estate sales.

of free publicity for Las Vegas

Will increase Las Vegas convention bookings and encourage people to stay longer.


Benefits of a Las Vegas Press Club