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VOL. 2 MAYO 2014



ÍNDICE FIESTA DE PUERTAS ABIERTAS································ 3, 4 INFANTIL •WE GO SHOPPING············································· 5, 6 •FARMERS FOR A DAY········································· 7, 8 SAN ISIDRO 2014·················································· 9 PRIMARIA •BOSQUE ENCANTADO········································ 10 •ARAVACA WALK················································ 10 •AVENTURA AMAZÓNICA····································· 11 •VIAJE A LOS ABEDULES····································· 12 •VISITING A RUBBISH DUMP······························· 13 DÍA DEL LIBRO 2014············································· 14 PRIMERA COMUNIÓN············································· 15 SECUNDARIA •CAMBRIDGE EXAMINATIONS······························ 16 •PROYECTO DE COLABORACIÓN·························· 17 •VIAJE A VALENCIA············································ 18 •CONGRESO DE LOS DIPUTADOS························· 19


y a D n e p O h t 6


y a D n e p O h t 6

Un año más la fiesta de puertas abiertas ha sido un éxito rotundo. Este año toda la recaudación va para Cruz Roja y sus proyectos de ayuda humanitaria.


Finally the sun shone and it didn’t rain, so we could go to Rosa de Luxemburgo´s shopping mall, as we had already in mind. We had planned this activity because of our market project and we went there to know more about the different shops and buy by ourselves a lot of things. We were so excited!! We went to the Pharmacy where we bought strips, to the “Bakery and the Greengrocer’s” where we bought bread and pears, to the notions store where we bought elastic band for our festival lion mask. We had behaved so good that Miss Elena invited us to an ice-cream and we came back to school happily and making a perfect train! Elena Escalada


The children have role played being a shopkeeper or a customer and learnt how the vocabulary of buying and selling and asking questions…

How can I help you? “I’ll take that!” How much does it cost? Do you have this in another size? Keep the change The children enjoyed these grown up roles and learnt how to ask for directions to get to their favorite shop. As a shopkeeper they also learnt how to tell the time by explaining what time their shop opened and closed, and also how to do subtractions, using the price and money for the things they bought and sold. It has been a fantastic experience for them. They have spent a great time by learning many new things.

Mr. M


r o f s r e m r a F ! y a d a How nice it is to spend time outdoors when the weather is so nice! How nice it is to see different kinds of animals and their habitat! Because of these things and more we thought that it was a great idea to spend a day in the School Farm like little farmers. As every year, all the children were waiting for this special day to come ! We went to the farm from the very beginning of the day, with our backpacks, the snack and suncream inside, ready to spend an exciting day. When we arrived we met the new “teachers” and made different groups to make a tour and do some activities. They had prepared, as you saw, some “ mineral salts" and they felt really proud of themselves. Pigs, wildboars, hens, rabbits, horses, ponies, and other animals where also the protagonists of that wonderful day. Hala Al Hashimi


It was a beautiful day full of opportunities to enjoy. We went to spend a day to a farm close to Madrid, around Villanueva del Pardillo. We started the day on the bus. The children were excited. They spent the way going to the farm singing and chatting with their friends. The farmers received us with a jolly hello.

A new day was being offered by the chance of walking around the farm, learning about nature at the same time by asking lots of questions. Observing and smelling plants and fruits. Taking strawberries from the land directly to our lips was an experience to remind us the importance of eating fresh vegetables. Janet Val Triboullie




BOSQUE ENCANTADO We travelled to a magical botanical garden full of creatures from the deep see to some of the most famous fairytale characters! We toured the entire gardens and saw amazing plant sculptures which included a life size bull and bull fighter and a giant dragon. Not only did we delight in all the wonderful different types of plants and sculpture. The students also planted their own potted rosemary plants to take home. All in all it was day full of fun and learning.

2ยบ EPO

Martin Schenin

ARAVACA WALK One of the main objectives of Science class is to understand about the world around us. To do just this, we took year 3 students on a walk around their town. We started off early in the morning and headed towards the centre of Aravaca. Once there, children got the opportunity to buy something extra for their snack. They took turns buying whatever they liked from the Moscas shop, on c/ Osa Mayor. Once finished we set off for the post office to rest, have a snack, play a bit and send a letter to our parents by post. Students spent various days in English class preparing the letter, using the different writing strategies learned at school during the year. Michael Bennett


Michael Bennett The students had the opportunity to visit an adventure park in the middle of the mountains, close to Cercedilla. The surroundings are amazing and the kids got to spend the day amongst beautiful pine trees, ferns and even a small stream.

During their visit our little ones climbed up ladders and moved from tree to tree going through a number of obstacles. Sometimes they had to walk across logs, others climb through nets and they even got to go down zip lines. All of this physical activity made for an amazing day.


Los alumnos de 4ºEPO pasaron tres divertidos días en el Albergue de Los Abedules, Bustarviejo, situado en la Sierrra de Madrid. Un lugar rodeado de naturaleza donde pasaron tres días llenos de aventuras y diversión. Laura Orán


VISITING A RUBBISH DUMP Year 5 and 6 students went to visit the Vertedero de Valdemingómez this last week to see what exactly happens with the rubbish generated in Madrid. We all learned some very interesting facts, such as that this centre alone receives more than 4,000 tons (4 MILLION Kg) of residues every day. It’s a number that is very hard to imagine, and it surprised us all very much. Through our Captain Planet project, students have become very aware of the importance of reducing consumption and what to do with the residue created from our consumption. The monitors were surprised to see how well IA students knew how to separate the different rubbish into the multiple recycling bins available around Madrid. Students also got the chance to compete amongst each other in a shopping game where they had to try and buy the most ecological products as possible. When a little older we hope to take students back so they can visit the plants where workers and machines separate the different rubbish so as to recycle it and put it back into circulation. Javier Espinosa



El pasado 23 de abril celebramos el Día Internacional del Libro. Como una manera de expresar la improvisación, la imaginación y la creatividad de nuestros alumnos, realizamos diversos talleres como partidos de impromatch, juegos de adivinar personajes o expresiones creativas de obras representativas de la literatura. Fue una tarde muy enriquecedora. Ángela García Rowe


Un año más, celebramos nuestra Primera Comunión y lo celebramos acompañados de nuestras familias y de nuestro magnífico coro.



Cambridge English Language Assessment provides the world’s most valuable range of exams and qualifications for learners of English. Cambridge examinations fall within the CEFR framework.

This month students from both EPO and ESO are taking their Cambridge Examinations. The students have worked hard to prepare for the KET, PET and First Certificate Examinations.


Daniela García y Patricia García, 1º ESO Un proyecto de colaboración entre las diferentes etapas del colegio, con el fin de que nuestros alumnos pusieran en práctica los valores que enseñamos a diario, como el respeto y la responsabilidad, en la comunidad a la que pertenecen “SU COLEGIO”.

APADRINADOS: Los alumnos de secundaria voluntariamente hemos colaborado con las profesoras y alumnos de primaria. Hemos sido ayudantes y profesores de apoyo para estos alumnos. Si pasaba algo, nos tenían a nosotros para ayudarles. Hemos colaborado en actividades como manualidades con alumnos, decoración de pasillos, extraescolares, juegos en el patio y el taller de lectura-teatro haciendo juegos y actividades para trabajar la comprensión oral y la inteligencia emocional a través de los personajes. ... hemos aprendido a ser más responsables y a cuidar a los niños con estas actividades. Los alumnos y sus profesores nos han tratado genial, y estamos agradecidos de ello…

Estos dos meses nos han servido de gran ayuda, tanto como de forma de ser personal, a influencias en nuestro día a día. Nos hemos dado cuenta del esfuerzo que ponen los profesores en realizar su trabajo todos los días, y esperamos poder ser tan buenas personas con los demás como lo han sido ellos con nosotros.


Este año hemos realizado el primer viaje de fin de curso de la etapa de secundaria con motivo del final del primer ciclo de ESO. El número de actividades ha sido muy numeroso y en tres días nos ha dado tiempo a perchar y dar un paseo en bici por la Albufera, visitar el casco histórico, aprender acerca de las fallas y su historia en el museo fallero, bañarnos en la Playa de la Malvarrosa y dormir con los tiburones en el Oceanografic. Los alumnos de 2º ESO daban sus impresiones tras el viaje: - “Me pareció muy divertido y mejoramos nuestra convivencia”. (Carla) - “Fue una gran experiencia y una oportunidad de pasarlo bien”. (Jia Wei) - Para mi, fue un viaje genial e inolvidable porque fue una oportunidad única”. (Hugo)


CONGRESO DE LOS DIPUTADOS Los alumnos de 3º ESO vistan el Congreso de los diputados, Cámara baja de las Cortes generales. Aprendieron con una visita guiada, desde la historia del edificio y sus anécdotas, hasta las funciones parlamentarias y legislativas que la Constitución atribuye a dicha Cámara.






Internacional Aravaca. Mayo 2014  

Reviste mensual del colegio Internacional Aravaca

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