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ICT Education Support from Interm IT (Essex)

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Cost­effective Curricular ICT Support Solutions.

Cost­effective Curricular ICT Support Solutions School ICT Networks have become increasingly complex to manage. Supporting educational networks on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis is no longer sustainable and the need for Professional IT Support Solutions within the education sector has never been in higher demand. Our ICT Support continues to work closely with many organisations within the education sector. Our portfolio of clients includes Infant and Junior Schools, Primary & Secondary Schools and Middle Schools. We understand the financial constraints faced by Head Teachers and School Managers. The education sector has unique needs and there is constant pressure to reduce annual costs, without

• Unlimited ‘Telephone and Remote’ Support from our Essex Based Office. • Onsite Support provided by our team of technicians that all hold current CRB certificates. • Extensive knowledge of various software platforms used in an educational environment, including the latest VLE systems. • Hardware Solutions ­ support for all hardware onsite including Printers, Pc’s, servers and laptops. We also support networking equipment including wireless networks. • Constant remote monitoring of all school servers as standard. • Access to our other range of technology solutions.

sacrificing service & support levels. Because of these constraints, Interm IT Essex has created a unique ICT Support Solution and is based upon providing a support package that you the customer decide what you can afford and need, it can be a total package which provides

• Initial Onsite Network Audit provided by an ICT Consultant. • On­going ICT Consultancy.

educational clients with a full­time Network Support on a particular day each week or PAYG. We believe we are one of the only IT outsourcing Companies

A Regular Onsite Presence

in the UK that can offer a genuine ‘Unlimited’ IT Support

Scheduled site visits can be arranged on a weekly, fortnightly

Service to the education sector. Every support contract is

or monthly basis. If your school requires a full­time presence

tailored to the needs of the customer in question. Any of our

then our ICT Department can also provide this service at our

tailored support contracts consists of the following services;

standard rate, please call for details.

Every member of Our ICT Department staff is subject to a basic and enhanced CRB check before employment commences.

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Cost­effective Curricular ICT Support Solutions.

ICT Hardware & Software Solutions Supply & Installation of the latest ICT Technologies. Interm IT Essex provides Computer Hardware and Software solutions to Primary & Secondary Schools, Colleges & Private Education establishments across the Eastern counties. As a leading ICT Support Company established for over 7 years, we also provide professional installation services and on-going support for all aspects of your IT Network. We can supply the very latest in ICT technology, from all the major hardware vendors at discounted prices. Our organisation is an official Ergo, Elmo, Reseller and we also maintain on­going relationships with some of the largest hardware distributers in the UK. We can supply Microsoft software licencing to educational authorities at heavily discounted prices.

We can supply and install:

• Workstations & Small Form Factor Pc’s • Affordable Windows Servers • A range of peripherals including Monitors, Printers, Scanners & Fax machines. • Networking equipment including wireless routers and network switches • Microsoft Software licencing

Our team of IT Support engineers are all certified professionals that hold current CRB Certificates. We have

Interm IT Essex also provides a professional hardware

extensive experience in computer hardware installation, from

installation service to organisations in the education sector.

basic upgrades to complex server projects.

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Cost­effective Curricular ICT Support Solutions.

Interactive Whiteboards. Supplying the latest SMART Whiteboard Technology. Interactive whiteboards are now commonplace in the classroom of many schools and colleges across the UK. The current generation of students have grown up with this innovative technology, which is helping teachers interact with their pupils in a way that is both engaging and informative. Interm IT (Essex) supply and maintain SMART Interactive

Object awareness ­ The new generation of 885ix Interactive

whiteboards for all of our customers. This service is provided

whiteboards, use new object awareness technology that

by our partner Cablers Ltd. This modern day alternative

will present your students with a completely new educational

to the traditional whiteboard, combines touch screen

experience. Move objects with your fingers, write with a pen

technology with an integrated HD ready projector, to deliver

and erase digital ink with the palm of your hand.

the ultimate peripheral for tutoring. Open files, use software applications, view websites and

Access to SMART Resources

multimedia applications. Interact with them on the touch

All SMART Interactive whiteboard users will have full access

screen surface. Write notes onscreen via digital ink, save as

to ready­to­use, free educational resources. There are

a file and share via email.

thousands of SMART Notebook lessons available for download from the official SMART Exchange website.

SMART Interactive Whiteboard Technology

Interm IT (Essex) supply, install & maintain SMART Interactive

Multi­touch ­ The latest generation of SMART interactive

whiteboard technology to Educational Authorities across the

whiteboards also feature ‘multi touch’ technology. This

South East. We can advise on the best technology to choose

allows two people to interact with the SMART board at the

and we can assist with staff training.

same time. No tools are required, just use your fingers to write, draw and interact with applications. Freestyle Interaction ­ Students and teachers alike can work together onscreen at the same time without restriction. Each person can perform different actions. One personal can interact with an application whilst the other draws or writes in digital ink.

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Interactive Display Screens. A revolution in interactive technology. Are your interactive whiteboards due for renewal or upgrade? Do you want to use the latest interactive technology in your school?

Interactive whiteboards have an average 3­5 years lifespan, so if your equipment is feeling a bit tired, an interactive Display Screen could be your answer. Take one Interactive LCD Display Screen, add a laptop or iPad, and you’re there! No projector needed, and no shadows. You have an LCD touch screen that emits a much brighter image

Interm IT Essex offers a fully managed installation service,

with better resolution, resulting in a superb quality picture.

with free, comprehensive site surveys.

Interactive whiteboards have been an essential classroom tool in the last ten years, but developments in screen and touch technology has surpassed IWBs. For instance, the lamp alone in an Interactive Display Screen lasts 50,000 hours – that’s 17 years of school hours! There’s no bulb or filter to replace, saving you money and stress. You won’t need any device drivers or calibration between a projector and board, you can just plug and go.

• No maintenance • Interactive, multi­touch HD display screen • No shadows or bright light beams • Extended back­light life • No re­calibration required, even in portable installations

Your screen will have HD picture quality, interactive

• Picture­perfect in bright rooms

performance, and complete portability, with no maintenance

• Toughened 4mm safety glass


• Integrated amplifier and speakers • Available in 46” to 82”, LCD/LED, Clear Glass • 3 years on­site swap out warranty

Please contact

Karen on 01268 440949 should you wish to discuss any requirements

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Cost­effective Curricular ICT Support Solutions.

Wireless ICT Network Solutions. Does your school have a secure wireless network? Interm IT (Essex) provides cost effective wireless networking solutions to schools and colleges. We can deliver a fully managed wireless solution which incorporates a high level of network security through our partners Cablers Ltd. Our company has a wealth of experience, deploying high

Interm IT (Essex) and Cablers Ltd offers on­going support

performance wireless networks. We design and implement

contracts for wireless networks at educational establishments.

award winning wireless solutions which are fast, secure,

We offer fully remote and telephone support plus onsite

flexible and reliable. Our wireless solutions are fully scalable

engineer support when required.

to the demands of your organisation. With our future­proof wireless technology, you can expand the size of your network at minimal cost with zero downtime.

A fully Managed Wireless Solution With a managed wireless solution, everything is in your control. You can restrict internet access on a user or group level, setup a range of dedicated networks with various permission levels for students and staff, setup temporary wireless access for guests and monitor network activity at a user or group level.

Affordable Technology and on-going Support Implementing a wireless solution on campus doesn’t have to be expensive. Interm IT (Essex), with our partners Cablers Ltd, conduct a full detailed site survey before any quotations are produced. This survey allows us to create a blueprint for a wireless network which is tailored to both your infrastructure, and your budget.

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BYOD for Schools. BYOD doesn’t have to be a venture into the unknown... ..with Interm IT (Essex) and Cablers Ltd we have brought you the total solution! Ruckus Wireless for Schools: Without the wireless infrastructure to support devices, the superb learning benefits of tablets cannot be realised and the huge investment in them is wasted! Ruckus offers the most capable wireless solution for education delivering reliable, secure wireless to the highest density of environments at incredibly competitive prices!

For more information, on Ruckus Wireless, please contact Karen on 01268 440949 or Brett on

07801 768778 1. Users connect to a provisioning SSID and are re-directed to an onboarding portal. 2. users enter domain credentials which are verified against a user database. 3. The User’s role assignment and permissions are automatically determined based on authentication. 4. Using Zero-IT, the device is autoprovisioned with a dynamic pre-shared key and dynamically assigned to the requisite VLAN. 5. Devices re-connect on a secure WLAN receiving network permissions according to their role.

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About Interm IT (Essex) Ltd. Providing IT Support Solutions for over 7 years. Established in 2006, Interm IT (Essex) Ltd provides ICT Outsourcing Services to primary, secondary and middle schools throughout the Southern Counties. We have earned an unrivalled reputation in the IT industry for our technical expertise and exceptional customer service standards. Interm IT (Essex) are proud to be associated with several outstanding educational associations like Impetus Education who, to date, have 18 outstanding schools to their credit. There are many ICT Support companies in Essex and Suffolk, but not many of them have been around for as long as we have. Interm IT (Essex) has been providing schools with professional IT Support services for over 7 years. We have an obsession for delivering a professional and reliable IT Support service that is second to none within our industry. Our ethos is simple; Interm IT (Essex) becomes YOUR IT Department. We take time to learn about your organisation and to ensure that our service is tailored to your needs. We aim to become an integral part of your business infrastructure, leaving you to get on with “your own business” while we concentrate on your IT. Our Support is more Pro-active, then reactive. Our aim is always to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Ongoing monitoring of servers using our remote agent monitoring technology, allows us to pre­empt possible future failures, keeping you’re system running and determining hardware faults & fixing them.

The key to success is to develop a long­term relationship based on our detailed understanding of your IT requirements, together with our ability to deliver a pro­active, professional and friendly IT support service.

Head Office address Interm House, 28 Glebelands, Benfleet, Essex SS7 4LT Follow us on Twitter - @interm_it_essex Technical Director: Brett Dunmow Mobile: 07801 768778 • Email: Finance Director: (Accounts, quotes, sales and queries) Contact Karen on 01268 440949 Fax number: 01268 445092 • Email:

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