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WEEKEND IN MOSCOW Dear Friends! We find for you the best selection of interesting events for this Weekend in Moscow. The weekend will be interesting, the Proryv festival for brave people, the festival of Orchid for raffineted one and our bonus for this edition is Theatral news. We hope spring will come in Moscow very soon. Follow us /intermarkrelocation Moscow is easy with Intermark Relocation

Proryv Festival 2014 For those who like risk and adrenalin. For the 7th time in Moscow will be held the Festival “Proryv�, that will unify the best Riders and just crazy people in one place. On a space of 8 500 sq.m. you will find a fantastic extreme show with rollers, BMX, snowboarders, bikes and more. SC Olipiyskiy 16, Olimpiyskiy prospect, bldg.1 m. Prospekt Mira Entrance fee: 550- 3800 RUR

The 5th Festival of Orchid For the first time, the Garden will present the most exotic varieties of flowers that they have. Usually these special varieties of Orchid are hide from visitors. Even that the Orchid is the Queen of this exhibition; you will find here other exotic flowers, looking like birds or butterflies. 26,Prospekt Mira m. Prospekt Mira Till the 30th of March


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Expo in Moscow Soviet Art. Soviet Sport After being at Sotheby’s house in London, the exhibition will come in Moscow!

The exhibitions, which were already mentioned on our Facebook

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Surrealism & Livre D’artiste The Pushkin Sate Museum of Fine Arts

Ten Portraits Of Jews Of The Twentieth Century by Andy Warhol Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center

10, Volkhonka str. m. Kropotkinskaya

11,Obraztsova st., building 1А

Soviet artists have produced tens of thousands of works on sporting themes, the best of which are of great importance to the history of Russian art. Soviet Art. Soviet Sport presents a wide variety of works from the Institute of Russian Realist Art and private collections, with each work exemplifying the diverse artistic heritage of the USSR. Including works from eminent Russian artists such as Alexander Deyneka, Natalya Goncharova, Ilya Mashkov and Kazimir Malevich, Soviet Art. Soviet Sport identifies the changing representation of sport since the 1920s, from its use as a propaganda tool of collective optimism, to the end of the 1970s, where sportsmen were individualised as heroic symbols. IRRI 7, Derbenevskaya quay bld 31 m. Paveletskaya Entrance Fee: 50 - 150 RUR Till the 25th of May

The premiere of “Lady of the Camellias” The Bolshoi Theatre presents the Russian premiere of the John Neumeier’s legendary ballet The premiere of “Lady of the Camellias” March 20th 2014 A good plot for a big ballet The autobiographic plot, used by Dumas fils in literature (he wrote the novel “Lady of the Camellias” in 1848, and made it into the same-name play in 1852) turned out to be surprisingly viable. “Lady of the Camellias” has occupied a permanent place in the drama theatre repertoire; the production has seen a great success both in terms of acting and directing (it is enough to mention such legendary names as Sara Bernard, Eleonora Duse, Gabrielle Réjane, Maria Savina and Vsevolod Meyerhold).

The opera history of “Lady of the Camellias” is as long and even more spectacular. The opera “La Traviata” by Verdi was premiered in 1853, only a year after the premiere of the play by Dumas fils, which the opera was based on; having survived tremendous failure, it soon became famous all over the world (the part of Violetta was performed by Maria Callas, Renata Tebaldi and many other outstanding singers, as well as the parts of Alfredo and Germont). When cinema was introduced, “Lady of the Camellias” soon appeared on the screen (screen adaptations starred Alla Nazimova, Greta Garbo, Sara Montiel and Isabelle Huppert; Rudolph Valentino was one of the actors that performed the part of Armand). “Lady of the Camellias”, staged by John Neumeier in 1978, has become the most famous ballet production. The premiere series of performance will take place on March 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd (noon and 7 p.m.) and 25th. 1, Theatre Square m. Teatralnaya

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Weekend in Moscow 22-23 March  
Weekend in Moscow 22-23 March  

We find for you the best selection of interesting events for this Weekend in Moscow. The weekend will be interesting, the Proryv festival fo...