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Never Re-Roof Again.

Lifetime Roofing Systems ®

Interlock® Roofing has a long and proud tradition of offering homeowners trend-setting, elegant, and environmentally sustainable roofing solutions. Our roofing products are designed and tested to be attractive, durable, and last a lifetime. When you choose Interlock, the first time you replace your roof will also be the last. The Interlock Roof meets the most rigorous tests of environmental responsibility. Our lifetime roofing products are made from up to 95% recycled materials, and are environmentally sustainable. Interlock is an Energy Star® Partner. Owning an Interlock roof ends the cycle of landfill waste caused by the disposal of failed roofing. And, we are pleased to bring forward a practical platform to support your Solar Roofing requirements allowing you to harvest clean, renewable solar energy that can be sent directly into the power grid. For you, choosing Interlock means: less dependence on our natural resources, less pollution in your area, and less money out of your pocket over time. Our products are designed to provide you with the confidence that your decision to invest in our roof is sound, environmentally responsible, and improves the look of your home. Stringent industry tests are conducted on our slate, shingle, shake, tile and standing seam profiles to confirm maximum protection from extreme climate conditions. Interlock Roofing is exclusively coated with the Alunar® Coating System embedded with Teflon® surface protector, to ensure ultimate durability, strength, and appearance. An elegant final appearance is achieved with a low gloss matte finish technology. With Interlock Roofing, you will find an appealing color and style to suit you and your home. Whether you choose to install your roof with an independent Interlock dealer or an affiliated contractor, you have the confidence of knowing your roofing product is sustainable, manufactured to exceed industry standards, elegantly designed, pays for itself over time, and will last as long as you live in your home. We stand by what we sell with an industry-leading Lifetime limited, Non-prorated 50-year transferable warranty. On behalf of the Interlock Team, I am very proud to offer you not only the last roof you will ever need, but also an “Environmentally Sustainable Roofing Solution” for your home. Sincerely, Mark Wenzel

Lifetime Roofing Systems ®

Why Choose an Interlock® Lifetime Roof? All of our products showcase our total commitment to protect and beautify your home for life, and to safeguard the environment. Our roofing systems will provide you with a lifetime of value. Performance and Durability • Eliminates curling, cracking, rotting and splitting • Designed and tested to withstand extreme climate conditions Energy Efficient • Saves you money on cooling costs † Environmentally Safe • Made from sustainable materials Always Affordable • Flexible Payment Plans Available O.A.C. • Pays for itself in reduced energy costs Professional Installation Lifetime Limited Warranty

† As per Cool Roof Rating Council (CCRC) and Oak Ridge

National Labratories (ORNL)

(U.S. only)

Never Re-Roof Again.

If you’re like most, your home is your most valuable asset. And you’ll do anything to protect it. Interlock® metal roofs are built to last. In fact, they’re so durable that when you replace your roof with our product, you’ll never have to re-roof again.

Our first goal is to provide you with the last roof you will ever need.

But we also know how important it is that your home be as attractive as possible. So our roofing profiles look like traditional slate, shingle, shake or tile roofing. You’ll have an abundant selection of roofing styles and designer colors, ensuring an elegant match to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Deep Charcoal InterlockÂŽ Slate

Black InterlockÂŽ Slate

Interlock® Slate Roofing The graceful elegance of slate roofing without the weight... Traditional slate is very expensive and is also very heavy; in fact some rafters may need to be reinforced. With an Interlock® Slate roof you’ll get the longevity and look of natural slate roofing without the weight.

The benefits of an Interlock® Slate Roof • The look of slate without the weight; greatly reduces weight strain on your home’s structure. • No more cracking or splitting. • Four way interlock connection system on all four sides of the metal slate. • Hail Resistance; Exceeds UL Standard 2218 Class 4, Impact Standard for Impact Resistance. • Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Deep Charcoal Interlock® Slate

Interlock速 Cedar Shingle Crafted to resemble thin-cut wood shingles. Built to last for a lifetime... A four way interlocking aluminum roofing system, each shingle is embossed with a heavy grain texture, coated with the Alunar速 Coating System embedded with TEFLON速 surface protector to provide an extremely durable and attractive surface. Available in your choice of designer colors. The most distinctive feature of the Interlock速 Cedar Shingle is its interlocking design. Each shingle has an interlocking edge on all four sides, as well as being nailed to the roof surface.

The benefits of an Interlock® Cedar Shingle Roof • Classic profile suitable for a variety of custom design applications. • A wide range of colors available. • Four way interlock connection system on all sides of the metal shingle. • High velocity wind tested. Additional fasteners may be required to comply with local building codes.

• Can be installed over existing roofing. • Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Aged Copper Interlock® Cedar Shingle

Interlock® Shake Roofing The natural beauty of cedar shake roofing. Lifetime performance.... With Interlock® Shake Roofing you will get the natural beauty of cedar shake roofing for a lifetime. Unlike traditional cedar shakes, Interlock® Shake will never split, warp, crack, or rot. Interlock® Shake panel is a two way interlocking aluminum roofing system. Each shake panel is embossed with a heavy grain texture, coated with the Alunar® Coating System embedded with TEFLON® surface protector to provide an extremely durable and attractive surface. A complete range of color matching trims are available. The Interlock® Roofing System comes complete with a 50 Year Transferable, Non-ProRated Lifetime Limited Warranty. Colonial Brown Interlock® Shake

A lifetime solution if you need a cedar shake roofing profile. “We got the look I wanted and the durability that my husband was looking for. This roof is one of the best investments and improvements we have made for our home. We highly recommend the Interlock Aluminum Roof Shakes for anyone interested in investing in their home.” - Todd & Ellen

The benefits of an InterlockÂŽ Shake Roof No more curling, cracking, rotting, or splitting. A wide range of colors available. Fire Safe - Protects your home from flying sparks and embers from wild fires or chimneys. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Did you know? Most conventional roofing materials (wood shake, composition, concrete tile) fail because they dry out, become brittle and crack with age. Black InterlockÂŽ Shake

Interlock速 Tile Roof Inspired by the luxurious look of traditional Mediterranean tile, without the heavy weight... Interlock速 Tile is the last roof you will ever install on your home or development. Interlock速 Tile is very lightweight, having a dry or wet weight of 70lbs. per 100 sq. ft. This is about 90% lighter than concrete or clay tile. Savings are effected in structural costs for new homes and developments, as truss systems can be designed for less stress and weight loads.

Colonial Brown Interlock速 Tile

Lightweight - Weighs many times less than conventional tile roofing. A wide range of colors available. Hidden fastener system - no exposed screws on roofing panels. Built to last a lifetime. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Did you know? Lightweight metal tile protects the home against collapse in the event of earthquakes, when homes can be destroyed under the weight of heavy tile roofing. Tile Red InterlockÂŽ Tile

Interlock速 Membrane Roofing Designed for flat or low-slope roofs. It not only keeps your house leak free, but is very pleasing to the eye.

Interlock速 Brown Membrane

Interlock速 Charcoal Membrane

Interlock速 Charcoal Membrane

Interlock Standing Seam Roofing ®

Classic weather-tight panel roofing system. Available in many designer colors. Interlock® Standing Seam Roofing is a fully interlocking system. Its unique design profile forms a weather-tight unit, and unlike some other types of panel metal roofs, no rivets or screws are exposed on the surface of the panels.

Did you know? The recycled content of aluminum is around 95%, making the Interlock® Roof an environmentally friendly roof.

Tile Red InterlockÂŽ Shingle

Colonial Brown InterlockÂŽ Shake


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& Develo h c r pm ea s e

Professional Application

Fully Insured

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The Interlock® Lifetime Roofing


· Investment - Pays for Itself! - Never Re-Roof Again. - Reduced air conditioning expenses · Environmentally Safe - Made from recycled and recyclable materials · Improve and Maintain your Property Value for Decades · Fire, Wind and Hail Resistance - Tested and Approved · Improved Comfort - Cooler in the summer · Financing Available APR, O.A.C. · Lifetime Limited Warranty, Non-Prorated 50 Year Transferable

A Great Choice for Planet Earth. The Last roof you will ever need.

To whom it may concern; Several months ago we decided to have a new roof installed on our home. After comparing many different types of roofing materials, the decision was made to use the aluminum roofing system that Interlock presented to us. After several months I can say that the right decision was made. The new roof looks as great today as when it was installed. We have noticed our cooling costs in the sum mer as well as our heating costs in the winter have been greatly lowe red. From the first day the roof was installed, numerous individuals have stopped to compliment and ask about the roof. The main concern of those stopping by to inqu ire about the roof is noise. “The noise level when it rains, isn’t ’ it terri bly loud in the house?” I tell them all the same thing. There can be a downpour going on outside and the only way I would know is if someone opened the door. Putting the Interlock Roofing System on our hom e was one of the smartest investments that we could have ever made. We not only have a roof that will look great for many years to come, we are also saving money each month on ever ything from gas and electric to homeowners insurance. And our home is now classified as energy efficient, which means that there are more disc ounts to come for many years. But (most important) to me, knowing that twe lve years from now I will not find myself looking up at the roof and cringing with the thought that “It’s time for a new roof already” , because I know the Interlock Roof will look as great then as it doe s today. Sincerely yours, Tracy & Matthew

Professional Installation

Customer Support

Safety and Training

“We did quite a bit of research. It came out that Interlock was the best value for the money and the best looking roof we found. The neighbors say ”WOW! We love your roof”. And the warranty, it doesn’t come much better than that. You can’t beat it. The installers took real pride in what they did. We were impressed. And they cleaned up after they left every day. We recommend Interlock all the time to anyone who asks.”

“Our shingles were 15 years old and failing. We looked around for a new roof and did our research and saw that Interlock was the best. That’s why we chose it. The neighbors saw the new roof going on and were extremely complimentary about the job being done. The installers were excellent. The crew worked diligently, cleaned up every day and I compliment them immensely. I’m impressed with the length of the warranty of the fact that it can be transferred to new owners if we decide to sell. ”

“Everybody in our neighborhood likes the roof. People have said they can’t believe it’s aluminum. I have no fear of any kind of weather now. Interlock is absolutely professional and I highly recommend them from sales all the way down to installation. The installers were the hardest working group I have ever seen. They did everything we expected and more. The warranty is fantastic.”

“The product simply looked better than any other metal roofs out there. And you tend to get what you pay for. After 15 years we were starting to see a lot of rot on our roof. I did not want to re-roof again. Rather than take a risk, we chose Interlock. Our plan is to retire here and stay in this house. But sometimes plans change. The transferable warranty is really important to us just in case we move. The installers were awesome. Extremely cautious, diligent, friendly and left zero mess, a good experience. ”

Color Guide Interlock Roofing Ltd. offers a highly durable aluminum roofing product available in a range of different colors, opening up an extensive palette for homeowners and designers. Interlock® roofs are exclusively protected for a lifetime by the Alunar® Coating System embedded with TEFLON® surface protector.

Aged Copper


Solid Copper

Tile Red

Hunter Green

Royal Blue

All Profiles

All Profiles

All Profiles

All Profiles

All Profiles

Slate & Shingle only

(U.S. only)


Colonial Brown

Tudor Brown

Musket Grey

Deep Charcoal Grey


All Profiles

All Profiles

All Profiles

All Profiles

All Profiles

The Interlock® Roof featuring the Alunar® Coating embedded with TEFLON® surface protector provides homeowners the ultimate in durability and protection from stains, moisture and organic debris. Actual color may vary from sample. Colors and availability may change without notice. Ask your rep for details.


Lifetime Roofing Systems ®

To find out more about Interlock Lifetime Roofing solutions: ®

Visit Visit Call 1-866-708-1762 Please have your zip or postal code ready when dialing so that we may direct you to the Interlock location closest to you. Installation methods may vary by structure, region, climate, and local building codes. Certain variables and factors specific to your home may inhibit the product’s ability to shed snow. Roofing products and components may change without notice. Please see our website for more information.

Locations throughout Canada and the United States

© 2016 The Interlock Group. Interlock®, Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems®, Alunar® are registered trademarks of I.E.L. Manufacturing Ltd. and are used under license. TEFLON® is a registered Trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company used under license. The ENERGY STAR name and the ENERGY STAR symbol are registered trademarks of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are used with permission. When installed properly, this product will help reduce energy costs. Actual savings will vary based on geographic location and individual building characteristics. Consult your product manufacturer, roofing contractor, or call 1-888-STAR-YES (1-888-782-7937) for more information. RY20160819 RY20160816

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