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design Rodrigo Torres, 2012 The design of Harmony joins chaos and order in a symbiotic relationship, full of expression and rhythm. Chaos turns the chair into a living object just by changing the point of view. Order gives shape to a solid base and a soft, sophisticated surface and comfortable in the seat. This creation is full of memory and of both technological and expressive innovation at the same time. Day complements Not only chairs: the Poliform complements collection is a global project, which is able to adapt to any lifestyle. Poliform offers original products that can be both welcoming and relaxing, whatever style you are looking for.

Finishing: Chair and stool with structure in metal rod diameter 8 mm in the finishing stainless steel, bronze painted metal, white painted metal and mat painted metal 31 colours. Body veneered with 3D technique in spessart oak, natural oak and mat lacquered oak 32 colours with open pore.


815 32”

790 31”

510 20”

485 19”

445 17 1/2”

450 17 3/4”

Poliform spa via Montesanto 28 casella postale n. 1 22044 Inverigo (co) Italy tel +39/0316951 fax +39/031699444

Harmony ing

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