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ANARGET HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT, IRELAND Client ECS Principal Contractor Mullane Contractors Consulting Engineers Inter Hydro Technology M&E Consulting Supplier Gilbert Gilkes Gordon Ltd

The Anarget Hydro-Electric Project lies in the Blue Stack Mountains some 10km North of Donegal Town in the Irish Republic. Inter Hydro Technology was employed to design and manage the civil engineering work of the project.

A pipe bridge traverses the Eany Beg Water, and is designed as a threedimensional lattice framework in galvanized circular structural steel sections containing cradles to support the pipework.

This project utilises two 18� Single Jet Turgo Impulse turbines, designed and supplied by Gilbert Gilkes Gordon Ltd. Being an impulse turbine it has excellent corrosion resistance and is designed for minimum maintenance. In these smaller sizes, it is also ideally suited to this type of application. These particular machines operate on a net head of 96.8m, run at 1000rpm and produce a power output of 400kW per machine.

The intake is constructed by the formation of a dam with a maximum height of 4m and a crest length of 32m. To minimise costs in construction the intake and stilling chamber were incorporated into the dam construction itself with the remainder of the dam formed in gabions with an in situ face.

Waterpower to the turbines is provided through a 600mm diameter GRP pipeline at a total length of 935m, supplied by Johnston Pipes Ltd. The main issues overcome during its construction were the rapidly changing ground conditions between rock, glacial till and deep peat deposits. Pipe pressure ratings were graded between 6, 10 and 16 bar with the position of the change of rating being established by surge analysis.

Project completion was in 1995 and operated as a run-of-river scheme until 2000, when a dam was constructed 4 km above the intake position. This dam is of earth filled construction with material being sourced locally at the dam site. The dam is sealed using a proprietary Bentonite membrane, and is stone-faced for protection. 86,000mÂł of storage/flood control capacity is provided by this construction, which has greatly increased profitability for the operator.

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Anarget Hydro, Ireland  
Anarget Hydro, Ireland  

Anarget Hydro, Ireland