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Interview with Renee Jacobs

-It’s a pleasure to have you in Interference Channel Renée. You are our current cover and this interview is part of our interest in your work ...When one have an artist like you one thinks what kind of questions to ask ¿Woman is a strong subject in your work, but What is woman for you?

-You feel connected with any tradition in photography? I’m thinking in Vivian Maier or contemporary American photographers like Annie Leibovitz. -What things happened this 7 years, Since your return to photography in 2007? What you think of your work these last years? -Now I remember your book about Centralia “Slow Burn“, What memories you have now, how you see that work in retrospective. -You also portrait photographers and artists, figures like Shelby Lee Adams or Araki. How you approach these portraits? -- Galerie Vevais published your new book “Paris“, tell us something about it…give us a glimpse. -You told me about something in LA, When this will be? -The beautiful photograph that is our cover right now, is also full of nostalgia and full of questions; How was the process of this photograph? There is any name for it? Who’s the man with the long shadow? and of course…Is that dreamland city really Paris?

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Interview with renee jacobs