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Leaner and greener

Superior system

Light weight

Less waste

Fewer parts

Easier install


InterfaceFLOR Aviation Carpet Brand extension

Longer lasting

Lower costs

It starts with a departure from the status quo

And it builds momentum with a superior system The innovation of InterfaceFLOR's aviation carpet tile is not simply what’s under your feet. It’s the before and after story as well. Big picture, it’s a product that’s easier to ship, store, install, maintain, replace, and recycle. In fact, we’ve improved every product stage—from manufacture to use to recycling.

Light weight It’s aviation’s eternal truth: less is more. In fact, there’s no industry in which weight plays a more essential role. That is why InterfaceFLOR offers multiple lightweight, aviation-specific options that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the scale.

Less waste In many ways our advantage is not what we’ve designed in, but what we’ve designed out. And how the sum total of installation waste that's left can fit under your arm.

Fewer parts Part reduction math is simple. Fewer parts equal fewer hassles. And lower costs to tally at the end of an installation or retrofit. Which is why we were thrilled when one aviation customer informed us that our aviation carpet tile allowed them to reduce their part count from 31 to 4. Simple math, powerful dividends.

Easier to install and replace Seat-in installation. Selective tile replacement. Drop-in retrofits. In many ways, aviation and carpet tile were made for each other. Faster installations and replacements not only streamline your workflow but also help you achieve more flight time, less down time.

Extend your brand Extend your brand beyond the aisle - into all the spaces where your business lives. Whether it's airports or offices, InterfaceFLOR aviation carpet tile provides smart, colorful, mix and match products that express your unique perspective, in the air and on the ground.

Longer lasting, easier maintenance InterfaceFLOR aviation carpet tile goes the distance. In tests it’s proven to fly longer, allow more aggressive cleaning, be harder wearing and be dimensionally stable (no shrinkage).

Friendly to the skies… friendly to the planet InterfaceFLOR is a sustainability leader. Not because we’ve retrofitted old systems to be more environmentally friendly, but rather because we designed them that way from the ground up. What we’ve found is that it’s not only possible—but also profitable—to create products that lighten their load on the planet, from inception to regeneration.

In fact, we promise to eliminate any negative environmental impact our company may have on the environment by the year 2020. We call this promise Mission Zero速.

Bringing aviation carpet into the 21st century

Innovation Timeline Aviation Carpet Today


Carpet looks the same

Fire retardant coatings are added to carpets


Broadloom carpet is serged to protect edges


Broadloom carpet appears on modern commercial jet airplanes

InterfaceFLOR Carpet 2010

InterfaceFLOR aviation carpet tile launched for the aviation industry


TacTiles速 glue-free installation system is launched by InterfaceFLOR, virtually eliminating VOCs associated with carpet installation and having an environmental footprint over 90% lower than that of traditional glue carpet adhesives


Entropy速 is launched by InterfaceFLOR as the first carpet tile product inspired by nature and biomimicry


Recycled nylon face fiber and 100% recycled vinyl secondary backing layer are incorporated into InterfaceFLOR carpet tile


Less is More philosophy for carpet tile design introduced by InterfaceFLOR to provide superior performance with less material


Ray Anderson, founder of Interface, Inc., has an epiphany and changes the course of his company to become a sustainable enterprise by 2020, now known as Mission Zero速


Interface brings free-lay carpet tile to the Americas (now InterfaceFLOR)

The best part: your bottom line Consider a fleet of 737-700's with an average carpet cost savings of at least 33% over a 4 year use cycle.


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InterfaceFLOR Aviation Carpet

Year 3

Year 4

Reaching higher ground It was only a matter of time before the world’s most innovative carpet manufacturer took to the sky.

Sky Tiles  
Sky Tiles  

InterfaceFLOR Introduces Sky-Tiles