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Christmas Edition



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank You for a fantastic year! We are so grateful for your continued support in one of our most exciting and defining years yet. And so we are celebrating! This is our Christmas edition, and we are taking a look back over some of the highlights of 2014, and also looking at how you can overcome some of the obstacles that come with the holiday season, such as increased visitors in nursing homes, higher traffic in airports and in hospitals. We are looking forward to our new ‘What’s Next in Cleaning’ seminars along with our upcoming C.H.I.P. course in early February. We look forward to a new year, filled with new opportunities to create not just products but solutions, filled with building new relationships, with better training, lower costs, safer environments and healthier people.


So Merry Christmas from us at Interclean, to you. May your holidays be relaxing, peaceful and full of friends and families, full of great food, of laughter, of rest and of love.

Bill Bassett Managing Director of Interclean




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We are so excited to have officially launched our Interclean Website! Thanks to your feedback we have specifically designed the new Interclean site to be easier to use, filled with more information to help you than ever before, and with new features to help you get the most out of our cleaning systems.

Features: • • • •

Solutions with Bill Online registration forms for our C.H.I.P. courses Online Subscription to Interclean News More information about our Asepsis System and C.H.I.P. course • How to videos • New and Updated product information including product spec sheets • Online Newsletters, Blogs and Testimonials

Be sure to check it out and let us know how you find it! 3

NEW PRODUCTS Scrub N Clean The Scrub N Clean is your only choice mop, when it comes to scrubbing and cleaning at the same time. With the front half of the mat made with scrubbing material and the back half with ultra absorbent microfibre ideal for cleaning, it ensures that your floors are drier, faster. This dual fibre microfibre mop scrubs the floor first and then cleans it leaving micro droplets of solution to evaporate and leave your floors dry within 1 minute. It’s more important than ever, particularly in the holiday season with higher foot traffic than usual that your floors are dry and safe for people to walk on. For more information on the Scrub N Clean and how best to use it be sure to check out our new ‘Solutions with Bill’ videos on found in our product section.

40 cm Scrub N Clean Mop on Grey Velcro Frame Scrub Fibre


Clean N Dry Fibre





Scrub & Clean Cover for Velcro Blue



Velcro Holder Grey



Velcro Holder Blue



Telescopic Handle Grey



Telescopic Handle Blue



Aqua Mop Grey



Clean t I g Keepin inars Sem



2014 2014 was a huge year for us at Interclean, it saw the start of some fantastic initiatives such as the C.H.I.P. course, great new relationships, and packed with many incredible opportunities. Here are just a few of our favourite moments.




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MY BEST PRACTICE Macquarie University Hospital Interclean is proud to work with Macquarie University Hospital (MUH), using their experience and passion to help innovate new products and come up with even more productive systems to help make their cleaning easier, safer, faster, cleaner and greener. I was originally approached by Macquarie University Hospital’s executive housekeeper in regards to implementing the full microfibre system, as they were passionate not only about increasing productivity and cutting costs, but about achieving a high standard of clean to keep their patients safe. I had been working with MUH implementing our system when the staff approached me with a problem. They did not have an effective product to use for high dusting that could clean to the required standard, but also be safe enough so that cleaners would not have to be doing any form of reaching or stretching that could cause injury. One of my Italian manufacturers uses Interclean as a design problem solver and was more than happy to enter into discussions for new product designs that would help fix their problem. With this partnership, what we were able to create quickly became one of our most popular products, ‘the Shaggy High Duster’. With a long and short handle option, a flexible head and fibre specially created for particular surfaces. The cleaning managers at MUH have a wealth of cleaning and hygiene experience and he knows what he needs and wants in order to be more productive. They didn’t look at the products cost; they looked at the products return on investment. And for this reason they invest into the highest quality solutions. Shower curtains and toilet brushes are anti-bacterial while there is a new toilet roll for every new patient. Top line cleaning and waste trolleys are fitted with sensors so that management knows at any one time where they are located. Linen cupboards are strategically placed in handy locations so that staff don’t waste time walking back and forth and they also implement a no dirty mops or buckets policy to reduce cross contamination. Equally important, a strategic microfibre cloth cleaning procedure ensures that cloths are at all times completely clean


at the start of a shift. The hospital has its own large washer/ dryer dedicated to microfibre cloths hygiene. Cleaning tools are stored off the ground at all times and cleaning trolleys are complemented with custom designed floor mats and sharps bin trolleys. Their hospital cleaning, conducted out by 27 full time employees, is carried out constantly while the clinic, which is mainly office cleaning starts at 6pm. Some of their cleaners are specially trained to clean the operating theatres, and they work on those specialist tasks from midnight, he added. The Macquarie University Hospital’s cleaners are trained to clean to the highest standards. Induction includes practical training on all the equipment and they learn to clean the way our hospital demands it. Each cleaner knows exactly how long every cleaning task should take to do effectively and efficiently. At the end of each shift, cleaners spend the last 10 minutes preparing the cleaning trolleys for the next shift. This means the following cleaners waste little to no time with preparation tasks.

Monthly inspections are carried out together by supervisors and nursing unit managers, thereby ensuring that all housekeeping and clinical issues are addressed. A large waste minimization room reflects the hospital’s commitment to waste reduction. It achieved a recycling rate over 90%, that means less than 10% of the facility’s total waste goes into landfill.

“...passionate not only about increasing productivity and cutting costs, but about achieving a high standard of clean to keep their patients safe”

Find Macquarie University Hospitals story and more on our website under ‘My Best Practice’




Hear from some of our C.H.I.P. Graduates

Learn how to create a Best Practice Cleaning System for your facility.

“This is an excellent and knowledgeable course, I have taken so much away with me – thank you to all involved” – Gail Baulch, Barwon Health – McKellar Centre


C.H.I.P. certification contractors course Interclean Training Centre


Seven Hills, NSW'

**ALMOST AT CAPACITY** Tuesday 3rd - Wednesday 4th of February, 2015

Call Interclean for more information or email

“Hearing the other people with their experience, and how positive they are about using the Interclean system” – Elizabeth Tkacryk, Barwon Health – McKellar Centre “I really enjoyed this 2 day course. It wasn’t all about selling!! It was training. I’m very happy and looking forward to doing training with my staff now” – Nirvana James, Shellharbour Hospital “This was an excellent course, great timing of presentations, well resourced with great speakers” – Greg Billingham, Castle Chemicals “I came to the C.H.I.P. course to gain useful knowledge about Interclean’s products and training and to bring this knowledge back to my office so that I could promote better practice systems. All aspects of this course were beneficial, I am grateful to have had this opportunity to learn about what Interclean offers” – Michelina Labbozzetta, Jani King

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Interclean Newsletter Issue 6  

Interclean Newsletter Issue 6