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What makes you different? Your passion? Your creativity? Your drive? Your experiences? What makes Interclean different is our commitment to innovation, constantly seeking ways to improve and be better than before. Our mission is simple, to find ways of cleaning which are easier, safer, faster, cleaner, greener and bring them to you. It’s this commitment to innovation that led us to create the first TouchPoints App. The App can be used on mobile devices and gives you the ability to plan and analyse tasks. The latest update now includes ‘how to videos’ to assist training your cleaners, a copy of our newly published Cleaners Handbook and even product spec sheets. All this information in your hands! This same commitment to Innovation drove Jackie Bennett and Heather Martin of Peninsula Village Aged Care to seek out a better system for their facility, and drastically reduce both their workers compensation claims and insurance premiums whilst improving the standard of their cleaning.




It inspired us to create the Scrub-E, the new bathroom must have tool, which has cleaning managers from all over Australia talking, and to broaden our range of aerosols with 2 exciting new flavours.

One of the key outcomes of the C.H.I.P. course is that it fosters this commitment to innovation by positioning those people who are looking for a better way in the same place with the purpose of maximising each others strengths, learning from their experiences and together coming up with new ideas and systems. I can’t thank you enough for partnering with us as we continue to work towards a higher standard of cleanliness than ever before. Bill Bassett Managing Director of Interclean



FEATURE ARTICLE We used to mop the corridor all down one side, so it left a dry area to walk, then mop the other side. Floors were always wet with nurses tip toeing over them. Basically, we needed to find a way to firstly get rid of the mop bucket, find a way to mop the floors leaving them a lot drier and have some sort of trolley that would hold enough equipment to do 3 or 4 infectious cleans. How did you hear about the system? Our CEO at the time sent us to a seminar in Newcastle and that’s when we saw it.

2009 Peninsula Village at Ettalong NSW were one of the first Nursing Homes in Australia to implement the full Interclean Microfibre Trolley system just over 3 years ago. Bill Bassett visited Jackie Bennett and Heather Martin to find out why they put the system in and how it was working for them. Can I start by asking what were the issues you were facing at the time before you had the microfibre system? Our two main issues were workers comp and infectious cleans. Our premiums were through the roof. Some claims can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and our worst claim was when one of our own nurses fell over on a slippery floor. She never came back to work. We had two cleaning staff off at the time before looking for a better system. 80% of our policy was to do with cleaning and we now have more than halved the cost. 2

The other main issue we had was infectious cleans. We used to have to do all our normal cleans first and then go and get a whole lot of clean mops, buckets and cloths to do the infectious clean. Then you have to go and get another whole set for the next clean. This used to take heaps of time. We used to use red buckets and mops for bathrooms and blue for patient rooms and corridors and it took about an hour per shift to empty and refill them because we had to change the buckets every two to three rooms.

The system did everything we needed to address. Not only have we got rid of the mop & bucket, but now we have a new mop and cloth ready on the trolley for every room. We basically can do an infectious standard of cleaning in every room. Our accreditation auditors love us. We get great results.

We reduced our workers comp by over 50% Did you put the system in to save labour? No. We just wanted to make it safer for the cleaners, the other staff and the residents and get those workers comp premiums down. We have saved about an hour a day mainly from not changing mop buckets, but this time is used to do more periodic cleaning and keep the facility looking it’s best. Were there any issues you faced in implementing the system? Not really, the staff liked it, they understood the need to have clean

cloths and mops for every room. We have about 20 trolleys and all the staff like them. Is there anything else you would like us to develop to make your cleaning easier? Yes I will try those Shaggy dusters and I would like something to clean walls, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen.

2014 5 years on, Bill met up with Jackie and Heather again to see how the microfibre system was working for them and find out how much it had saved them. We were so excited to see this facility reaping the benefits of the full system, particularly in terms of cutting costs, increasing safety and getting a better clean.

How did you first go about making changes to your cleaning? We actually had a few contract cleaning companies come in and quote us and they suggested they could do a better job for less than it was costing us in-house. After looking at their proposals we said to ourselves, “If they can do it, I bet we could do it better” and that’s what we did. What were the problems with your previous cleaning system? It took 900 hours per week. Our workers comp was through the roof due to some claims and our staff were untrained. They spent most of their tim emptying and filling up mop buckets and leaving floors wet and slippery. What were you able to reduce your time by and how did you do it? We now run around 500 hours per week and the place is much cleaner all the time. We actually asked our cleaning staff where they could save time. 90% of our staff had ideas about how they could improve things and our staff were excellent in this area. Most of our cleaners are middle aged women and

Reduction of 400 hours per week

they were happy to reduce their hours to 24 hours per week. In my opinion 24 hours of cleaning per week for a middle aged lady is quite enough. Our goal was not just reducing the time but also making it easier for them. What are you doing now to further improve things? We are currently having Paul Creek, a cleaning consultant prepare a report on what else we could do and we are implementing some of your new Scrub-E shower and Glass cleaning pads. We are always looking for ways to improve. After 5 years using Interclean microfibre, how have you laundered it and how is it holding up? We have always laundered it in-house and we still have most of the origninal microfibre you supplied us. A lot of it still looks new.

More than HALVED the cost

Workers Comp reduced by 50%

90% of our cleaners are actively involved in coming up with better solutions 3

TECHNOLOGY Touch Point App NOW AVAILABLE One of the most important things to do in designing your Healthcare Cleaning System is to identify the actual Touch Points in your facility areas.

Resident room

Create your own touch point diagrams

Light switch

This App available from the App store allows you to Take a panoramic or still pic of your room Convert it to line art Add touch points Sequence the surfaces requiring Touch Point cleaning Add notes & cleaning instructions

Door handle

APP N W AVAIO (Searc LABLE h Interc lean Touch points ) $9.49

Create a PDF worksheet to help train your cleaners

New Update Includes: How to videos Updated copy of the cleaners handbook Product spec sheets


NEW PRODUCTS See what they say about the Scrub-E “The Scrub-E just glided over the bathroom wall tiles and really got into the grout. It was so easy to use with the hand held grabber” Robin Thompson, Tarcoola Aged Care “Our cleaners love how the Scrub-E glides over the tiles and how easily you can get into the corners and edges” Paula, Seaford SA “They love the Scrub-E as it is easy to use and the staff can clean the shower quicker. We are in the process of purchasing more of them” Guy Malghem, St Vincent’s Private Hospital “The staff love the ease of scrubbing the showers with the Scrub-E wall pad” 2 New Viva Fragrances Joy Cook, Anglicare The Scrub-E shower cleaning pad was the the brain child of Ali Khondukar of Macquarie University Hospital

New VIVA!E Fragrances Soothe: A warm, sensual fragrance, combining sandalwood & saffron


Charm: A fantasy melon fragrance with cool green notes, a hint of citrus & a slightly floral background 5

WHICH MOP FOR WHICH FLOORS? There are two common ways that floors get dirty. Dirt can be tracked in and found under feet near entrances or under wheels from trolleys and secondly dirt from cleaners mopping solution can dry on the floor and remain there. When it is tracked in you should be able to see shoe and wheel marks in traffic areas and when it is mopped in you should be able to see it around the edges and in areas where more dirty solution was left on the floor. Most people think that dirty floors simply need to be scrubbed harder, but we need to ask ourselves, “Why is there buildup on this floor?” Generally, buildup happens as a result of too much dirty mopping solution left on the floor too many times.

“easier, safer, faster, cleaner, greener”

Scrub N Clean Microfibre for: • Timber looking vinyl where dirt gets trapped in the grain • Low maintenance & sealed vinyl floors in high traffic areas • Where extra scrubbing of scruff marks and food is required This mop will Scrub and Clean your floors and it has special Microfibre that sucks up dirty mopping solution, which means you will reduce buildup and eventually not require as much or any scrubbing.

Clean N Dry Microfibre for: • Low maintenance vinyl • Sealed vinyl floors • Smooth tiled floors The Clean n Dry Microfibre pad is for keeping smooth sealed and unsealed vinyl clean. Because this vinyl is used in many areas of a facility including very large corridors, it has ramped up edges allowing it to glide over the floor minimising operator fatigue. 6

Scrub N Dry Microfibre for: • Non-slip rated floors with raised abrasives • Non-slip dimpled floors • Hard to clean kitchen floors where more solution is required The Scrub n Dry Microfibre is specifically designed for safety floors where other mops would tear and fray. This mop has scrubbing stripes and special Microfibre to absorb all dirty solution.

Scrub-E Wall & Floor Microfibre for: • Compact areas like bathrooms where showers, walls & floors can be cleaned with one mop The Scrub-E 30cm Bathroom Wall & Floor mop is perfect for small bathrooms where you want to clean the shower and the floors with the one mop. It has scrubbing material to release soap scum and body fat from shower surfaces and great pickup for cleaning and drying small floors. Only available in 30cm as larger mops would drag too much. 7



Hear from some of our C.H.I.P. Graduates

Learn how to create a Best Practice Cleaning System for your facility.

“This is an excellent and knowledgeable course, I have taken so much away with me – thank you to all involved” – Gail Baulch, Barwon Health – McKellar Centre


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“Hearing the other people with their experience, and how positive they are about using the Interclean system” – Elizabeth Tkacryk, Barwon Health – McKellar Centre “I really enjoyed this 2 day course. It wasn’t all about selling!! It was training. I’m very happy and looking forward to doing training with my staff now” – Nirvana James, Shellharbour Hospital “This was an excellent course, great timing of presentations, well resourced with great speakers” – Greg Billingham, Castle Chemicals “I came to the C.H.I.P. course to gain useful knowledge about Interclean’s products and training and to bring this knowledge back to my office so that I could promote better practice systems. All aspects of this course were beneficial, I am grateful to have had this opportunity to learn about what Interclean offers” – Michelina Labbozzetta, Jani King

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