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Welcome to the 3rd edition of Interclean News. We greatly appreciate all of your feedback and hope that these Newsletters will continue to benefit you & your facility.


In this issue we cover the emergence of No-Touch cleaning, where the cleaners hands never come into contact with the surface. This is such a revolutionary new way of thinking and we are so excited to be working with manufacturers who are developing tools to minimize contact between cleaners and surfaces. It’s such an exciting time here at Interclean with all the opportunities we have to improve your standard of cleaning and training. Our Tasmanian seminars last month were a huge success and it was great to see so many Healthcare Cleaning Managers in these seminars excelling in their cleaning management. I am currently in Europe visiting hospitals, researching the best new technologies and cleaning management systems and also attending the Interclean tradeshow. On top of this, our Training Centre has just undergone a complete renovation to better equip us to share all of our new training systems and products with you. For further info on anything in this Newsletter please feel free to contact any of the Interclean team. You can find their details on the team profiles page of this Newsletter. Bill Bassett Managing Director of Interclean

Scrub n Dry New Product You asked for it and we made it. The new and improved Scrub N Dry Mop head is now available with brand new features guaranteed to improve your clean. With a new scrubbing edge to improve cleaning up to skirting boards & corners, increased absorbency and diagonal scrubbing strips, what’s not to love?

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EVENTS Tasmanian Seminars Success Our Keeping it Clean seminars made it to Tasmania in April with both the Launceston and Hobart seminars well attended. Jo Hayes was honored in Launceston for her pioneering work implementing Best Practice in Cleaning, and for her work with T.I.P.C.U. (Tasmanian Infection Prevention Control Unit). Jo received the very first TouchPoint marker and UV torch kit in Australia. Mathew and the Hunters team are available to follow up and help you improve your cleaning and Jan from Interclean is also planning a trip down to help those who have asked for more.

What’s NEW from Europe Those of you who attended the Keeping it Clean seminars in February will remember Sangar from TTS who presented a number of new products to us including the Accu-Dose. It was my pleasure to meet up with Sangar again in Italy and discuss the points you raised regarding these products. A few customers requested a lock be added to the Accu-Dose so children or patients could not dispense cleaning solution. I am pleased to let you know that this has been built into the new systems and will be available from July this year. Also the moistening tray has been modified to work better for our Velcro Microfibre. Another new product is the Door Wedge, an innovative product that wedges under your doors to keep them open while cleaning. The Door Wedge can come separately or on a handle eliminating any bending required to help keep doors open. It can attach to any trolley.

40cm SCRUB N CLEAN MOP Dual fibre microfibre mop which scrubs the floor first, then cleans it leaving micro droplets of solution to evaporate and leave your floors dry within 1 minute! 2

Scrub Fibre

Clean N Dry Fibre




FEATURE ARTICLE No touch flat surface cleaning Traditionally, cleaning of surfaces was done with a cloth held in your hand. Small hands were good at cleaning small areas and large hands were better at cleaning large surfaces. With healthcare cleaning moving closer and closer towards a higher standard of cleanliness and hygiene, new tools are being developed to minimise hands and gloves coming into contact with surfaces. While gloves, acting as a barrier, protect the cleaner from germs on the outside of the gloves they do not protect the next surface being cleaned. Our new Hand Held Holders act as barriers, which protect both the cleaner’s hands and the next surface to be cleaned. Through the use of a handle with the various microfibre covers attached to the Velcro side of the tool we are able to completely eliminate direct contact with the surface by the cleaners hands and gloves.

Glass and Stainless Steel Microfibre in use.

“we are able to completely eliminate direct contact with the surface” The hand held pole or attached holder allows for larger surface contact than the direct hand. This allows for a much larger cleaning print, reducing cleaning time by up to 70%. There are 3 microfibre heads available for these tools: • Glass and Stainless Steel Microfibre • Wall Washing Microfibre • Shower Scrubbing Microfibre

Wall-E Microfibre Cover

Glass and Stainless Steel Microfibre Cover

Scrub-E Microfibre Cover



Glass and Stainless Steel Cover (40cm)


Wall-E Microfibre Cover (40cm)


Scrub-E Microfibre Cover




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NEW PRODUCTS Brushing and Cleaning better than any other mop Now with diagonal strips and a folded front design, your non-slip floors have never been cleaner After 12 months of working to improve this product, the Scrub N Dry Mop is now available and ready to be shipped. The new design creates a brush edge, which makes cleaning your skirting so much easier. Skirting often attracts and collects dust, which needs to be brushed and cleaned with a little more aggression than the normal floor surface.

30 cm Scrub n Dry mop is suitable for non slip floors. Held vertical to remove scuff marks

The mop frame can be held upright to increase pressure and leverage on its edge allowing you to scrub in a thin line, removing any scuff marks or heavy buildup. This new mop is also available in 30cm, so if you are cleaning a private hospital or carpeted aged aare facility and the majority of your mopping is bathrooms, then this smaller mop is perfect for these smaller areas.

Edge brush for cleaning skirting

Available in Blue, Red, Green and Yellow



• Increased ability to scrub in corners due to its raised edge • More powerful scrub due to diagonal abrasive strips • Increased absorption leaving floors drier 5


C.H.I.P. COURSE For over 10 years I have dreamed of having a training centre where Australia’s best cleaning managers could come together and create better cleaning systems. I wanted a training centre that was setup with various rooms where cleaners could be taught to identify what needed to be cleaned, understood the WH&S and cross contamination challenges facing staff and management, and could take the time to play and trial various ways to find the easiest, fastest, safest way to keep our facilities hygienically clean. Designing the C.H.I.P. course and charging for the two day seminar has allowed us to invest heavily and create Australia’s first UV Training room.

When you enter the room it is fairly dark with all walls and much of the celling painted in black. The main three training areas are a patient bedroom, a washroom and a large floor area with various types of floor surfaces used in healthcare facilities. Above the rooms you can see various TouchPoint surfaces with germs that glow when a UV torch is shined on them. During the seminar we choose three volunteers, a patient, a nurse & a cleaner. Each of them have a different colour UV material on their hands, they are instructed to touch the various surfaces within the rooms that are unavoidable to touch during a normal day. After this the white lights are turned off and UV lights are turned on. What we get to see is a whole lot of different colour hand a finger

prints showing clearly only the touch point surfaces that need to be cleaned properly without spreading germs to the next area. Each room has various types of cleaning tools that could be used to clean different surfaces, and once you have chosen the right tools and microfibre you then need to create the right trolley to hold all those tools. The training centre will be used for C.H.I.P. courses and can also be used as a training centre for any company or facility wanting to improve their cleaning processes.

Newly renovated Interclean C.H.I.P. Training Centre

“This is a course for those facility and cleaning managers that are serious about improving their cleaning processes” 6



C.H.I.P. COURSE Testimonials “The best thing is being able to share and relate to everyone else here, because we are all facing the same challenges and problems in each of our facilities and the hands-on aspect is a great way to refresh our knowledge and learn how to use new products” David Armstrong from Majestic Services Group. “The task analysis sheets are such a useful tool. It seems basic being a simple check sheet but it holds cleaners accountable regarding the task at hand, workplace health and safety issues and the risks of cross contamination, so it gets you thinking about all the issues relating to that particular cleaning task.” Dean Giannakis from Jani King Victoria

Touch Points under UV light

“I found this course quite useful because even if you know it all, it’s a good refresher to learn again and actually get up and do it in front of everybody else. That’s what training should be like for managers and cleaners alike – actually doing the task in front of others to ensure it’s done correctly.” John Taylor from

Newly renovated Interclean C.H.I.P. Training Centre

Cleaning Supply Shop


TECHNOLOGY Touch Point Marker and UV Torch For many years I have been intrigued with criminal investigation and detective programs like C.S.I. Watching how quickly they piece together what happened at a crime scene and how easily they seem to find evidence and scan databases for fingerprint matches. In no time at all they know who has been in the room, where they had been previously, and what they had touched. Well, believe it or not this technology is coming to a facility near you. Cleaners are now being trained to understand what surfaces are being touched most often by multiple people. Through the use of Touch Point Markers, Supervisors can place an invisible mark on surfaces that should be cleaned and come back later with a special UV black light torch to reveal if any of the surfaces were missed or not cleaned properly. Toilet rim under UV light.

UV Torch in Action These UV Flashlights, used by C.S.I investigators and cleaners alike, use special light wavelengths to show evidence of bodily fluids such as urine, blood and semen, all which fluoresce under certain levels of UV light, some even showing latent finger prints without the use of powders traditionally used to lift finger prints.

Touc Point h Kit

$95.00 Availa ble NOW

While your washrooms may look clean to the naked eye, smells often indicate the presence of bodily fluids which all show up very clearly under these high powered UV flash lights. The Interclean Touch Point Kit comes with 4 markers, 1 High Powered UV Flashlight and a holster.


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