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Welcome and thank you for subscribing to Interclean News. It’s been an exciting month over here at Interclean HQ as we work to find even better ways to help you improve cleaning and hygiene at your facility. In this jam packed edition we talk about Touch Points, why you need a C.H.I.P. accreditation and training, exciting new products along with information about our upcoming Seminars. As always, we want to hear from you, so if you have any questions you want answered in the next newsletter, comments on articles you’ve read or related stories and experiences you’ve had at your facility email Bill Bassett Managing Director of Interclean

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Launceston Healthcare Cleaning Seminar The Boathouse Tue 15th April 9.30-1.00pm Hobart Healthcare Cleaning Seminar Mona Centre Thurs 17th April 9.30-1.00pm First C.H.I.P. certification contractors course Interclean Training Centre 20th - 21st May Canberra, ‘Keeping it Clean’ Seminar The Brassey of Canberra Thurs 22nd May 9.30am - 1.00pm

Viva!E New Product

Now Available in 30cm

For many years I have searched for effective odour control that could be used in a healthcare setting. The traditional aerosol and spray technology was constantly an issue, causing irritation for people with breathing difficulties, particularly in hospitals and nursing homes, where the need for fresher, healthier air is at its most important. And then I found Viva!E...

Scrub-E wall and floor mop head now available in 30cm for even smaller washrooms, with a folded front edge to make it even easier to clean and scrub corners and edges with ease.

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UP COMING EVENTS First C.H.I.P. certification contractors course Interclean Training Centre 20th –21st May 2014

First C.H.I.P. Course The wait is finally over for those wanting to attend our first ever C.H.I.P. course for Contractors and End Users. The course (maximum of 20 participants) will be run at our Sydney training centre, May 20th – 21st. The two-day course consists of 6 main modules:

Day 1

1. Touch Point identification 2. Task Analysis 3. Creating your Best Practice System

Canberra, ‘Keeping it Clean’ Seminar

The Brassey of Canberra Thursday 22nd May 9.30am - 1.00pm

It’s great to have John Rankine of JRD distributors in Canberra come on board as one of our first C.H.I.P certified distributors. John has been involved in the cleaning supply industry for 25 years in Canberra and has spent much of that time helping Hospitals and Nursing Homes with their cleaning needs. John pioneered JRD distributors three years ago and is our first C.H.I.P. certified distributor. This means he has done the full training course and is ready to help Healthcare facilities create their own best practice microfibre system.


• Create a Best Practice Microfibre Cleaning System • Reduce OH&S injuries • Minimise cross infection • Understand frequencies and rescheduling • Create a clean smelling environment without harming patients For more information please contact John or Jan. Jan Crist: John Rankine:

Day 2

4. Practice makes perfect 5. Supervising your system 6. Train the Trainer Participants will receive thorough hands on training, and the tools that will allow them to implement their own Best Practice system. If you’re thinking about implementing a complete microfibre system, then may I suggest you send one of your key people to attend the course first. Tuesday 20th May, 9.30am - 5.30pm Wednesday 21st May, 8.30am - 4.00pm

‘Hold all sized handles where they should be kept.’ Trial Starte

r Kit

For a C.H.I.P. Course outline and registration email

Join some of Australia’s best Healthcare Cleaning Managers in this inaugural C.H.I.P. course. 2

This unique, well-organised storage system allows all your cleaning tools to be kept on the wall where you need to access them. Colour coded according to your cleaning tool application, and able to secure handles from 10mm to 40mm wide!

Starter packs available for theatre in white, and general with a Red, Blue & Yellow holder For more info Email

$40.00 Only

FEATURE ARTICLE Touch Point Marker and UV Torch For many years I have been intrigued with criminal investigation and detective programs like C.S.I. Watching how quickly they piece together what happened at a crime scene and how easily they seem to find evidence and scan databases for fingerprint matches. In no time at all they know who has been in the room, where they had been previously, and what they had touched. Well, believe it or not this technology is coming to a facility near you. Cleaners are now being trained to understand what surfaces are being touched most often by multiple people. Through the use of Touch Point Markers, Supervisors can place an invisible mark on surfaces that should be cleaned and come back later with a special UV black light torch to reveal if any of the surfaces were missed or not cleaned properly. Toilet rim under UV light.

UV Torch in Action These UV Flashlights, used by C.S.I investigators and cleaners alike, use special light wavelengths to show evidence of bodily fluids such as urine, blood and semen, all which fluoresce under certain levels of UV light, some even showing latent finger prints without the use of powders traditionally used to lift finger prints.

Touc Point h Kit

$95.00 Availa ble May

While your washrooms may look clean to the naked eye, smells often indicate the presence of bodily fluids which all show up very clearly under these high powered UV flash lights. The Interclean Touch Point Kit comes with 4 markers, 1 High Powered UV Flashlight and a holster. 3

TECHNOLOGY Touch Point App NOW AVAILABLE One of the most important things to do in designing your Healthcare Cleaning System is to identify the actual Touch Points in your facility areas.

Resident room

Create your own touch point diagrams

Light switch

This App available from the App store allows you to

1 2 3 4

Take a panoramic or still pic of your room Convert it to line art Add touch points Sequence the surfaces requiring Touch Point cleaning


 dd notes & cleaning A instructions


 reate a PDF worksheet C to help train your cleaners


Door handle

APP N W AVAIO (Searc LABLE h Interc lean Touch points ) $9.49

NEW PRODUCTS All About Viva!E “Finally, a way to manage odours and fragrance in a healthcare facility”. Not long ago, I asked the manager of a large nursing home what was her highest need. Describing one of her responsibilities, she aired her frustration at needing to show a room to a potential resident’s family, without being bombarded with bad smells either on the way or in the room itself. For many years I searched for effective odour control that could be used in a healthcare setting. The traditional aerosol and spray technology was constantly an issue, causing irritation for people with breathing difficulties, particularly in hospitals and nursing homes, where the need for fresher, healthier air is at its most important. I then found Viva!E. Its special neutralox formula focuses not on masking bad odours but eliminating them, so that the air is clean, easy to breathe and great to smell.




Matt Silver


Steel Grey

FEATURES • 60 day refill

Lavender and spicy herbs

Orange blossom, jasmine and white flowers

Pineapple, tropical fruits and coconut

Ripe berries for a juicy, fruity scent

Eucalyptus, for a blast of instant freshness

Green apple and pear softened with peach and pineapple

Orange supported by warm spices

Fresh citrus with Caribbean mango and sun-ripened papaya

• No sprays that cause respiratory issues with resident or patients • Range of 8 beautiful fragrances • Active odour control 24/7


INFECTIOUS CLEANING SYSTEM Infection Control cleaning is a time consuming process with many facilities having to do a double or triple clean to comply with facility infection control policy guidelines. Most facilities require a normal clean, followed by a disinfectant clean, using a bleach solution or impregnated wipes, with many requiring a third clean to rinse the surfaces. This double or triple cleaning adds up to a huge amount of time and this is why I have produced cleaning tools that make your infectious cleaning, easier, safer, faster & cleaner. This infection control cleaning trolley, does not have an area for rubbish or consumables as it is specifically designed for the infection control clean only. The Wall-E wall washing head fits onto a Yellow adjustable handle and Velcro frame, and should be used to clean all wall surfaces in the room.

This new Scrub-E wall and floor mop for infectious areas allows you to clean the wall and the floor with the same mop. For non-slip floors you will need to use the Scrub n dry.

For non-slip floors use the Scrub n Dry mop for infectious areas, available in 40cm only. Use it on either a yellow or grey Aquamop.


Used mops and cloths are placed in a yellow bucket at the front of the trolley.

The Glass & Mirror hand held microfibre tool can be used to clean all reachable glass and mirrors, and can also be used to wipe flat shinny surface like doors. High dusting can be done dry or damp and care should be taken not to flick dust but to pick it up with a smooth wipe. A clean duster head should be used for each new infectious clean.

All new ready to use cloths and mops are stored under or behind a locked door so that they stay clean and do not come into contact with dirty or used equipment.

Wipe surfaces in the room with a yellow cloth starting with Touch-Points.

For extra scrubbing of basins or tiles, use a Yellow Scrubby. Always use a clean one for each room.

A yellow cloth is used to clean the basin and surrounding areas.

All clean ready to use microfibre is kept in draws behind a locked door, away from any used microfibre or germs floating in the air.



TWO DAY C.H.I.P. CLEANING COURSE Learn how to create a Best Practice Cleaning System for your facility. First C.H.I.P. certification contractors course Interclean Training Centre 20th –21st May 2014

$395 INC.GST

Tuesday 20th May 9.30am - 5.30pm Wednesday 21st May 8.30am - 4.00pm

Call Interclean for more information or email INTERCLEAN AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD

P 02 9838 7740

F 02 9838 9217


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