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Community Analytics Overview 24th February– 2nd March 2014 Activity is still positive despite a fractional fall in forums this week, usage saw one of its highest days yesterday and I expect this week to be a record breaking week again. Importantly the number of issues solved on forums last week was rising too which has a great impact on the Service Desk The number of customers using the site is again up, especially self-serving with information in Support and Training and Good Practice. Visitor Overview 237 Unique Visitors (+2 on last week) from 138 customers (-6 on last week) Top 10 Community Using Customers:

1) YMCA (V7 launched) 2) Routeco (V7 pre launch) 3) The Children’s Trust (V7 pre launch) 4) MSC (V7 launched) 5) Suffolk Coastal (V7 launched) 6) Oxford Innovation (V7 pre launch) 7) Barnado’s (V7 pre launch) 8) FFW (V7 pre launch) 9) Noko (Partner) 10) Flight Centre (V5 launched)

Our Top 10 users can be broken down as: 50% V7 pre launch phase 30% V7 launched phase 10% V5 launched phase 10% Partners

657 Visits Across Our Top Menu Areas (+95 on last week): 490 Support (+81 on last week) 97 Good Practice (-1 on last week) Page Title V7 Known Issues Getting Started Videos Interact 7.3.1 Release Notes Your Guide to Support and Updates Managing Your Homepages – Setting up Widgets Number of forum posts 11 Threads 52 Replies 27 Customer Replies

-4 on last week -8 on last week -2 on last week

Number of new knowledge base articles 20 Most Searched Terms Resource Widget

Failure to Find Terms 5.4.1 Room and Resource = looking into this

Forms Room

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