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How to get the

MANGA look

Remember those big-eyed dolls we had as kids and how badly we wished our eyes were just as wide? Guess what? Kiss Me Mascaras are here to transform your eyes from normal to extraordinarily manga in a few easy steps!

From cartoons to real life! Don’t we all crave bigger, brighter and cuter-looking eyes? Psst! Here you’ll discover the secret tools (all hail the almighty mascara!) and the steps to achieving those popping peepers.

Step 3: To define eyes, line the upper lids with a black liner.

Step 4:

Step 1:

To make eyes appear bigger, line the waterline with a white liner.

First apply a foundation or BB cream to even out the skin. Next prep the eye area with an eye base. A concealer works as well to conceal dark circles.

Step 5: Skip falsies with Kiss Me

Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara. Triple wax used in the mascara volumises and lengthens smoothly. It also contains a curlmaintaining polymer which keeps your lashes curled for hours.

Step 2: Make eyes pop by

blending three shades of eyeshadow within the same colour family. Use the lightest shade on the inner corners, followed by blending the medium shade at the middle of the lid and the darkest shade at the outer corners. This gives lids a multidimensional effect!

heavy rotation marker pen eyeliner, rm49.90.

heroine make matte bb liquid, rm49.90.

Step 6:

As eyes are the main focus, keep cheeks and lips neutral. Just complete the look with a nude lippie. heavy rotation milky color lips, rm34.90.

The secret lies in the brush What’s different about Kiss Me mascaras? It’s the brush! Check it out here:

Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara, RM64.90.

A plastic comb and bristle brush in one, this separates and coats the lashes giving them 80 percent more volume compared to other Kiss Me mascaras.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Long Volume Dynamic Mascara, RM49.90.

This comes with a clover leaf-shaped brush which holds large amounts of mascara fluid which easily distributes on the lashes to volumnise them from root to tip. The more applications you make with this mascara, the longer and thicker your lashes become.

heavy rotation long volume dynamic mascara, rm49.90.


Step 3: To define eyes, line the upper lids Step 1: First apply a foundation Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara, RM64.90....