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Want him to do a double take? These handy Kiss Me beauty picks will do the job for you!

: OT H g n i k o o l 5 Steps to

1Use an all purpose foundation 3

Stick on some falsies

A BB cream works as a concealer and foundation to smooth out all the lil imperfections giving your skin that fresh looking complexion! Use your fingertips to get into darker corners like under your eyes and at the ridge of your nose. Try: Kiss Me Heroine Make Matte BB Liquid, RM49.90


Draw a liner. Liner (especially black!) makes the white of your eyes really pop! Draw on your liner as close to your lashes as possible. Remember to draw a thicker line if you’re planning on using falsies. Try: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Marker Pen Eyeliner in 01(Deep black), RM49.90

We love this liner! It’s easy to use and it stays on.

Long lashes give you an instant ‘I’m awake’ look (even if you’re really not!). For something more natural, trim the lashes slightly so it doesn’t look like you're dress for a theatre production! Try: Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Eyelash 11 Volumized and Glamorous, RM22.90

Try: Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Eyelash 10 Naturally Volume, RM22.90

4Add on mascara

Want to bat you eyes at him? Thicken your lashes with two swipes of mascara. Wiggling or zig-zagging your the brush prevents clumping. Try: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Long Volume Dynamic Mascara, RM49.90

5Finish with lippy!

Get kissable lips with this oh-so-sweet shade. If you’ve got chapped lips, apply some balm before slicking on the colour. Try: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Milky Color Lips in 01(Pure Pink), RM34.90

The professional tricks

These famous beauty bloggers share some of their fave tips and tricks!

A touch of extra! Sometimes that lil bit more is all you need to look stunning.

w Eyebro il c n Pe

Always keep your head tipped back when applying mascara. This way

A perfectly arched eyebrow can really frame your face and give it that sexy oomph!

you keep the wand away from your skin and you won’t wreck the hard work you’ve just done. -Lauren Luke

Try: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Quick Powder Eyebrow, RM39.90

When drawing in your eyebrows,

ery Shimmss o Gl Dress up your lips with some shimmery gloss. It’ll change your look in an instant!

think of them as looking like sisters—they look like each other!

Try: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Gloss in 01(Honey Pink), RM39.90

–Michelle Phan

If you’ve got a big day

don't wait until the morning to try on your 'face'. Practice

makes perfect, and you don't want to be stressed out on your big day.


-Elle Fowler

THE LIP TREND TEXT ESTHER RANI; photos courtesy of kiss me

Pink is so in! Check out these hot celebs sporting the trendy colour.

Those awful UV rays can really take a toll on your skin, so always protect it! Try: Kiss Me Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF 50+ PA+++), RM34.90

mascara remover

Selena Gomez

Sarah Hyland

Michelle Trachtenberg

Try: Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover, RM34.90

Removing mascara can be a pain but not anymore with this special design remover. Just swipe it on mascara then wipe off with a cotton pad. TA-DAH!


Use an all purpose foundation Stick on some falsies Add on mascara Want him to do a double take? These handy Kiss Me beauty picks will do th...

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