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There is a new 19” Rack on the block


Cabinet has been redesigned from

* Measured at 100dB source level

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The all new S17 Acoustic

acoustically tuned fireproof, sound

• Rated to a static load of 1000kg

absorbing facing. The material is

• Welded enclosure using high

a specially formulated thermoset

strength Galvaneal steel with

base foam. This unique material

pre-treatment and powder coat

allows the noise to enter, and reduces the sound waves into smaller components, then traps the noise inside where it is absorbed

finish is provided as standard. • Enclosures can be bayed together. • Plinth is fitted as standard and

and dissipated by the acoustic,

includes levelling feet and

lightweight, non-combustible foam.

bolt down provisions. Castors

This gives the lining a much superior sound absorption capacity. Another unique feature of the

are optional. • Vertical Rack Mount Rails are finished in black powder coat

the ground up incorporating the

new enclosure are the door &

conforming to IEC60297. There

most advanced methods for sound

side panel seals which are fitted

are four supplied as standard

MFB Products, the leading supplier

reduction. The enclosure now has

with a continuous form in place

of Australian made 19” Rack Mount

better cable management, better

gasketing system that provides an

Enclosures has introduced a new

air flow management, is easier for

impervious seal.

product to their line-up. The all new

installers to fit out, and makes use of

S17 Acoustic Cabinet now has a

the huge range of accessories MFB

Additional features include

larger range of sizes, more options,

has available.

• Front & Rear Doors - optional

and above all – the best acoustic

The acoustic properties

and are fully adjustable. • Two 75 x 200 cable entries are provided at the rear base, one on either side.


properties of any other Acoustic

come from an advanced non-

19” server rack on the market – a

combustible sound absorption

system exhausting to the rear

reduction of 43dB*

lining consisting of a patented

as standard.

• Roof mount fan extraction

• Doors are fitted with concealed multipoint hinges, and a protected multipoint locking system, lift and swing handle with key lock are also standard. • Custom sizes are also available n

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