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ASCILITE seeks to offer member services and facilitate initiatives that will positively progress tertiary education, particularly through technology-enhanced learning (TEL).

and TEL educational advisors. These

for key stakeholders that would

SIGS offer ASCILITE members the

highlight the strengths and areas for

opportunity to work together to

improvement against each standard.

pursue common interests in research

On overall rating would be assigned

and practice and to create a ‘buzz’

which would align to an accreditation

around their interest area, goals

level (e.g. Gold, Platinum, Diamond)

and achievements both within and

that could be benchmarked, used

beyond the ASCILITE community.

in marketing, or for academic

ASCILITE provides funding to

promotion and probation purposes.

SIGs to support engagement and

The Scheme is being designed

dissemination activities for the

through consultation with tertiary

SIG. Current ASCILITE members

education stakeholders across a

can submit a proposal for a new

range of forums. This aspirational

encouraged from both ASCILITE

which can include but is not limited

SIG by describing the engagement

initiative is being implemented

members and non-members.

to Academic practice, Early career

and dissemination activities

across four phases that should see

research, Teaching innovations,

the SIG intends to pursue, to

the Scheme commercially introduced

CMALT Australasia

Learning design, Graphic design

achieve meaningful outcomes and

in 2020.

CMALT Australasia is a certified

or Programming. The Community

active participation.

membership scheme offered in

Mentoring Program offers two

partnership with the Association for

partnering alternatives: for a mentee

Learning Technology (ALT) in the UK.

to work individually with a mentor

Spring into Excellence Research School

The scheme is a form of professional

on a project or for several mentees

In 2017, ASCILITE delivered its

issues, topics, theories and research

accreditation, which enables people

to work collaboratively with a pair

inaugural Spring into Excellence

in regard to the use of digital

whose work involves learning

of mentors on projects related to a

Research School. This initiative

technologies in tertiary learning and

technology to have their experience

negotiated overall theme.

was conceptualised as a means

teaching. A global register of guest

of providing support and guidance

bloggers have contributed to the

and capabilities certified by peers,

TELall Blog ASCILITE disseminates a regular blog to engage those interested in

and to demonstrate that they are

Regional Events

to participants in developing and

TELall Blog with many interesting

taking a committed approach to

ASCILITE sponsors and/or endorses

progressing TEL research projects.

insights and musings being shared

their professional development. The

events and activities that promote

The Research School, which is

and discussed. n

basis of the accreditation process

research, trends and uses of

facilitated by ASCILITE Life and

is a portfolio which contains both

educational technologies in tertiary

Executive members, runs for two

evidence and reflection in relation to

education. There are criteria to

and a half days and has a wide target

Associate Dean of Education at

a number of key criteria. ASCILITE

guide decisions about which

audience from tertiary institutions,

the University of Wollongong,

has been engaged in this scheme

regional events will be sponsored

including but not limited to early to

Dominique Parrish is a highly

since 2011.

by ASCILITE, including there

mid-career researchers, Scholarship

qualified educationalist with over 27

being some form of reciprocity

of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)

years experience in designing and

Community Mentoring Program (CMP)

for ASCILITE, such as potential

enthusiasts, Teaching intensive

implementing programs, solutions

membership recruitment or

academics, those interested

and initiatives to meet organisation,

The ASCILITE CMP seeks to involve

conference attendance.

in applying for TEL research

project, program and curricula

grants or forging TEL research

outcomes and deliverables. She

participants in a professional

In addition to being the

mentoring relationship built

Social Media

collaborations and cross-institutional

has excellent organisational ability

between learners (the mentees)

ASCILITE is active on Facebook,

research projects.

with highly-developed skills in

and experienced practitioners

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and

(the mentors). Whilst the new

YouTube and both members and non-

learners may be experienced

members are welcome to subscribe,

in some areas of educational technologies, the ASCILITE

prioritising and managing multiple responsibilities and people while

like and join in the conversations and

Technology Enhanced Learning Accreditation Scheme (TELAS)

communication at any time.

ASCILITE has undertaken an

Dominique also displays well-

ambitious endeavour to introduce an

developed skills in assessing,

Australasian accreditation scheme

analysing and developing viable

knowledge, skills or capacities in an

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

that will assess online learning

solutions to meet project needs and

area of developing expertise. This

ASCILITE SIGs have been established

against a suite of standards and

reporting and communicating these

arrangement is formalised through

in the technology-enhanced learning

criteria. The Scheme would see

to key stakeholders. As she has led

a Mentoring Agreement. The focus

(TEL) interest areas of: Transforming

accredited peer reviewers conducting

and managed numerous projects

of the mentoring collaborations

assessment; Learning analytics;

assessments of online learning and

with regional, state, national and

can be across a number of areas,

Learning design; Mobile learning;

developing an evaluation report

international reach and scope.

Community Mentoring Program is a vehicle for enhancement of specific

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meeting numerous deadlines, outcomes and deliverables.


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