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the potential for them to contribute significantly to learning and teaching. Of course, this only serves to exacerbate


the perceived divide between different


academic disciplines requiring different


functionality and prevents an institutional consensus from being formed (if that is still desirable). We are seeing a shift, or evolution,

in the ‘first wave’ of ePortfolio systems. This is not unlike the gradual



implementation of the LMS or lecture capture systems, as the future of ePortfolio use in higher education is

Uni Profile

tied to the changing nature of teaching.

Etc., etc.

Change is occurring in the practices of


instructors and programs, as well as change in the use of new technologies and change in the value of a studentowned portfolio. It is important to

The essential ePortfolio needs to connect to other repositories and key social media sites

note that change is difficult for some, The essential ePortfolio needs to

classroom methodology, where a

This applies equally to the LMS,

learner-centred pedagogy can focus

content management system (CMS)

connect to other repositories and key

I personally used a website that I

on an individual’s learning experiences

and ePortfolio, not to mention staff

social media sites.

developed in html to be (what I now

to encourage independent thought and

and student reward and recognition

call) my ePortfolio (https://eportfolio.

reflective practice, ultimately allowing

systems. But it is particularly important

ePortfolio companies moving forward? In those

learners to apply existing knowledge

for the ePortfolio. With the rise of

It means I want to be able to integrate

days, and I am only talking 10 years

to new contexts and adapt this to

digital credentialing, blockchain certs

feeds from all these types of sites

ago, it was the only mechanism I had

new environments. However, this is

and badging, there is an increased

and to allow for my credentials to be

to represent myself professionally to a

not information that may be suitable

awareness of the portability and validity

seamless. I would like to be able to use

wider audience. Today, users want an

for public perusal as it quite often

of one’s online persona and professional

it as my backpack as well. If I were an

ePortfolio to do many more things than

contains sensitive information, such

presence that transcends or extends

institution, I would want to be able to

simply be a series of static webpages,

as reflections and private assessment

past the now obligatory, although

use my site to credential student and

and so it comes back to the definition of

items. On the other hand, ePortfolios

simplistic, LinkedIn profile.

staff learning outcomes, linkable to

what an ePortfolio is.

can facilitate “a shift towards deeper

but necessary. Before we had such systems,

For example, on a personal level,

So, what does this mean for

my student management system and

learning that will link learner autonomy,

all roads lead to Rome (or in this case

staff professional development system.

ePortfolio as being a digital repository

graduate attributes and real-world

my ePortfolio [https://eportfolio.usq.

Why? Because that is going to make the

where evidence of an individual’s

experiences to help students transition]). My former

ePortfolio usable by most, if not all, the

personal, educational or professional

to the workplace” (Slade & Hallam,

university allows me (as an Alumnus)

disciplines, the careers people, human

pursuits may be stored and showcased

2016). In these cases, it may be in the

to keep my ePortfolio for life if I keep up

resources, professional accrediting

(ePortfolio Hub, 2017), then theoretically

best interest of the student to make

my profile with them (keep my password

bodies and, most importantly, potential

this could be done in many ways

this information viewable to a select

up-to-date), so this has allowed me to

employees. However, at the end of the

and with many tools. However, in the

group of people – potential employees

make my ePortfolio the centre of my

day, it is the student experience that needs

university context, it may be seen to do

for example.

professional profile. So, I link to my

to be front and centre. This is the top-level

ePortfolio from all my other professional

issue for the ePortfolio community and it

If we are to take the definition of an

a bit more than this. An ePortfolio may

This is clearly a dynamic space

also be seen to support a change in the

and, given the need for some level

and social media sites – Twitter,

is directly tied to student success. For if

way many institutions are approaching

of discretion around one’s profile

SlideShare, ResearchGate and so on, but

they succeed, we succeed. n

their learning and teaching or, as Batson

and personal data, looking to the

not Facebook. There is a practical reason

(2011) calls it, a “new epistemology

future there is a need for centralised

for this; it means I do not have to keep

of learning”, which requires a level of

university systems to offer both a level

extensive profiles on all these different


institutional commitment to how they

of security and for them to have the

systems. I just need to keep one major

may house important and sometimes

ability to engage with a whole range of

site up-to-date and do the bare minimum

confidential data.

external, more public systems. These

on the others. But it also means I can

Sankey is the Director, Learning

An example of this is seen in the

may be software as a service (SaaS)

lead people to my full profile that gives

Transformations at the Western

way an ePortfolio can support a flipped

or self-hosted, or simply commercial.

them a fuller picture about who I am.

Sydney University.


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