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Innovative process cooling solutions • Custom-engineered designs • Australia-wide service

Specialised, in-house

cooling tower expertise that delivers projects on-cost and on-time


My passion is to be at the forefront of cooling tower technology... To complete projects faster, better and with superior performance

When I established Breezewater, I wanted to create a company that worked at the forefront of Cooling Tower technology. That’s why, unlike others, we do it all in-house. We focus on cooling towers. If it’s anything to do with cooling towers, we can design it, build it, repair it and maintain it. Our specialised skills and expertise deliver tangible, bottom-line benefits for our clients: we complete projects faster, better and, often, more inexpensively. That’s why, as you’ll discover as you read this brochure, our clients include leading Australian names in manufacturing, heavy industry and power generation. Warm regards

Brendon McCarrison Director, Breezewater

Our specialised skills and expertise delivers tangible, bottom-line benefits for our clients: we complete projects faster, better and, often, more inexpensively.


Cooling tower design, commissioning & maintenance specialists

At Breezewater, we don’t simply assemble cooling towers. We have the in-house expertise and manufacturing capacity to design, fabricate, project

As Breezewater, our Brisbane-

timber, fibreglass, stainless,

based team of highly qualified

concrete or galvanized metal,

engineers, project managers and

we have the people and skills to

fabricators have been delivering

design, build, maintain, repair and

these services to all corners of

even rebuild it. End-to-end process

Australia for more than four

cooling solutions are our specialty.

years now.

We also design, machine and

manage, commission and

Whether it’s a field-erected

install replacement spare parts

maintain custom solutions for

or factory-assembled cooling

for any style of cooling tower or

the cooling needs of industry.

tower or a component in

mechanical pipework.

The benefits of end-to-end in-house expertise


Efficiency. We can engineer a solution that suits the site, the conditions and the project requirements to provide highly economical and cost-effective thermal performance with minimal drift and noise.


Cost control. Because we maintain total control

Our key capabilities & services • Design and project management • Fabrication and manufacture

over installation and commissioning, we are better

• Installation and commissioning

able to minimise the likelihood of costly delays.

• Inspections and evaluations


Speed. We can provide complete structural


Innovative Process Cooling Solutions

reviews and engineering reports at short notice.

• Reconstruction and emergency repair

Breezewater: Turnkey solutions for cooling towers

We offer clients a very broad in-house research, planning, manufacture, construction, mechanical and production engineering capacity as well as business management expertise. We are able to engineer solutions to the exact demands of the project and provide full project management that encompasses initial scoping and design, risk and environmental assessments, completion schedules and milestones, as well as budgeting and cost control.

▲ Tully Sugar Mill, Tully, Queensland

We can repair, reproduce and refit almost any cooling tower part, perform routine

▼ Marian Sugar Mill, Marian, Queensland

maintenance of cooling towers as well as downtime elimination services should a cooling tower fail unexpectedly. We have the engineering skill base and production capacity to deliver turnkey cooling tower solutions without outsourcing, or we can provide any of the following services individually: • Project planning, programming and co-ordination • Production and construction planning and scheduling • Product and component development • Project implementation and commissioning • Efficiency and performance evaluations • Time and cost control • Structural engineering reports • Maintenance and shut-down programming 4

Trusted by more of Australia’s leaders in industry

Modern industrial processes are placing increasing demands on heat transfer equipment & process cooling equipment.


Industry accreditation. Breezewater is an

accredited member of the Cooling Technology Institute.


Strong design credentials. Our engineers boast more than 15 years of experience in project scoping and tower design. We are solution driven: we focus on clearly understanding a client’s cooling needs from the outset.

Here are 10 reasons why


Breezewater’s specialised engineering skills and expertise is the choice

Proven management capability. Liaison and co-ordination with multi-disciplinary members of the project teams ensures that the work is

of more of Australia’s

completed within the agreed quality, time and

giants of industry for their

budget constraints.

cooling requirements.


We listen to clients. Our customers operate evaporative cooling equipment every day. We use their expertise and feedback to optimise performance and uptime, and minimize costs.



Innovative Process Cooling Solutions

An emphasis on solutions. We focus on quality solutions not just making sales, and hard work on behalf of our clients, instead of hard selling.


A focus on efficiency. We use sophisticated

computer modelling to evaluate all possible combinations of different types of fill, airflow, fan power, cell configurations and dimensions for our cooling towers.


Cross-industry experience. Our staff are

equally comfortable on-site and off-site, in the boardroom or in the field. We regularly work with multi-disciplinary teams in private and public sector projects.


A commitment to confidentiality. We

provide a strictly confidential service (backed up with Net Development Areas) to provide reassurance to clients that are developing proprietary products or systems.


A commitment to quality. We adhere to ISO

9001 and 17025 management systems standards. Moreover, our performance-orientated approach and commitment to a rigorous proposal design exists to deliver projects on-scope, on-time and on-budget.


Health and safety is critical. We closely work with our clients to uphold health and safety standards and maintain safe, efficient work practices on all our sites. We review our OH&S performance annually to look for new ways to control project safety risks.

â–˛ Dyno Nobel, Moranbah, Queensland

â–ź Macknade Mill, Macknade, Queensland


projects we have worked on Cooling Tower repair, rebuild and refurbishment projects that we have worked on include:

Orica Ltd, Kooragang Island, NSW

Orica Ltd, Yarwun, 95K Upgrade Project, Gladstone, Qld

Sucrogen Pty Ltd, Invicta Sugar Mill, Giru, Qld

Incitec Pivot — Dyno Nobel Project Aurora, Moranbah, Qld

Size: 3,700m3/hr

Size: 1,200m3/hr

Size: 4,300m3/hr

Size: 8,900m3/hr

Scope: Manufacture,

Scope: Manufacture,

Scope: Manufacture,

Scope: Manufacture,

supply, install and

supply, install & commission

supply, install and

supply, install and

commission field

field-erected two-cell

commission field-

commission two field-

erected single-cell

timber cooling towers.

erected two-cell timber

erected four-cell timber

timber double-sided

cooling towers.

cooling towers.

cross-flow cooling tower.

Model PCF4260-32-2S.

Model PCF36420-26-4.

Mackay Sugar Ltd, Marian Mill, Marian, Qld

Sucrogen Pty Ltd, Macknade Mill, Macknade, Qld

Tully Sugar Ltd, Tully Mill, Tully, Qld

Xstrata — Mount Isa Mine, Mount Isa, Qld

Size: 2,700m3/hr

Size: 3,600m3/hr

Size: 2,800m3/hr

Size: 800m3/hr

Scope: Design,

Scope: Design,

Scope: Design,

Scope: Copper smelter and

manufacture, supply,

manufacture, supply,

manufacture, supply,

oxygen plant shutdown.

install and commission

install and commission

install and commission

field-erected timber

field-erected two-cell

field-erected film

cooling tower.

timber cooling tower.

cooling tower.

Model BXF 4042-28-1

Model BCF 5430-20-2.

Model BCF 3030-22-3.

Sucrogen Pty Ltd, Macknade Mill, Macknade, Qld

Orica Ltd, NAP Cooling Tower, Koorangang Island, NSW

that the cooling tower

ACT fans, swap over

was at significant risk of

of Hansen gearboxes,

localised failures of the

replacement of drive

structure under the water

shaft flexible elements

distribution pan decks.

and full alignment of

Stability modifications

drive assembly. The

were installed in the basin

new fans also required

Scope: Consultancy service

to reduce the risk of a

Size: 600m3/hr

to develop a suitable

domino effect should

Scope: Replacement

taper lock bush set up

facility management

a localised collapse be

of two sets of fan

through to fan blade

plan for their Marley 600

realised prior to remedial

machinery within a

pitch angle setting with

series cooling towers.

work or replacement of

12-hour shutdown that

correct torque setting

The inspection revealed

the tower commencing.

included removal of old

of clamping bolts.

Stanwell Corp Ltd, Mica Creek Power Station Mount Isa, Qld

Visy Pulp and Paper, Tumut, NSW

Sucrogen Pty Ltd, Macknade Mill, Macknade, Qld

Incitec Pivot, Bulwer Island, Qld

Scope: Detailed structural

Size: 700m3/hr

Scope: Structural advice of

Scope: Develop a scope of

a predicted tower failure

work for tender for the 2011

that needed remedial works

shutdown of the ammonia

to support the tower so it

plant to improve tender

could serve the sugar mill

competitiveness and quality.

evaluation and remedial work for all seven cooling towers on site.

Scope: Relocate one cell of a timber construction cooling tower and refurbish Hamon five-cell cooling tower.

commissioning, including

for the remainder of the crushing season.

CS Energy, Callide C Power Station, Biloela, Qld

Swanbank Power Station, Swanbank, Qld

BP Refinery, Bulwer Island, Qld

Xstrata — Mount Isa Mines, Mount Isa, Qld

Size: 35,000m3/hr

Size: 11,000m3/hr

Size: 2,500m3/hr

Size: 7,500m3/hr

Scope: Refurbishment of

Scope: Repairs to

Scope: Repairs to Marley

Scope: Refurbishment

two eighteen-cell Marley

B-Station field-erected

Cooling Towers.

of a four cell Pritchard

cooling towers.

timber cooling tower.

cooling tower.

Innovative Process Cooling Solutions


Sucrogen Pty Ltd Invicta Sugar Mill, Invicta Queensland Case study

The challenge

The solution

Sucrogen needed to replace

Our team immediately

cooling towers for its Invicta

engaged a contractor

Sugar Mill operation. However,

specialising in safe asbestos

the presence of asbestos

removal to handle the

materials complicated the

demolition while commencing

demolition work. In its place,

design work on a new cooling

Sucrogen needed a new 100

tower that would not only

megawatt two-cell cooling

fit the limited area they

Our team was able to complete

had to work in, but also

the Invicta project on-time,

meet thermal performance

on-budget and as specified.

demands and withstand

The thermal performance test,

extreme weather conditions.

conducted by an independent

weather and the new unit

Low-fouling fill media was

CTI test agency, confirmed that

needed to be up and running

incorporated into the design

the tower exceeded 100% of

before the next crushing season.

to limit clogging from

the design capacity.

tower designed to handle contaminated water, and which could also cope with North Queensland’s famous cyclonic


Innovative Process Cooling Solutions

contaminated water and construction time lines and milestones were established to ensure the project was completed before the next crushing season.

The outcome

...construction time lines and milestones were established to ensure the project was completed before the next crushing season.

â–˛ Invicta Sugar Mill, Giru, Queensland


your next step To find out more about our service, and how we can help your next project to success, contact us on 07 3386 0233.

Breezewater Pty Ltd ABN 19 129 906 047

PO Box 153, Underwood Qld 4119 P +61 7 3386 0233 F +61 7 3386 0433 mail@breezewater.com.au


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Specialised, in-house Cooling Tower Expertise  

Specialised, in-house Cooling Tower Expertise that delivers projects on-cost and on-time

Specialised, in-house Cooling Tower Expertise  

Specialised, in-house Cooling Tower Expertise that delivers projects on-cost and on-time


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