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Interact Direct is Canada's leading provider of contact data quality and enhancement services. We help marketers and corporate database managers across the U.S. and Canada improve and maintain tens of millions of contact records.

Contact records are often considered among an organization's most valued assets. Yet, many organizations neglect to invest in even the most basic data maintenance solutions. Or, when a process is in place, it's often slow, incomplete, and expensive.

Interact Direct uses massive reference databases, specialized software, and expert Data Analysts to convert your current contact data into organized files that are clean, up-to-date, and reliable. The small investment you'll make in these services will pay for itself many times over in reduced waste, higher response rates to your marketing communications, less returned mail, faster bill payment, more accurate business intelligence, and higher customer satisfaction - to name just a few.

Data Cleaning Service Delivery Options:

You can access Interact Direct’s data cleaning and enhancement services on various platforms including: professional services, self-service websites, and automated on-demand applications.

Your account representative will be pleased to discuss the options available and help you choose the delivery option best suited to your situation.

Other Services:

Interact Direct provides managed, one-to-one marketing and communication solutions for organizations across Canada and the U.S. Services include:

• Managed marketing database solutions. • One-to-One document composition. • Personalized direct mail, e-mail and fulfillment services.

How may we help you improve your contact data and communication programs?

email us at or call 1-877-637-4319


Interact Direct Data Services Catalog  

Interact Direct is Canada's leading provider of contact data quality and enhancement services. This cataog provides an overview of the servi...

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