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Hello Interact D5170, Always honored to introduce ourselves, our names are Sherry Lam and Trucdan Nguyen, and this year, we are serving as your Publications Coordinators. As Publications Coordinators, we are tasked with designing all the mediums of publication for the district, such as the event fliers and project logos. Every single piece we create allows us to learn more about the world of design and how we can better translate words and ideas into a work of art for others to see and gather information from easily. Seeing the different fliers that you all post for fundraisers and events always makes our hearts happy. We know that what you’re creating is, of course, created by YOU, an individual who has a unique view on the subject that you’re creating a flier for. And how courageous it is for you to bring your own vision to the blank canvas! With so much love, you create for your audience to see, to learn, and to hopefully come out to that service event or fundraiser that is positively impacting the world. It’s important to know that how we all think and communicate is different. Design is a form of communication and we all have our own ways to translate the bare logistical information into an aesthetic graphic design. Each of us have our own unique design styles and that is completely okay! Find what works best for you, explore, and try new techniques! We’re no pros with designing, but we’ve picked up some tips and tricks throughout these past few years of designing and we would love to share our knowledge with you! As always, if you have any questions or need advice on design or anything, you can always message either of us! We’d love to help and talk to you!

With lots of love, Sherry & Trucdan PUBLICATIONS COORDINATORS 2016-2017

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